Friday, 30 August 2013

I blame it on the "Skinner effect"....

I woke up and decided I needed to alter a skull. that's not normal! but it seems sort of normal if you happen to have Andy Skinner as one of your inspiration mentors. he's tainted me with his creepy skull fetish and now I HAVE to have skulls lol.

So this one is a bit evil looking as it was bought last Halloween. So I made it a wee back story.
tis the skull of the dreaded pirate Black beard.. (I nearly said dread pirate Roberts as i am such a fan of the film "Princess bride" )...
It seems, on close inspection of the skull of the dreaded pirate (found deep down on the ocean bed), that he was fated to become a pirate no matter what. its not because his mum didnt hug him enough as a child.

As you can see, if you look at the area where his "moral compass" is situated, his compass is off centre by about 20 degrees or so...

In the area where the "sense of belonging" or your home coordinates are situated, Blackbeard simply has a map and this map is ever changing. so destined to travel and an off centre moral compass, how could he be anything other than a pirate?

I haven't gotten around to removing the seaweed and barnacles from all of it. it also seems to have gathered a fair bit of rust which is not usual for bone... you have to wonder if the man was even human... anyway there you have it.

This skull was altered with the extreme aid of DecoArt paints and mediums by the tonnage lol. 

Acrylics used for the rust effect:
raw umber
burnt sienna
burnt orange
quinacridone gold

for the ocean coloured organic growth and barnacles:
Modelling paste
indian turquoise
quinacridone gold
Blue green light
sea glass
green mist
antique green
Metallic lustres 

For the pealed back area with the moral compass:
raw umber
Indian turquoise
quinacridone gold

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Where the wild things grow: Woodland journal....

I have started on a 12 week course towards a John Muir Award. The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. It encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration. anyway we have been encouraged to make a few notes on our observations of the changes in the woodland we will be working in as Autumn comes in and then winter. we were given a few bits of folded paper for this note taking activity. Scrap paper I don't think so!!!!! Clearly not arty enough lol.
So I altered a journal I had in the house.
it started life like this.....

And now, with the help of DecoArt paints and lustres, it looks like this.....

I gave the journal a light sanding before starting as I was not sure what it was made of and if paint would adhere OK.  then I used a stipple brush to add colour..
I used:
Quinacridone gold
burnt Sienna
raw umber
true ochre
forest green
antique green

I stippled the colour on the book cover then glued on some moss and leaves... when the glue was dry i also stippled the moss and leaves with the paints. I wanted to use sprays but they are expensive. using inspiration from my craft buddy Trish, I made my own sprays using cheap spray bottles, acrylic paint and water. you can make it as strong or weak as you like. and to give it a twinkle like you get in mica sprays, I also added some of the metallic lustres. gave it a good shake till it was mixed and then sprayed. it worked a treat and added that touch of metallic glitz. I used some of the lustre on my finger to add highlights to some of the raised bits of the book and leaves. i finished it off with a universal sealer to protect it from the elements.

So my journal is ready for next weeks entry. here is a glimps of this weeks notes ( I have spared you the creative writing by doing a bit of creative cropping ;)

Friday, 16 August 2013

It’s all so Black & White

This is a bit of a quick extra kind of post. My new stamps arrived from Katzelkraft and I really wanted to stamp out that little jazzy looking cat. It reminds me of 1950s style.
I didn’t go to the craft room; I just had one black ink pad, one acrylic block, the stamps and some plain white greetings cards.  
I decided that, as I had made the cards, I may as well share them with you. There is plenty time for more interesting projects to follow.
I started by stamping out rows of the little cat (because it made me happy), but then I decided to do one or two black and white, clean and simple, cards.
A few simple elements come together to make some fun cards. As I am always forgetting about birthdays and special dates, I often need a card quickly and with no time to get to the shops.
these are ideal.
Not that I think I will need very many “Get well soon” cards for cats but it is my favourite. I guess it will do for humans who have upset tummies too...

Simple and effective but I expect I will be heading for some colours tomorrow.

Stamps used:

Thank you for visiting.
Z x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Tattered gypsy : more fabric.....

I loved the books I made so much that I decided I needed (NEEDED) a bag. I had a canvas bag with a nice steampunk image on one side and plain on the other so i made a panel and then stitched the panel on to the back of the bag.

The back is now the front lol.  I took photos inside and out as I was not sure which gave the closest to real life colour. its so sunny outside that the glaring sun took some colour out of the photos.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Feeding my Fabric and lace fetish again:

I seem to have gotten a bit hooked on the "Fabric books" thing. i made another one on Friday....
sporting more stamps from the "Artistic stamper" and more fabric and lace from "Calico Crafts".

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fabric Book: vintage lace and calico....

I have taken a real notion to be working with fabric recently. I decided to make a fabric book as i have seen so many gorgeous ones on the internet and always wanted one. I dont have a sewing machine so it was sewing by hand and fabric glue. but it was fun and i do love it, even if its not as accomplished as some of the wonderful ones i have seen elsewhere. i have added some essential oils to it too so that it smells good when being handled.

I cant show all the pages as some are reserved for a Design team piece using "artistic stamper" stamps. (you will spot a few of the number stamps stamped on to fabric throughout the book.). my Calico and the "new" lace was all from calico Crafts, as were the buttons. the strips of silk ribbon are from the artistic stamper. the rest of it is vintage and reclaimed fabric and lace from my own little collection.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Calcio Crafts day for me again:

Another book box alteration to start the week off over at the calico Crafts design team blog. to go see it in full inside and out, just click HERE.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Gypsy fabric hanging, and a wee lavender bag.

I have been going through a bit of a fabric phase this week. A hanging and a lavender bag so far and in the process of doing a cloth book now. Here are the hanging and lavender bag.

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:

hessian (burlap)
printed fabric
acrylic gel medium

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