Friday, 27 November 2015

Book box tutorial part one.

Today I am sharing this large apothecary book box with you. So as not to make the post too long with steps and images, I am sticking to showing you how I did the outside of the book first. The insides and extra details will follow in a separate tutorial.

Supplies Need:

DecoArt Modelling Paste White
DecoArt Modelling Paste Black
DecoArt Gesso Black
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics cobalt Teal Hue
DecoArt Media Antiquing cream Patina Green
DecoArt Multipurpose sealer
DecoArt Metallic Lustre Iced Espresso /Copper Kettle
Americana acrylic Indian Turquoise/Titanium White
Traditions Artist Acrylics Quinacridone Gold
Blank alterable book box
Palette knife
Paint brushes
soft cloth
Shaped plaque
embellishments (old jewellery, metal ornament etc)
Patterned Tissue paper

Using a palette knife, apply Modelling Paste / Texture paste through your chosen stencil.

Allow the texture to dry thoroughly. Then paint a coat of Indian Turquoise acrylic paint over it. Continue to paint the whole book box.

Apply a coat of cobalt teal media fluid acrylic to the front cover.

Apply a wash of Quinacridone Gold from the top, allowing it to run down the surface.
Continue to apply the Quinacridone Gold until you are satisfied with how it looks then allow to dry. 

Using a soft cloth (or your finger) gently apply some metallic lustre to the raised surfaces of texture.

The plaque section:

Give the wooden plaque a coat of black gesso and allow it to dry.

 Apply black modelling paste through stencil and leave to dry thoroughly. 

When completely dry, apply a couple of coats of titanium white acrylic paint. Allow to dry thoroughly.

This step should only be done if the modelling paste has had time to dry completely solid so perhaps leave t over night.
Using sandpaper, gently sand over the top of the plaque just enough to take off some of the white paint on the raised surfaces. This should give a bit of a worn ‘wrought iron’ look.
To make your wrought iron look rusty, use the Quinacridone gold wash in the same way as you did the book cover.

Add a coat of sealant (multi-purpose sealer or similar) and when its dry, apply a coat of Patina Green antiquing cream and use a soft cloth to remove excess. You can remove as much or as little as you like. Apply a protective coating of sealer or varnish to the book and the plaque.  All they need now is to be assembled with the embellishments.

Next time I will show you the sides and inside.  Now, as I have used stencils here (with texture paste) I would like to include this post in the Mixed media Challenge HERE at "Mixed Media World"

Zuzu x

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Woodland winter scene: For Calico Craft Parts

I decorated the front of a canvas for a DecoArt project and thought it might be nice to have a reversible canvas so I cold alternate which side was showing.
Because i love the calico Craft Parts in their natural wood form, I decided to try and make something that complimented that.
I stained the raw pine wood of the frame with some Decoart raw umber acrylic paint watered down so it blended in better with the Craft Parts. Then I covered the back of my canvas with thin wood veneer by cutting sections out of a sheet (you can get these sheets in hobby shops and on line). I also stained that with a watery wash of 'raw umber' and then a little touch of 'quinacridone gold' for a touch of warmth.

Next I painted the inside of the canvas "sky" with 'Primary Cyan' and dry brushed some 'titanium white' on it when it was dry. I also sprayed a little of the Decoart mister (white).
I added some Decoart 'snow-tex' in and around it as well as using it to put snow on my trees.
after then gluing my trees into place, in a 3D manner, I finished it all off with a sprinkling of Glamour dust glitter and a piece of bark from my friend's (Carol F) tree.
Although the photos don't show it, this snowy scene twinkles like frost in the light. I am actually quite pleased with it. it was so simple, as the craft parts do the work, but so effective.

Calico Craft Parts used:

Winter tree scene style 2
Winter tree scene style4
Winter tree scene style5

Thanks for visiting.
Z x

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Magical Dragon Skin Treasure Box: For DecoArt

Hi there.
I have a tutorial over on the DecoArt mixed media blog today. the tutorial is for the "dragon skin" part of the box. Over here on my own blog, I can show you the basic completed item.

For the "How to" and the supplies list, please visit the DecoArt Media blog by clicking HERE

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Upcycled packaging. For DecoArt

For the tutorial, click on the link to the DecoArt Media Blog HERE...

Today I have a tutorial, on the DecoArt Media Blog, showing how I altered some packaging. Nearly all my "Calico Craft Parts" come in this type of cardboard envelope and I have been keeping them because I was sure I could do something with them.
so here is what I have made.

The tutorial for the outside is over on the DecoArt Media blog so I will show you the inside here.

I used a lot of Tim Holtz papers and extras; like the clip board clip and the ring binder attachment. and I have added images from his ideaology range as I dont like to show too many images of friends and family on the internet without their permission. but the big main image is my mum and dads wedding :) 
and the small boy on the left is my dad.
The corner embellishments, the keyhole escutcheon and the lovely wooden words are all by Calico Craft Parts.
I turned one of the flaps into a pocket. I may just use it as an organiser or something for keeping tags and cards I have received from crafting friends. 
I feel quite pleased that I have actually recycled something I would usually throw away.
Z x

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

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