Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stampendous/DecoArt Blog hop Post 3

Well its the final day for this fantastic blog hop full of mixed media. And quite a grand finale it is.  I must take time to get round all the posts as i have been catching glimpses of the work being made over the last two or three weeks, and it is all looking pretty cool.
My post is my 2nd ever journal page and a wee tutorial on creating your own sequin waste stamp "Dandelion clocks".
When I made my first journal page, I had used this stamp rather randomly and when i was looking back at the page, the dots just sort of reminded me of a dandelion clock behind my hummingbird.
So I decided to experiment and see if i could make dandelion clocks using the stamp.
I made this page to match up with my hummingbird page.
To show you the steps i have kept my backgrounds reasonably simple and dark to show up the white paint. i just dripped a few drops of my paints right on to the card and used a brayer to spread the paints across the whole surface.

So get your chosen background and the round sequin waste stamp. load your stamp (in your preferred method) with white paint. now make an imprint on your background.

Repeat till you have the number of dandelion heads you want.
 Now using a thin brush and some black acrylic paint, make a black dot in the middle of the white sequin waste dots. Still using a very fine brush, add the little lines that give the fake seed head look. I started with the 4 main points of a clock so i didnt end up with my little lines all over the place. then i filled in the gaps.

Once the paint is dry, use chalk pastels or something similar, to outline the dandelion heads. smear it in a circular motion with your fingers.

now start building up the layers on your stalks and the place where the stalk meets the seed head.
Add some leaves and other stencilling or stamping as required.  

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