Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Paintbrush Naiad: altered paintbrush.


Altered paintbrush inspired by two Finnabair classes from her Patreon. Her dark mood paintbrush and her stunning, magical, fairy canvas. I would say it’s ‘my take’ on them but really the influence of Anna is pretty heavy in it. I just took components from the two different projects. I can take very limited credit. Have to say my creativity output has soared since signing up for Finn’s Patreon. 😍

Sunday, 25 April 2021

“The mechanics of the night sky”.


This battered old canvas and frame is now in its third makeover from me. Wonder how long I will leave it this time. Lol

As part of a mindfulness creativity challenge set by Anna(Finnabair) on her Patreon group, we were encouraged to be inspired by other artists but not to carbon copy them. She gave us a few examples we could choose from for our inspiration. This is my second piece. 

I had previously done a “canvas in frame” that I was unhappy with so I pulled the bits off and gave it a coat of black gesso. Not exactly a blank canvas as there was still a lot of texture to work with. 

I decided I wanted to use it and work on it again as part of Anna’s class homework. So I started while my heart was filled with inspiration from Nuneka’s little town on the moon which is full of night sky colours and night sky inspiration, and a composition by Lisa’s fairy craft’s work which has a large central focus in the foreground and the mechanics very present but more subtle in the background . 

Monday, 19 April 2021

Little bookshop.

I had a 1940s Bakelite clock case in my box of “things to alter”. So I altered it to make a book shop for stamperia’s Lady vagabond.

I used a few of the moulds to cast components for it and although the photos don’t show it, it is very 3 dimensional. 

Inspired by Dawid’s Stamperia design team project.

With Mitform_castings added.

Monday, 12 April 2021

Airship docking:

A little maintenance was required so the airship has docked and sir vagabond watches on as the airship mechanics do their thing...  

It is a 20cm x 20cm canvas.

I will be entering this guy into SanDee and Amelie’s steampunk challenge blog for March/April. This is my third entry. It will be one of many vagabond projects people are entering no doubt. 

I have gone from , never taking part at all, to, three times in one challenge period lol. 

It is good to have something spur you on and motivate you to get creating. 

Friday, 9 April 2021

“Totally owning my rusty wings”.

So from all this talk I’ve been doing about colour schemes and not being in a rut, I think it was in my subconscious. Today, this layout on a canvas emerged when I sat down to craft without a plan. 

I’m just going to own my rusty wings. Rust helps me fly.

Colour quandary...

I am very much a teal and rust, copper and verdigris sort of crafter. I like vintage sepia and dark distressed  items with a bit of faux age. But I want to broaden my horizons try mote colours. So many lovely colours out there. 

I decided to try some mood board challenges. This month, there are a lot of spring colours being suggested so I tried that. The board had yellow, green, duck egg blue, hint of lilac and bunny rabbit brown. You didn’t have to use them all. You could include black or/and white. While I could probably manage a nice tag, card, mini book, with some papers, it turns out I don’t buy papers in those colours.  🙄

So... mixed media it had to be. The results? Disaster after disaster 😂

Thankfully, as part of my Patreon subscription to Finnabair, I had access to an appropriate class to challenge me away from my safe colour palette. Not yellow but magenta and plum. Oh my! Thankfully some Prussian blue to appeal to my teal leaning. 

Friday, 2 April 2021

Night Sky Dragon’s egg

I was going to call it a midnight Dragon but discovered that has some video game connections 🤷‍♀️

So it is now a “Night sky” Dragon lol. 

My steampunk/craft friend brought one of those tourist gift painted eggs made in China. I know there are thousands of them but I quite like them really. So I kept the original egg so that I can put it back if I want.

I’ve just decorated the polystyrene egg by gluing fragments of lace to it then painting it with black gesso. 

From previous experience, I know that heating the polystyrene will make it shrink. While this isn’t great for some projects, I actually wanted to utilise it in this project as it actually makes it look a bit like lizard skin. Pretty appropriate for a dragon I think. 

So I ‘carefully’ heated the gesso dry. I stopped before it went to far.

I used iridescent paints and waxes to colour the egg. I gave the little glass case a quick makeover. I say makeover but I still made it look old and shabby. 

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Goggle makeover.

As a steampunk, my goggle collection is reasonably vast and varied.  However, I don’t have a lot of money to get posh ones so buying cheap mass produced ones for around a fiver (£5) and giving them a wee makeover is how I get goggles for different outfits. 

These started out that way. They are plastic and were given to me by my steampunk craft buddy. (There is a “Before photo” at the end). 

I Started out with the idea of making them “dress goggles”. You know... keep them clean, smart, new and shiny looking. But after finishing them I realised that wasn’t very “me”. 

They looked cool but I didn’t really like them.  So I grunged them up with fake oil, grime and rust. I like them better this way 😂

I started by taking the goggles apart then painting everything with black gesso. I also painted the wee gears and the two little Finnabair frames with the gesso. 

Then I coloured them using Finnabair paints and a water mister. Let it dry and brushed over the highlights with silver wax. I also brushed silver over the goggle parts as well as some purple wax.

I reassembled the goggles and they looked cool. 

But... for me, there needs to be wear and ageing on them. So I added a few patches of rust and gave the goggles a wash of black watery paint. 

That did it for me. Maybe once upon a time, they were my dress goggles then came an apocalypse and now they have “lived some” lol

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