Friday, 29 March 2013

Calico Crafts day....

My turn over on the Calico Crafts blog HERE...
sneak peek.
Z x

7gypsies shadowbox insert...

I love shadow frames and compartmented curio boxes and pictures etc, but i find printers trays and shadowboxes to be quite costly...  however, in a couple of weeks, Calico crafts will have a lot of these 7 gypsies shaddowbox inserts available at a bargain price. I got one in advance to have a try with.

the cool thing is its simply backed with very stiff card (covered in some appropriate papers), so its cost effective. but also, it will obviously still go inside the shadowbox too (should also be a few of those coming to calico crafts at a cut price soon). if you like a change but cant afford a whole load of shadowboxes, then just make up some inserts in different themes and have one shadowbox to fit them in. change them around with the seasons or with your mood...
Although it looks cool as is and you could attach a hook or ribbon to hang it with, here it is WITH the shadow box.....
I uses a paper doily to add interest and texture to the insert... 
I stained it with coffee (as most of my paint is packed away... and then i rubbed treasure gold on to the raised bits... most of the papers are from the 7 gypsies trousseau collection

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The March Hare in the secret garden: for Calico Crafts.

I did a wee extra project this week... its an Easter/ Eastre/ Ostara gift.
For some, Easter is not till the 31st of the month but I am old school and still like to celebrate the spring equinox and the coming of spring and fertility and the original March Hare that became the Easter bunny....
the legend is:
The goddess of spring, Eastre / Ostara, found a bird, wounded, on the ground late in winter. To save its life, she transformed it into a hare. But the transformation was not a complete one. The bird took the appearance of a hare but retained the ability to lay eggs...the hare would decorate these eggs and leave them as gifts... so thats where the easter bunny legend has grown from :)
The fantastic German Scraps from Calico Crafts have two sets that depict lovely nostalgic looking Easter images and they have the Hare, not just the bunny.... I combined the scraps with the "Secret Garden" graphic 45 papers and decorated this shadow frame/box.
I inked the frame using versamagic chalk ink in pixie dust... then I cut up a paper doily and decorated the frame with it... I used aquatic splash chalk ink around the edges. then i just cut out sections from the secret garden papers and collaged them into and on to, the box and frame. then i gave it a good coat or two of mod podge. (i used gloss, making it hard to get a photo as the flash kept reflecting).

Once the box was decorated I was able to spill a packet of mini eggs inside and then put the clear panel and lid back on.

Once the chocolates are gone, the frame is still a pretty wee diorama style assemblage that can come out every spring.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Secret Garden Min album: for Calico Crafts..

My day at Calico Crafts today. I have been making pages for a mini album based on the new Graphic 45 "secret Garden" papers.
Sneak peek

Sneak peek

to see all the pages completed so far, please visit Calio crafts HERE.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Going Postal: for Calico Crafts

I am back with another quick, easy, non-messy project for Calico Crafts.

I enjoyed decorating the mothers day specimen tray a few days ago so decided to strip it back and try another look on it.
This is a bit closer to my usual look; distressed and manky. I sanded all the pink stuff off and painted my Specimen tray with a brown wash. Then I used some of the 7 gypsies camden papers  which I managed to nab in the 7 gypsies sale now on on the web site (be quick as its only while stocks last)... I covered the tray in the same way as usual; glued the paper into place, let it dry and then sanded it back to make it look work.  after that it was pretty much a case of glueing papers and ephemera into place.  I like to ink all the edges of the tray, papers and ephemera with my gingerbread chalk ink before gluing  them in place.

Once all my bits of kaisercraft ephemera were inked to look shabby and aged i added them to the compartments using dimensional tape to give it a more 3D look. there is a 7gypsies ruler along the top (also from the sale so there may be none left). there is also a mini peg included and some sticker words.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Deconstructed reconstructed, altered box.

I decided to use up the last of my "ladies Diary" papers (By Graphic 45) and decorate a box.
I had a gift box from Christmas (well to be fair my husband did but I "claimed it" as alterable so made it mine.)

I didn't want a lift off lid so decided to cut it up and take it apart to reconstruct the whole box with a flip lid.

I just cut off the edges with a craft knife (scissors would do as it all got sanded anyway).

Once the flaps were all cut off i covered the lids top with some rose themed wrapping paper. I snipped the corners to make the folds neater... (dont snip too close to the edge of the box or you will have corners peeking through uncovered.)

I let the glue dry and then sanded the paper. I sanded the edges but also gave a light sand over the whole lid for a worn aged look. then I inked the edges using my favourite versamagic chalk ink "gingerbread"....
You can add a wee loop of ribbon or lace at this stage. the ends will eventually be covered up by the papers that decorate the inside of the box.

I carried on decorating the lid with some lace and bits from the "ladies diary" scrapbook papers collection. I also used some Kaizercraft ephemera (in this instance its the coffee pot), for extra interest.

I set the lid aside and made the section of card that would attach my "flip open lid" to the box. its a nice sturdy bit of card and one part slides inside the box to glue to one inside edge and the other end gets the lid attached to it.

Hopefully this next image shows what i mean about how it will fit in to the box.

 I glued my lid on then set it aside till i had decorated the rest of the box.
 So I covered the box in more rose themed paper by simply gluing sections on. and once the glue had dried I sanded it gently all over (to age it)... I also inked the edges as I did with the lid.

Construct your box by adding the lid and decorate inside with some sympathetic papers (I am now imagining the papers patting the box and saying "there there") .. so forget the phrase "sympathetic" and lets go with complimentary... or maybe "matching" . i used some 7gypsies trousseaux papers and some Vintage decor papers.
Adorn the outside of your box with papers, images and lace ( as well as the graphic 45 ladies diary papers, I also used kaisercraft ephemera, German scraps and some K&Co ephemera.) then seal it with a few layers of mod podge. I took photos of the box while the mod podge was still wet lol. no patience at all. but its looking grand now its dry.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

three fold ATC for Calico Crafts

Its my turn over at Calico Crafts... to see the full project inside and out with a wee guide as to how it was put together, hop on over to the calico blog HERE...

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mothers day/Spring inspired specimen tray. for Calico Crafts

Helen from Calico Crafts,  kindly sent me one of the little sliding door specimen trays a little while ago and I decided to have a go at altering it. Keeping in mind my limited supplies right now, I went with another cut and glue approach but less rustic than my last diorama project. I was inspired by the sun shining and the sign of flowers making their way into the world in my garden. a lot of the plants i have were given to me from my mum. cuttings from her garden. she was a keen gardener and its great that, although she is dead now (alive in my heart), there is life in my little garden that shows up every spring that exists only because of my mothers green fingers:) . So although I cant give her a mothers day gift any more, I still decided to do something in her memory.

I didn't have my papers to use as they are packed away. I had wanted to use the Vintage decor Roses pack as it was perfect for the look i had in mind... however I did have a bit wrapping paper from a gift i was given recently that was very similar so I used that. i glued it on as usual and after it had dried I sanded all the edges. I smudged some chalk ink along the edges too.
then it was simply a case of sticking on some pink, spring garden, themed stuff.... the birds were cut from pieces of the K&Co flora and fauna ephemera.

Supplies used:
Specimen tray
Artemio letters
Chalk ink (pixie dust)
artemio leafy branch
speckled eggs
wood rabbit
Chamomile flowers (taken from garland)
K&Co Flora and Fauna ephemera.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Calico Day

Well I managed to do some crafting purely based on one design team order Helen from Calico Crafts sent me. as most of my belongings are packed or in the process of being packed, I dont have access to all my paints and inks and fun stuff but i always have glue. So I ordered one of these tryptych style photo frames, a couple of sheets of paper, Some picket fence, a rusty spade and rusty wire.

For a look at the full item and how it was put together then hop on over to the calico crafts blog HERE.

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