Tuesday, 30 July 2013

beach inspired Key Cabinet.

I got this fab wooden Key cabinet from Calico Crafts. its 26cm tall x 20cm wide x 7cm deep so not little.
I also had some of the Kaisercrafts "Base coats" papers to play with and add that to the amazing haul of rusty bits i managed to get for 50p at the salvage yard, and i just had to give the key cabinet a makeover.
Once i had al the papers and paints on,  I attached a selection of rusty bits to it. i also added some drift wood sticks to add to the weather worn beach look.

 I also used some DecoArt paints and mediums on the bits with no paper ....

DecoArt products used....

Acrylic paints in these coloures: Indian turquoise, raw umber, raw sienna, titanium white.
Universal sealer
Texture Crackle: Glazier blue.
Gel stains: Walnut

Monday, 29 July 2013

Christmas Angel book box: Kindle or ipad mini, case.

I have been altering book boxes this week. the first two were very involved: lots of grungey distressed and aged stuff going on and lots of ephemera and embellishments; but i decided to do the last one in a very clean simple manner (well compared to my usual).
I painted it in "Indian turquoise" DecoArt acrylic first, then gave it a coat of  DecoArt weathered wood crackle medium, then when that was touch dry, I added a coat of "light buttermilk" DecoArt acrylic paint and watched it crackle. when it was dry I gave it a couple of coats of DecoArt Sealer....
I printed my image on to fabric (attached to freezer paper to fit in the printer), ironed it to "fix" it and coated it with sealer too, to help protect the ink from running if it gets damp or wet somehow.
Then I simply glued on the lace and Dresden trim, I took my treasure gold around all the edges and the raised flower motif (that was on the box when i bought it)... Now, I wonder if I can fit a "Kindle" in there?

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Calico Crafts Day.

It was my turn to post a project over at the Calico Crafts design team blog.... just click HERE to go see the full project and whats inside the box.
Z x

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Abstract canvas.. just for fun.

I decided to ditch the design team crafting today and get out my paints and mediums and just get messy... 
Now I had "intended" to do a step by step to show you how I used my fabulous DecoArt mediums and paints but after step 10 I got so absorbed in the process I forgot to stop and take photos... sorry.... but its better if you just experiment yourself. i have include the photos for the basic base texture so you can adapt it to your own needs...

My decoArt supplies list included:

DecoArt gesso
DecoArt Modelling paste
Decoart Traditions acrylics
DecoArt Americana Acrylics
DecoArt metallic lustres
Decoart Acrylic gel medium.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A wooden egg cabinet gets a "DecoArt makeover" treatment.

I found this fab wooden egg cabinet in the local TKMaxx. bit it was very bright new looking wood and lacked character.

I loved the wire mesh door but hated that it was shiny galvanised steel or something. So i gave it a makeover. I hauled out my DecoArt acrylic paints, my DecoArt modelling paste and my DecoArt weathered wood crackle medium and "set to" giving it a shabby chic country kitchen look.

First step was to sand it all over so the paint could get a good purchase on the wood. then i started with americana burnt orange. I also added a few touches of traditions raw umber (especially around the wording). i did this to the wire mesh too.
I dried it with my heat gun and then used a stencil to add some DecoArt modelling paste to get a raised motif in areas. i didnt do a complete pattern anywhere so it was a bit more random like some had fallen off in time or something.
I dried my modelling paste to 'touch dry' with my heatgun. I know folks are always saying they are concerned about fumes, but i can honestly say, hand on heart, i have never yet encountered any untoward fumes when heating texture or modelling paste. then came the coat of weathered wood crackle medium. i had to go away and let that dry. heating with a heatgun to dry it doesn't work for me as i get distracted... hold the heat too long in one spot and cause blisters. this is fine if its deliberate (as sometimes it is for me) but not when you just want a decent crackle. i left it while i prepared a lasagne for the evening meal.

When it was dry enough (tacky or touch dry), i gave the whole thing a coat of "soft heather"  american acrylic. i didnt want to do white as white can be a little harsh. the heather had a slightly warmer pink tone but not overwhelmingly pink. to be honest i had meant to use the buttermilk but forgot to order it till friday. so soft heather it was. And i sat back and watched as it all began to crack YAY!
I dried it with the heat gun then used the "gold rush" metallic lustre (it says you can apply with a brush or a soft cloth but i still used my fingers.) on all the raised modelling paste and around all the edges.

When it had dried i gave it a wee buff with a cloth. lastly i sealed the whole piece with DecoArt multi purpose sealer. just to give it a more splash and bash resistant finish, when it is placed in the kitchen....
I remembered i had bought some metal decorative hens a while back (about 2 years ago) so dug them out and glued 2 of them on to the wire door.

Friday, 19 July 2013

So fickle.

Yes I am so fickle. I made that mixed media canvas last week... and am now bored of it to the point i dont even like it any more so i gave it a make over (deeply inspired by Limor Webber and her mixed media videos). I pulled off the butterflies, covered it completely in DecoArt gesso, let it dry and then started over.
I liked the texture i had got with the DecoArt decorating paste, but i flipped the canvas upside down so the texture was on the opposite side and at the bottom not the top. i used "treasure gold & treasure jewels" Aquamarine and Classic gold, to highlight the texture and then simply layered some Kaisercraft miss empire ephemera on to the canvas along with some of the fab flower stems.

I found some of the edges of the ephemera to be too white so i took a versamagic chalk ink (aquatic splash) around the edges.  i also put gesso on the leaves of the flowers. they were too GREEN lol.

and I splatted some gesso around over the ephemera here and there too.
I finished the whole thing off by splatting some paint over the piece in nice splatter blobs. i used a nice Aquamarine from DecoArt Traditions and some charcoal that i made up from Decoart Lamp black and titanium white.

the majority of the supplies are from Calico Crafts....

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Artistic Stamper day for me....

It is my turn at the Artistic stamper, creative team blog. heavily influenced by some fellow crafters with a healthy touch of my own personality coming through... for a look at the full item, please visit the blog HERE.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Mixed media canvas: Limor's July challenge.

I like to try and take part in the monthly challenge run by Limor Webber, each month. it forces me to either follow a sketch or follow a set of instructions for items that must be included. this month it was a mixed media canvas with stamping included and an inspirational quote or saying that means something to you. My Tim Holtz stamp was perfect for this as i spent the first 45 years of my life trying to be what others wanted or expected. even when it came to what i wore.
I have started on a better path that is more honest with myself and folks get what they see and if they dont like it then they dont need to hang around. its not an easy path but all personal development takes work. the best life lessons are the hardest ones.
So now i try to be me. I even got a tattoo and didnt let the disapproving comments of family members affect me the way i used to. They may not like it, but then I wasn't asking them to get one. "I" like it and it is on "MY" body.

Anyhoo back to the wee canvas... here it is in a step by step form.
I started with a small rectangular canvas of about 6inches tall (rough guess as it is upstairs and i am downstairs and i can not be bothered to go back up and measure it)...
The first step was to glue on a text book page. I used a random page from some loose pages i had piled on my desk. but for the quote at the top (added later) I used a bit from Jane Eyre (a girl and woman who didnt change to suite anyone).  I dabbed some distress inks on my craft sheet (actually a baking sheet from lakeland plastics cus it was cheaper), sprayed with water and rubbed and dragged my text covered canvas over it. the colours i used were shabby shutters, pine needle and broken china. I also sprayed some tattered angel glimmer mists (apple) over it in places. I also stamped on some grungy circles and made some random smears, using black soot distress ink.
Next i added texture. I pressed some "artdeco decorating paste" through a stencil (I think this is also a tattered angel product)... i let some of the decorating paste smear over the canvas to add some slightly more random texture.
Then i coloured the paste by spraying over the apple coloured spray. i heat dried the decorating texture paste as it puffs it up a bit more. then i highlighted it with treasure gold (classic gold and aquamarine treasure jewels).


I added an image by image transfer. the image i used was from a sheet by ARTChix and I used gel medium to do my image transfer. I am no expert on image transfer. i miss more than i hit so i recomend reading about it by someone who knows what they are doing. i have found that if your image is too glossy, that a white residue seems to get left behind blurring the image. so i try not to use shiny collage paper images. but if that does happen, you can bring the image back out by wetting it.. obviously it will dry again so to achieve a wet effect that lasts, varnish your image (modpodge, glossy accents, anything that will bring the image out.).
I stamped out my saying on to a bit of the book paper that had a blank bit (at the end of a chapter) and I inked the edges using versamagic (gingerbread) chalk ink. I sealed the whole canvas with a layer of modpodge.

when the modpodge was dry i added a few 7 gypsies rubon numbers then gave the whole canvas a very liberal coat of Decoart one step crackle medium and went away to let it dry. dont be tempted to heat dry it as the crackles end up being a bit too wee and ineffective.
When it had dried a gave the canvas a liht wash over with brown paint and wiped it all back off with a baby wipe. this leaves some paint in the cracks so they show up.
I cut out some butterflies from a sheet of graphic45 paper and also crackle varnished them. I glued them on to the canvas. i gave a final highlight of raised texture as well as around the edges with the treasure gold and that was it done.
 Here i have tilted it to the light so you can see the texture and treasure gold....

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