Friday, 2 April 2021

Night Sky Dragon’s egg

I was going to call it a midnight Dragon but discovered that has some video game connections 🤷‍♀️

So it is now a “Night sky” Dragon lol. 

My steampunk/craft friend brought one of those tourist gift painted eggs made in China. I know there are thousands of them but I quite like them really. So I kept the original egg so that I can put it back if I want.

I’ve just decorated the polystyrene egg by gluing fragments of lace to it then painting it with black gesso. 

From previous experience, I know that heating the polystyrene will make it shrink. While this isn’t great for some projects, I actually wanted to utilise it in this project as it actually makes it look a bit like lizard skin. Pretty appropriate for a dragon I think. 

So I ‘carefully’ heated the gesso dry. I stopped before it went to far.

I used iridescent paints and waxes to colour the egg. I gave the little glass case a quick makeover. I say makeover but I still made it look old and shabby. 

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