Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Commissioned canvas. Featuring a lot of DecoArt loveliness.

I was asked to do a canvas for someone. I said yes, but have to admit when i saw the size and shape of the canvas i did get a bit nervous. I put it off for ages so in the end, i just had to go for it....
So here it is. mostly in sections as its ever so long. I do hope she likes it. its hard when its for money.

Lots of DecoArt  supplies used here. modelling paste, gesso, acrylics (with lots of buttermilk, transparent yellow iron oxide, quinacridone gold, raw umber, burnt umber, as well as metallic lusters (added in to paint for a shimmery finish.). also a very healthy dose of "treasure gold gilt wax polish" in several shades of gold.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The true face of love.

Love is not pink and frilly with lace and bunnies as will be depicted come Valentines day; its raw and gritty and takes effort and can sometimes be messy. but at the end of the day, its worth it. whether it be parent love, partner love or friend love.

this little painted wooden block was deeply inspired by a video tutorial I watched by Robin Marie.... (here is a link) And a blog owned by Stephanie Ackerman linked HERE
And as I made my own background with layers of papers, stamping. transparent paints and stencils, I am entering it in to the Wednesday challenge at Simon says stamp.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sizzix mega sale helps me start my countdown to Christmas.

My new dies arrived from the sizix mega sale so i HAD to go cut stuff out and make something. (just because), and it had to be something that i could make for Christmas as its all home made gifts and cards this year... that fits in really well with Simon says stamp's Monday Challenge.
 So i made this album.

Sizzix dies used were:

vintage cabinet card
mini cabinet card
mini reindeer
layered wings

Papers and ephemera used are all by Kaisercraft.
St Nicholas 
Christmas carol. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mixed media canvas.... rhapsody in blue

I had a lady round to do a class with me today and among other things, we did a canvas... the technique did require a lot of natural drying time so we didnt finish them during the workshops 4 hours, but I went back to mine tonight and finished it off. this is how it was earlier.....
I suppose it would have done like that (some friends said to leave it), but I like more warmth and age in my pieces.  I was not comfy with it as it was so i added more to it. I feel happier with it now. 
Thanks for visiting
Z x

funkie junkie tag 10

It is funkie junkie day again and the inspiration I have taken from her tag is "holly" (with red glitter berries). And the funkie junkie has a beautiful online shop if you like to do some online shopping for cool craft supplies.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Funkie Junkie Number 9:

I think i am getting better at keeping up. this is the Funkie Junkie's 9th make of the 12 tags of christmas. mine is actually a large plaque. much bigger than a tag and can hang on the wall or something. If you want to do some online shopping, the funkie junkie boutique has a load of great stock.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Artistic stamper day....

Yes, it my turn over on the Artistic stamper Creative team blog. here is a small piece of the project. for the full item please click HERE....

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bravery canvas.

Bravery comes in many forms and as i am pretty much afraid of my own shadow, it helps me appreciate bravery in others. i dont mean the "off to war" or " dive in to a burning building to save the damsel" sort of brave. i mean the every day life sort of brave. dealing with illness or pain regularly or caring for sick relative. making changes to your life that are not easy but you know its for the best. its so much easier to go with the status-quo. Actually just being yourself in a world that expects you to be something else is brave.
I have a friend who has just done that very thing. she knew she wasnt able to be who she wanted to be, living her life on the path it was currently on, so she called halt and said some brave stuff to folks who probably didnt want to hear it, and she has instigated a change. I cant imagine making hard choices and changes like that. i am such a "safe" sort of person. I am so inspired by my friend and this canvas came from that inspiration. Its what came out of me when thinking of her first steps on her new path.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Saturday, 2 November 2013

a fantasy world inside a book.... (for calico crafts)

I have altered a book box on a "story world" and "Autumn" theme. Showing how a book can open up a new world when you read it, and, with some books, it can be a world of colourful fantasy and adventure.

I cut the middle out of the book box cover so you could  see right in to this book world. As i love autumn and as Calico crafts has lots and lots of lovely new floristry with acorns and toadstools included, I decided to add Autumn in to my theme.
I used some torn up book pages to mimic the look of book pages on the book box. i also cut out sections of the pages to attach as small banners around the box.
The backdrop  of the book box was cut from a sheet of "Kaisercraft basecoats". its the sheet wth all the autumn leaves.
I also used die-cut leaves that i painted with a variety of autumnal coloured "decoart traditions" paints (listed below)

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shadow canvas...... (Simon says stamp)

When you are on a design team or two, you often find you craft with items of stock in mind rather than just crafting for fun and seeing where it goes. you have to think "does this company stock these?"  "Can i use that stamp?"  "How do i incorporate this stamp in to a project?" etc etc.... So every now and then, its really nice to just craft for ME!!
 this is one of those "just for me" projects.
its an altered "reverse canvas" ...
it does have a very shiny gloss sealer on it as i wanted it to look like it was lacquered, so it was hard to get photos at night. the flash kept reflecting on the glaze and distorted the image.
The lovely image i have used is courtesy of Land of Nod Studios.

Now, as Simon says stamp has a theme of "anything goes" on their monday challenge, I am entering it in to that. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Step by step, "Faux" River Song book of spoilers: (book box makeover):

 This project is a book box, but i have done the same thing to three or four bought blank journals and it works just fine.
here is a completed journal using the same basic technique...
If you are doing a journal, depending on the surface, make sure you sand it a little and wipe back any sanding dust. wrap the inner journal pages up in clingfilm (clear food wrap)and tape it into place with masking tape. this avoids getting the pages all covered in paint and modelling paste etc.

So lets start on this River song book box....

you are going to need:

book box (or blank journal)
sheet of grunge board (or other reasonably thick card or chipboard)
Modelling paste
Blue acrylic paints (I chose DecoArt multi-surface paints in "night sky" and blue lagoon.)
Metallic lustres. (optional if you want your box to look new, but i like an aged "used" look to mine)

 So first of all you need to cut out your shapes. there is no use in me giving you exact sizes as you will all have different books and boxes to cover. so look at the shapes and how they build up. you can then cut them out to sizes suited to your project....

I begin assembling my pieces and glueing them in to place, working from the outside in .... (my book box only looks navy because it was once altered as a textured jewelled book box and has had all that scraped off. so its a realtering of a previous alteration. i painted it to make it look neutral and show up the steps easier.)

Now i dont like all those ugly gaps at the joints and the grunge board doesn't seem to belong to the rest of the book box yet. so, to fill in the joints and to blend everything in so it looks like one solid moulded shape, i used my DecoArt modelling paste.
I started applying with a pallet knife but always resort to my fingers. make sure its all flat and use the pallet knife to dig the excess modelling paste out of the recesses that define the shape. now let it all dry......
Come back to it the next day and if needed, sand the whole thing just to make it all smooth. now paint it. I painted it first with blue lagoon, let it dry and then gave a thinner lighter coat of the night sky, allowing the blue lagoon to sort of show through in places.
Once the paint has dried, i used my finger to apply some metallic lustre on edges and some random areas, just to add a slightly used build up of grime look.
Lastly i put on a coat of multi-purpose sealer.
Once the full box had dried, i did decide to add some science looking type papers to the inside. but again that is optional.I also like to add a layer of "dust" by soft brushing some talcum powder in to it.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Death becomes her: Macabre altered tin...

I recently organised an "Altered art Tin" swap from my facebook page. with it being so close to halloween, I decided to make mine on the gothic, dark, macabre side.  It is called "Death becomes her"...
 I started by sanding the tin all over so that paint would adhere to it a bit better. I painted the outside of the tin Raw umber then dry brushed on some black, let it dry then dry brushed on some blue green (to mimic patina). my next step was something i learned by accident on a previous tin, but liked it so did it again... I applied a coat on one step crackle (without first applying a coat of sealer. for the crackle to work properly you do need a sealer on it first... but i wanted it to "go wrong" on purpose. the crackle glaze reacted with my paints and went milky and weird and gives a super aged patina funky look (no idea how to describe it.). I left that to dry. some patches did crackle and my weird "paint and glaze reaction" was looking good.

I painted some floristry bits (listed below) with black paint and glued them in to place along with an image. i did put a sealer over the image and when it was dry i added the crackle glaze to let it do its proper purposeful job of crackling. when the crackle glaze was dry i rubbed some blue green paint in to the cracks and wiped it of with a damp cloth so it was only in the cracks and not on the rest of the image.

Its all just black paint lace, paper, floristry, crackle glaze, sealers and glue from there on in. I have listed the items used from Calico crafts at the bottom of the post.... the rest of the supplies are from my personal stash of broken jewellery and other craft supplies.

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