Saturday, 27 February 2021

Photographer’s rest (For The Mad Scrapper).

 Good dreaming is what leads to good photographs  Wayne Miller

I am not a scrapbooker. In fact, in the 17 years I have been interested in mixed media crafting, I have done fewer layouts than I have fingers. And those I have done, All focused on sepia vintage photos of my family. 
So this is something very different for me. ( be kind lol)
My son is a very keen and competent photographer and also a vintage camera collector. Sometimes even the photographer becomes the subject of a photo or two. I have noticed he regularly heads to the coast (where as I am a lakes and forests sort of person). I spotted some photos of him on Facebook one year, taken by his partner at the time. I felt they would look good as a little compilation on a layout so I took copies (with his permission) and printed them off on to ordinary paper. That was a few years ago. Still hadn’t done anything with them until today. 
So here it is. My attempt at combining his love for photography and the beach on one hand and on the other hand, my love for rust, vintage, and of course my love for him...
Supplies list

Stamperia 12x12 scrapbook paper: Mechanical Fantasy
The Dusty Attic: Compass Rosemini branches, Stencil 'large dots'
49 and Market: Blossom blend 
Ranger: Distress ink- vintage photo
Acrylic paint

Friday, 26 February 2021

Music box memories: Scrapbook layout.

A project for The Mad Scrapper”...

When I was a small child, I used to go with my grandmother to visit my great aunt and great uncle (Her sister and brother in law). It was a strange little house with one of those beds in an alcove that had wooden doors that closed it in. It was small and cramped but it was always a lovely day. My aunt had a love of music and she had a little log cabin shaped music box that played “The Blue Danube” which she would wind up and play as we danced around the little bed sit. She seemed to have endless patience for it and it is one of those memories that will stay with me forever. When she died, she left a note on the music box instructing that it should be mine. I was only 10 when that music box came to me. I do wish I had had more chances to dance with my Great Aunt Mima. 

This is her in my layout. I used music themed paper along with some scraps of sheet music and music craft tape. (I didn’t want to damage the photo as it is an original old postcard style with her writing on the back so I used little Photo fasteners.)
Z x

Supplies list 

Scrapbook Papers: Stamperia - MusicBlue Fern Studios - Chesterville Hargrave

Distress ink: vintage photosoot.  

Blending tool and blending pads
Foliage: BoBunny Foliage laser cut
Flowers: 49 and Market – Garden Petals/Salmon
Metal word plaque embellishment and fairy (from my personal stash)
Selection of washi craft tape, scraps of lace  and torn sheet music.
Modelling paste
Stencil: Dusty Attic; Damask

Acrylic paint.

Metal photo fasteners.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

View from a porthole: (SanDee & Amelie’s challenge)

I bought a chipboard porthole from The Mad Scrapper without checking the size. (I never learn lol.) I had been going to put it on the front of an altered book. I was going to cut a hole in the cover. Anyway... turns out it is for a 12x12 scrapbook page lol. So I would need a heck of a big book for that plan. 

New plan. I had a canvas I did years ago that I was super happy with at the time but looking at it all these years later it’s pretty dire so time to give it a makeover. The new look canvas is following my theme of the month it seems... deep sea, mariners, submariners, oceans, portholes....

I used moulds from Stamperia and Prima/Finnabair which I also bought from The Mad Scrapper. Along with various Finnabair art supplies like Gesso, metallic paints, sparkling paints, wax polishes etc. 

Not sure how I feel about it yet. It is not quite how I imagined it when I started. But I will keep it around for a while till I decide if the makeover needs another makeover. I do think it needs something in the bottom corner. Maybe a huge cog/ships wheel type thing. No doubt another image will appear tomorrow with that added. 

I would like to join in with SanDee & Amelie’s blog challenge. Steampunk is my favourite aesthetic and activity so it seems like the kind of challenge for me. 
The theme this month (actually January and February so I am almost out of time) is “anything goes”... as long as it fits with the steampunk or industrial vibe. 

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, 22 February 2021

Altered leather wrapped notebook.

More “makeovers for friends”. This time a leather wrapped note book.

Our extended household bubble friend and fellow steampunk, brought over this lovely item to get me to make it look more interesting and travel worn. We did toy with the notion as it was quite lovely as it was. But it was very new and shiny. 

The obligatory ‘before’ photo.
But, in the end, we decided to go for it.
It’s mostly paint effect and embellishments and the finished look goes well with the lantern in my last post. Very submariner/ Nautilus inspired. Seems a shame they do not belong together. (Although the friend who owns the lantern is the same person who gave my extended household friend the notebook for his birthday.) 

I stamped one of my favourite katzelcraft stamps on the first page just for fun.

So there it is. A brief post for a small project... thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Lantern makeover...


Hi there.

One of my steampunk buddies asked if I would give her candle lantern a makeover. It was a bit plain but she said it was a real bargain from B&M.

Here is the before photo...

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, even a little, that I used turquoise and rust colours. 

Talk about being predictable and having a comfort zone 😂

Anyway hopefully she will like it. Getting it back to her May take a while what with Covid lockdown. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Looking through the porthole into the engine room. (SanDee & Amelie’s challenge)

So... Janine at The Mad Scrapper got in a load of the new Finnabair stuff AND some of the clock frames (which I love) so how could I not go shopping? 

I got the pipes mould and some of the new Finnabair metal flowers then just went crazy with rust paste and stuff. (You can get all that at The Mad Scrapper.)

This project makes my steampunk heart happy lol

I would like to make this one of my first two (ever) entries into the SanDee and Amelie steampunk blog challenge. For Jan/Feb. The theme is anything goes(as long as it is steampunk and/or industrial.

It’s high time I joined in with this blog challenge... I mean... steampunk... 

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Yet another frame...

Hi again. 

I subscribed to Finnabair’s Patreon page recently and lucky for me, she did a live stream tutorial the same day... 

I have not attempted to reproduce that item but I took the basic techniques from it and practiced them on another of those little 5”x7” frames I got a few years ago from a £1 shop. 

It didn’t work out as I had hoped but it’s still useable. I need more practice (or more patience in allowing things to dry between layers 😬 ).

And here is the” before photo” again. 

Thanks for visiting...

Z x

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Shabby chic Frame makeover.

 Hi there.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I bought two cheap plastic frames in one of those £1stores or bargain stores. I had intended to give one a steampunk makeover for a challenge issued by my steampunk society, but I lost faith in myself and never did it. 

I came across them yesterday when I was tidying my craft space a bit and decided to give one a makeover today. Here is the obligatory “before” photo.... 

It is shabby chic instead of steampunk (although there are gears in there). And it is heavily influenced by Finnabair’s techniques. 

So it only took me 5 or 6 years to get around to it... lol

Thanks for reading. 

Z x 

Monday, 8 February 2021

Finnabair’s mood board challenge January 2021

I did not even know this was a thing. Finnabair’s blog has a mood board challenge. There is a colour palette to stick to and a list of product suggestions of which you only need to use 2 (or all 4 of you wish.)

And as this project was inspired by Anna (Finnabair) I decided to use the suggested items and colours so I could take part. It is a great idea to give yourself a challenge of colours etc. I am not known for using blue. But as it was in the mood board, I had to get on and include it. 

There is a story behind the project other than the mood board.

Finnabair shared a free live video tutorial on giving a white shiny frame a makeover. As I was watching, the general stay of frame reminded me of a project I did over 15 years ago. One of my early attempts at mixed media. At the time I was over the moon with it. Now? 
Oh my gosh! It is dire and I am a bit embarrassed by it lol. 
The framed canvas was found in a charity shop. It was some badly done pastoral landscape that I didn’t like but the frame was one of those ornate plaster ones. And I really fancied giving it a makeover.
In fairness, the makeover of the frame itself was not so bad (if I try to be kind) but the over all project. Hmmm well...

Here it is. 😬

Now I had no intentions of doing the frame the way Finnabair had done hers in the tutorial. It is just the fact I was reminded of the frame on my hidden away project that inspired me to do some mixed media.
But because Finnabair was now in my head, her influence made its way onto the canvas itself. I didn’t really have to change the frame in the end. 

So firstly I pulled off what parts I could from the old canvas. I had to leave some bits as the original pastoral scene had come with a few tears. My work over the top was strengthening those areas.

I painted it with acrylic paint. Starting with Indian turquoise. Then I used a stencil and copper coloured texture paste to create some areas of interest. I used quinacridone gold acrylic to creat dribbles of rust effect..

I liked it but had no clue where to go next. So I left it over night and started browsing the internet out of boredom. Came across the “art mood challenge” on Finnabair’s blog (with just days left) and decided to shift direction and follow the inspiration there. 

I darkened up the canvas using some Finnabair black gesso. I just put in on lightly and very small stages. I still wanted some of my bottom layers to show. 
To get my dark blue, I used art alchemy wax and a soft brush over the top of the gesso (peacock, mystic turquoise). I also used other colours of the wax to build up a sort of iridescent look to the canvas. 
I added more copper and gold too. 
Then I sat and looked at it for ages trying to decide what to do next. 

I turned the canvas to portrait instead of landscape and decided to go with a Finnabair inspired grungy collage. Cogs/gears, and plenty grungy paint. I painted some extra embellishments with art alchemy metallique “deep waters”, just to be sure I had my darker blue a bit more obvious, then I grunged them up. 
The rust effects come in a few colours. I have the set with brown, yellow and red rust. I used those on the chipboard cogs to make them look nice and rusty (so that’s my orange and brown from the colour palette also added to my dark blue). 
colours ✔️
Effects pastes ✔️
Stencil ✔️
Liquid acrylics✔️

Now I just had to build my layers and add some mediums with colour to lift the project.I stuck with blues and rust mostly with touches of copper and gold.
And that’s that. Although it is in no way connected to the tutorial, it was still inspired  by a silver metallic frame lol. 

Thanks for looking x 

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