Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tick Tock, strange little clock:

Made for the artistic stamper a week ago. Thought I would share it here too as my blog gets very neglected these days. I always seem to be making things for other peoples blogs etc. :)

the Papier-mâché frame (available from the artistic stamper HERE) was covered in gesso first. then the images stamped on to tissue and added at random. all stamps used are artistic stamper stamps from HERE
 I glued on some embellishments and numbers then also applied gesso to them.
the colour was applied using sprays (various makes and shades). 


Friday, 21 June 2013

Travelling museum of curiosities: Calico Crafts day.

I have altered a printers tray (with glass door) and made it my very own travelling museum. for full details please visit the "Calico Crafts Design team blog" HERE.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Look at the crackle on that.

I used to search high and low for a decent way to get a crackle either with paints or just a basic varnish. it goes along with my love of the nostalgic vintage look. (should i call it the beat up and kicked around look?)

anyhoo... I am giving a shout out for the "DecoArt" crackle mediums. in particular, for today, the "one step" crackle medium. its a nice glaze/varnish that will seal your project but provided you put on a nice healthy coat and dont scrimp then you WALK AWAY (lol the hard bit) and let it dry properly, it NEVER fails. i freaking love it. and you can accent the crackle by painting on some dark acrylic paint (in my case i tend to use raw umber), then wipe it back off with a baby wipe and you get real prominent  results.
This box was a calico crafts design team piece. and a sneak peek at a piece i have in the pipe line for the artistic stamper (but also with some awesome crackle)..
Thats it for now folks. I am off to the craft room to prepare for a crafting novice coming for a few lessons next week. should be fun (and messy)... Z x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mixed media Canvas.

I altered this canvas using embellishments, lace and texture.... I had wanted to use an image of my Grandmother but all my old photos have been packed away till I move house (TUT)... so instead i have temporarily added an image from 7 gypsies trousseau papers.

I added a layer of textured papers and fabrics (lace etc) as well as some German/Dresden scraps... I then added some foliage and flower embellishments. when i had a composition I quite liked I made sure it was all glued into place, let the glue dry and then coated it all thoroughly in white "Gesso". Although i put a good solid coat of gesso on, I also made sure that the textures and shapes were nice and clear.
When the gesso was dry, I sprayed over the canvas sparingly with mica mist sprays (like tattered angels, glimmer mists, etc)... then i attached my image (coated in mod podge to seal and protect it). and lastly i added my arch window (also coated in gesso and sprayed).
Lastly I rubbed some treasure gold gilt wax polish around the edges and over some of the raised textured pieces of the canvas....  when I get my photos unpacked i will be replacing this image with one of  either one of my grans, May and Mary or my great aunt Mima

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Artistic stamper day again....

 And at last I have a craft room and have made my first "proper project" since November. for a full look you will have to hop on over to the artistic stampers creative team blog HERE...

Monday, 17 June 2013

Faux Lacquered Oriental Box

I like making new things (and recycled things) look like ancient old curios. I liked the shape of this wee box my friend Ali gave me to alter. It instantly inspired thoughts of black and red oriental. Not sure why but it did so I altered it to make it look ancient and crackled and well used. the paper is some paper i have had a very long time. one of my favourites from Basic Grey. I dont know if they still make it or not as i don't really buy papers any more.
Firstly I painted it black, inside and out, then sealed it with mod podge.  Then I added the paper top and bottom... I also sealed that with mod podge. when it was dry I put a layer of one step crackle varnish on to it... I exaggerated the crackle by rubbing black paint in to it and using a wet baby-wipe to remove all the excess paint. the black stayed in the cracks to make them stand out more and to add an older look as if years of handling had allowed dirt to get into the cracks.

I stamped some oriental characters around the box in a random manner using a gold ink pad.. let it dy and then sealed it again with more mod podge (I used a gloss finish this time so it wouldn't detract from the gloss of the crackle glaze.
I finished it off by glueing in some authentic oriental papers to the inside lid and base. and glued on some luck coins to the outside.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mixed Media canvas/collage.:With DecoArt acrylics.

I decided to start learning how to draw properly. it was one of those random moments when i take a notion for something and no doubt it will pass when I realise its going to require actual effort lol.

Anyway i doodled a sketch an a wee 3 inch square notepad using a biro because I was too bored to go upstairs and find pencils and larger paper. I put a photo of Frida up and sketched my biro pen version of it...  taking a photo of a small sketch gives you the opportunity to print it out in decent quality at a much larger size so thats what i did. I printed her out and attached her to a blank canvas then just started adding pastel colours, charcoals, chalks and acrylic paints. ended up with this... I am still working on it as I feel for frida and the way I feel about the mexican folk culture, that it needs more... more vibrancy and interest, so will be collaging more "stuff" on to it over the next few days.

Here is the original wee sketch.....

Deco Art colours and products used:

American acrylics: spiced pink, raspberry, true ochre, burnt sienna, salem blue, white wash, lamp black
Deco Art Metallic Patina : renaissance gold.

Little Garden shed: assemblage.

I decided to alter one of the cool little houses and turn it in to an assemblage with a garden shed theme. And because garden sheds are outside all year, I focused on giving it a loved but weather worn look.
I started by applying a few paint techniques to it. it needed a base coat first as I was unsure if the paint would happily adhere to such a smooth surface (the untreated house has a light shine to it). SO a base coat was put on. you can use any kind of suitable base... even home decor undercoat... I gave mine a coat of acrylic medium; no idea why I chose that but it worked. then i gave it a coat of light green. I let it dry and then did the rest in sections. the first technique i applied to one part of the roof. I used weathered wood crackle glaze followed by white acrylic paint and achieved the following look:

the next effect I did was on the other side of the roof and it requires a heatgun. over the green paint, apply some PVA glue (white craft glue) or you can use the crackle medium again but you wont be allowing it to crackle. (the glue is the cheaper option here). Allow the glue to go tacky (not dry) enough to paint your white paint over it. apply the white paint and heat dry it with the a heatgun; but over heat it and let it really bubble up (I did this one without scorching it but sometimes the scorching can also look cool.). allow the area to get covered in these blisters then let the paint cool and get hard again (acrylic paint is quite elastic when warm). once its dry and cold, roughly sand the blisters off. it gives a good weather worn look.

I also did the Vaseline (petroleum jelly) technique. smear random blobs of Vaseline over the green paint then apply the white top coat. when the paint has dried, wipe away the Vaseline to show the green underneath. you can see that effect in the next photo at the top section.

Once i had all my "effects" done, i began to decorate it. I used sequin waste ( I think it can also be called punchanella ?) I laid the sequin waste on to the little house and dabbed over it with various Versamagic Chalk inks. I chose bright citrus like colours mostly, as well as a nice dark mossy green. If you dont have or want chalk inks then  sponge some citrus paint colours on through the sequin waste. After dabbing through the sequin waste to create spots, i flipped it over and utilised the excess ink on the sequin wastes reverse side. it gives a nice honeycomb effect. both effects can be seen in the photo above.
I used the same chalk inks to colour some wooden shapes and attached them to my little garden shed.

All I had left to do was fill it up....... I used moss, drift wood, rusty items and decorated a wooden heart, in the same colours as the house, to dangle from the branches. I filled little bottles and used some ephemera to create my little garden shed assemblage.

Note: versamagic chalk ink will smudge if you do not let it dry before touching. It will dry in a short time, but can also be heat set using a heat gun.

Supplies used :
Chipboard House display unit. HERE
DecoArt Americana paint: 'foliage green' and 'white wash'. HERE
DecoArt Weathered wood Crackle medium HERE
Versamagic chalk inks: HERE (I used 'turquoise gem' 'gingerbread' 'pumpkin spice' 'key lime' 'Spanish olive' 'mango madness')
wooden rabbits and little wooden flower HERE
wooden bird on branch HERE
wooden tree HERE
drift wood HERE
moss HERE
rusty shapes and wire HERE
little bottles HERE
wooden heart HERE
Ephemera HERE

Saturday, 15 June 2013

(number 2 of 2) peacock canvas.... 24"x24"

I did one of these YEARS ago but was asked to do another.. so here it is.. looking very much like the last one lol. its 24 inches square so not a small thing. lots of  deco art acrylics, deco art decorating/ texture paste, and fusible film. you can find a range of Deco Art supplies  HERE....

Heart of nature.

(since first adding this post I have taken off a butterfly and added a rusty heart due to that niggling feeling of it not being just quite right.)

I have had this very large heart, from Calico Crafts, in my kit for a while. I realise they are discontinued (only 4 left... 2 of each size) but i wanted to experiment with some Deco Art acrylic paints; just because. So rather than use up something that i might want to use as a main design team piece (in case I ruined it) i decided to use the heart anyway.

Firstly i gave it a coat of a rusty colour (made by mixing a little of the brandy wine red and some Cranberry wine red.. no alcohol included just the paint lol)

I let it dry and added a coat of PVA glue as a barrier between the first coat and the second coat. Let the glue go tacky enough to paint over but not dry...
For my second coat of paint, I used Hauser light green. This is where the aged worn effects come in to play. If you leave it to dry naturally, you should get a nice crackle effect. This happens because the PVA glue is drying at a different rate to the paint.

At this stage you can also choose just to give it a light sand for a shabby chic sort of look; but I wanted something a bit more dramatic.

So I took my heat gun to it. Again, because of the PVA glue, you get a cool effect. The paint will blister and bubble; you must hold the heat at each spot and not just wave over the area. concentrate the heat on all the bits you want to blister, you can even allow the paint to scorch a little. now let it go cold and dry hard before taking some sandpaper and lightly sanding the blisters off. (the objects in the picture are purely to give size perspective. so you can see it is a BIG heart)
To add more interest and design, I used some mesh fabric as a stencil and dabbed my Versamagic Chalk ink (gingerbread) through. It gives a similar effect as using sequin waste, but i thought the pattern was a bit more reminiscent of a metal flooring.

Now its ready for me to decorate in some way. I started by stamping a large face stamp on to some tissue paper. (I used my gingerbread chalk ink again and heat set it with the heat gun but if you dont have a heat gun just set it aside to dry for a few minutes.

Glue it into place and then blend it in a little by sponging on some of the green paint around the edges and then when its dry add a few touches of the gingerbread chalk ink through the mesh. this makes the image look a bit more like its a part of the piece rather than just randomly stuck down.

I embellished it by adding grunge board-swirls and clock hands, some ivy leaves taken from the ivy garland (I coloured them with chalk inks and gold polish) , a green butterfly and some little number charms. The final touch was to add some wording. I cut that from the top of the sheet music I used to cover the grunge-board clock hands.

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:
Chipboard heart (discontinued so very limited stock.) HERE
Deco Art American acrylic paint HERE (brandy wine, calico red and Hauser green)
Versamagic Chalk inks HERE
Ivy Garland HERE
butterfly HERE
Rusty Heart HERE
The paper I used as a backdrop to take photos on, is one of the large collage sheets and you can find that HERE

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Calico Crafts Day...

Its my turn over at the Calico Crafts Blog today and i have been playing with some beautiful new papers and a VERY effective one step crackle medium by decoart. To see the full project, just hop on over to the blog. 
Z x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Another little sewing box...

I got another of these little sewing boxes from Calico Crafts and used the 7 gypsies Trousseau papers to give it a makeover.

supplies used are from Calico crafts:

Rose buds
7 gypsies trousseau papers
7 gypsies trousseau tape
sewing box
treasure gold gilt polish
salvage stickers
little crown (i used the larger of the two)

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

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