Sunday, 30 May 2021

Plaque for a secret mermaid.

When my friend asked if I could make her a mermaid plaque to give her friend, I said I could try but felt slightly lacking in confidence about the outcome. But with the help of some moulds I managed to compromise between colourful and my usual “vintage, distressed, manky with rust” look 😂

And as a bonus, the secret mermaid that was the final recipient is delighted with it...

And because I managed to include my rust, cogs and rivets,I hope that it qualifies for SanDee & Amelie’s steampunk challenge site as I would like to enter it. 

Saturday, 29 May 2021

The Inspiration of friends... journal pages


Last journal page for a while. I wanted to make a stripy background and originally had thought it would be for a sort of vintage French Provençal decor inspired piece. But sometimes things change as you work on them. 

The paper doll boy and his dog jumped out at me and I wanted to use it. Then the connection and friendship between people and their pets made me think about friendship.... and so it went. 

I regret using the crackle paste on the stencil though. Much as I love crackle. Too much of the definition got lost. But as I mostly use this journal to experiment, then I guess it served it’s purpose. I’ve learned that I probably prefer not to use crackle through detailed stencils. 🙃

Art daily cafe mood board.


The mood board this month over on the “Art Daily Cafe” blog has the theme “botanical” the colour is “baby pink”  and the technique is sgraffito.

I’m not very used to using pink but it is a lovely colour to use in a vintage theme with some form of brown or sepia.

I used my art journal to experiment with the theme  the botanicals are mostly supplied via a floral napkin. I covered over it with gesso and wiped it back a bit as I was not confident in trying the sgraffito technique properly. I’d have torn right through the paper because I am so clumsy and unrefined 😂

But I have used pink as my main colour... 

Monday, 24 May 2021

Dance the story... art journal spread

Dance the story... now is the time.

Its a bit optimistic really. I can hardly walk my story let alone dance it 😂

But there’s something to be said for knowing you should try and grab every second of joy from life that you can. Now is the time indeed. Although it is obviously easier said than done.

I’ve chosen these words from the various word embellishments etc I had as today (23rd May) is my mums birthday. Or would have been. Taken from us a bit to soon because of the dreaded cancer.  

So, as we do not get a second chance at making the most of the here and now, my journal page was made as a reminder to myself to at least try.

And it shows images of my parents and paternal grandparents enjoying a little of the night life. These were photos taken on different years but both were new year parties before I was born. 

And as it’s about dancing and new year parties, the page is dark (for the night life) but sparkly. (Glitter doesn’t show up in the photos unfortunately.)  

Friday, 14 May 2021

One more journal page...

I know, it is becoming repetitive but all other projects this last couple of weeks have been for design teams so I can’t post them here. So here is my latest journal page. 

Friday, 7 May 2021

The art journal continued....


I’ve done another page today.(double page). I must put the journal to one side now for a while as I need to get on with some design team work. And perhaps some processing time will be good. I hope to continue to improve my journaling technique and fill this whole book eventually.

Anyway the inspiration for today’s page was my desire to do a science page (because I won one of Finnabair’s lovely science vellum pads recently). Admittedly it evolved as I also wanted to use a gears and cog background I’d made using gel medium in a 3D embossing folder (bit of an experiment but not sure it was worth it other than it remains super flexible if you wanted to put the texture on a bottle or something)...

As I progressed with my background, the vellum papers and the gears led me to copper tape and copper wire. Then the copper made me want to add verdigris. I also wanted to make sure the images I used were of women because I get fed up seeing all science boffins depicted as scatty middle aged men. 

Not sure the finished page reeks of science but I stayed in the moment and just let whatever happened happen. I like it though. Science or not.
Z x

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Art journal page...

Art Journal day today. 

I recently started my first ever dedicated art journal. Inspired by Finnabair’s many tutorials, live videos and classes on mindfulness in creating etc. 

As I go, I am Trying to remember things Finnabair said in some of those journaling classes about trying not to worry about having a plan. Not freaking out when you end up covering over that special element or a part you really thought you wanted to feature. Stay in the momentent. Do it because it’s fun even if it doesn’t work out the way you expected. Because “it doesn’t matter”. And just keep going because eventually it probably will work out most of the time, even if it is different from what you expected. 

So every time I put on an element I loved then I messed it up (and instantly felt sad regret for the ‘lost or ruined’ element) I just kept saying “it doesn’t matter just keep going”. 

This is my third page (double page) so far and I already feel I am learning.

It worked out ok in the end I think. Well i like it and I think that was one of the points Finnabair reminded us of. It’s my journal so it doesn’t matter who else likes it. 😉

Saturday, 1 May 2021

International scrapbooking day.

Anyone who has known me long, knows I was ever a scrapbooker. Quite frankly, I don’t really like photos out on display so keep mine in boxes covering certain time periods or events. The largest percentage being  photos of my son as a baby and my various cats 😂

And now with digital photos, I rarely get prints of photos. 

However that all changed recently when I became a design team member for “The Mad Scrapper” Schopenhauer in Haddington. It’s bricks and mortar shop but also an online shop and carries most of the  stuff I like (which is handy lol). 

As she also stocks lots of ice papers and chipboard, and runs a branch of scrapaholix, it seemed natural to start doing some scrapbook pages for the design team blog. 

I ended up with almost a dozen layouts so enough to put in an actual album. So I decided to give my album a new makeover especially for international scrapbook day. 

When I bought it, I did decorate it at a crop day at TheMad Scrapper but it no longer appealed to me. Nothing a couple of coats of black gesso couldn’t sort out lol.

Here is how it used to look...

Almost all supplies are from The Mad Scrapper including the album itself and the space extenders. 

Supply list.

Album (any 12 x 12 will do)

Black gesso

Finnabair Metallique paints: midnight sky, crocus field, stormy ocean

Finnabair metallique waxes: old silver, peacock

Finnabair mould: stars and moon

Finnabair mechanicals

Finnabair heavy body gel (for glue)

Finnabair stencil: Gothic 

49 and market flowers

Lace and ribbon

Stamperia paper: from the Cosmos 12 x 12 pad  

Some bits and bobs from my personal stash.

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

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