Friday, 27 July 2012

Yes it IS another box....

 I used some "Vintage decor" papers from Calico crafts, to make myself a nice vintage style keepsake box.  Using the same technique as I used for the last box, gluing, sanding, inking, sealing, embellishing.... I splashed out a bit and put feet on it.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

7G Trousseau "tea-chest"...

I revamped this wooden box. its about 6x6x6 inches....
I used the 7 Gypsies Trousseau paper, a Lewis Carroll quote from the graphic 45 papers, a K&Co Key, a rusty heart and some versamagic inks. the drawer pull on the front, is a flea market find.

A quicky.....

I bet you thought I MUST have used all those 7G Trousseau paper scraps by now....  well NO  lol.

after taking the 12 sheets aside and making my £3.50 mini album, and then using some spare bits on the sides and inside door of my key cabinet yesterday, I STILL have a nice wee selection of scraps left. Some still have images etc on them so I am not done yet, but for the bits that were not much use for anything else, I altered some wooden cloths pegs.
It's not a new idea but new crafters come along every year so no harm in showing it again.

Its the same method as covering the beer mats... glue on.. let dry ... sand down.. stain edges with ink... coat with mod-podge (or similar),,
I stuck on some little pearly flower buttons I got from my friend Kathy G...

I used my pegs to replace the paper clips I was using to hold all my "BB" cards (Cards I have received from Paula Whittaker over the years) .. I have a lovely long decorated bit of raffia on the wall to hang them on and I have to say, the pegs look way better than the paper clips did.  this is just a wee section... I am going to make pegs for them ALL. I have a fair few of them.. how lucky am I?(the answer is: VERY)

Now to go use the rest of the decent sections.. maybe a domino book?

Z x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Little 7g Trousseau key cabinet. for Calico Crafts

I decided to use up some of the papers I had left from making my wee mini album for Mondays project, by decorating a wee wooden key-cabinet I have had on a shelf for almost a year.

I painted and distressed the whole cabinet first with paint, crackle medium and lots of sanding, and then began cutting out bits of paper and glueing them on (followed by more sanding). I darkened all the edges etc using my gingerbread versamagic chalk ink. Then I sealed everything with mod podge before adding the metal embellishments.

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:

Deco Art Acrylic paint. (I used a darker colour for the undercoat and white for the top coat but you can chose whatever you like)
Deco Art Weathered wood crackle medium (because i love it)
Mod podge
Trousseau papers
treasure gold gilt polish.
Versamagic Chalk ink

Beach find: Box for "The Artistic Stamper."

Sneak Peek...
I have a project up on the "Artistic Stamper" creative team blog today.... for a proper look, some details and a list of stamps used etc, please do take a wee wander over there.  And comments are always appreciated...

Monday, 23 July 2012

Mini album on a budget.

 To see how to make this little beermat mini album for around £3.50.. go take a look at the step by step, over on the "Calico Crafts design team Blog"....

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ramadan tealight shrine.

I freely admit to not knowing enough about other religions, but i have a couple of really good friends in Indonesia and Malaysia who will be celebrating the religious festival of Ramadan this month. I do know, it is a time of great charity, when those who are able, give what they can to the poor and less fortunate. It is also a time of great abstinence including fasting throughout the day. and it is a time for thought and reflection.
when searching through the wonder that is "google" i discovered a lot of lights and lanterns seemed to be advertised for Ramadan so with this in mind I have made this wee shrine (not so wee actually. its 8 inches tall.)

The Moon and Star are significant symbols and can be found at the top of all mosques, so I added those...  the paper in the background is just something i have had in my stash for ages BUT I have no clue as to what language that is. it reminded me of aribic so I used it but it could be one of any number of languages.. my ignorance is diverse LOL.  its also glued on sideways so it wont help anyone to read it at all. I have shown it without the little acetate shade around it in the first photo as it helped show the item up better, but in real life, it looks nicer with the wee shade on (as shown in the photo above.).

Here it is in the daylight with no candle... look the SUN is shining. who can believe it!.... anyway moving on...

a close-up of the main body of the shrine....
I used the bit of the arch that popped out of the side panels, to make a candle holder shelf. I added a dresden scrap frame and I put a layer of heat resistant acetate on it Looks like a toilet seat now)... I have no idea how safe this item is LOL.. I just liked making it. I am willing to risk it as I intend to light a candle in it each day throughout ramadan in honour of my friends. so if you hear of some crazy crafting woman loosing her house as it went up in flames from a freak candle incident, its probably me LOL.

So here is one of the side panels. it was painted with a brown paint ( I think burnt umber but i didnt really pay attention lol) i then added the crackle medium and when it was ready, i painted on the yellow ochre colour.... it crackled but i also rubbed off a few patches to make it look a bit like peeled paint too.

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:

7 gypsies triptych arc board kit.
rusty star
art deco paint : True ochre
Weathered wood crackle medium
dresden trim
Heat resistant acetate.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Mini Album.

I bought myself a wee book of the 7 gypsies trousseau papers  and a book cover a week ago... I decided to put together a mini album based on the papers but also introduced other makers and elements in to the album. it is a work in progress, as I want to add more pages, but here is the start.
some of the photos are taken from the papers but one is of my grandmother.


I will give a list of supplies used, but as ever, you use what you have in your stash. its best that we never start counting the cost of these kind of projects LOL.


Majority of the Supplies used, are available from Calico Crafts HERE

7 Gypsies book cover
7 Gypsies papers and stickers
7 Gypsies vintage clips
book rings
K&Co stickers and ephemera
Melissa Frances corners and keyhole
Versamagic chalk ink
graphic 45 rubber stamps
Artemio frame

Retro notebook: For The artistic stamper.

Sneak Peek

Its my turn over at "The Artistic Stamper" today. I so enjoyed making the retro style tags, I decided to alter a little journal in a similar style. For a proper look, and some details, why not pop over there and take a look HERE. and if you feel up to it, comments are always deeply appreciated.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

7 Gypsies Postale notebook: Calico Crafts.

Another project over on the calico crafts blog. a nice clean collage with papers style project and also... Useful! I like making things that can be used.
Please go over and take a wee look HERE and maybe leave a comment.
many thanks
Z x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Afternoon tea, just for me: Calico Crafts

My design piece over at Calico Crafts Design team blog is an altered wooden tray. Please go take a wee look for more details.
Z x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

More tags: Calico Crafts

Its handy to have tags around I think. when you wrap up birthday gifts you can pick one out that suits the recipients personality.  and stamping on to luggage labels is quick and easy but blooming effective. As I am so in love with these hot air balloon stamps I got from Calico Crafts, I have been sitting relaxing and stamping these out. ( I made a ton of them lol) .... the background was made using one of Andy Skinner's tempting textures stamps. ( I love these stamps too.. been using them loads.) As ever, I used versamagic chalk ink. (jumbo Java)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Retro circle tags: For the Artistic Stamper.

The 'Artistic Stamper'  creative team blog has a monthly challenge (HERE), and this month the theme is circles... you can interpret that any way you like... making a round item.. or using clocks and watches as your circle.. polka dots...sequin waste... etc etc..
I decided to have a wee play with some Artistic stamper "circle themed" stamps and make some retro tags...

ALL stamps used here are from the artistic stamper...
Stamps used:

Large sequin waste HERE
The retro looking border , the large dots and the grunge circles can all be found HERE

Little Altered suitcase: For The Artistic Stamper.

Its my turn to post, over at The Artistic Stamper's creative team blog. Here is a wee sneak peek....
Please go over and take a look at the full project.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

More hot air balloons....

More hot air balloons....This time for Calico Crafts.
I used one of the boxes from the set of domed lidded boxes (fabulous bargain considering the nice big sizes they are. I use lots of these boxes)...
Firstly I took the hinges and lock off.... 

Then I coloured the box using Versamagic chalk inks in Sea Breeze and Gingerbread. then stamped on the fantastic ( I am in love with them) hot air balloon stamps by Hampton Art. I coloured the balloons in very faintly using water colour pencils (and water) and dabbed off the excess colour with some kitchen roll. I then took one of the crackle stamps from Andy Skinners stamp set "Tempting textures" and  stamped randomly, over the box, using gingerbread chalk ink. heat dry the chalk ink so it sets or wait till you are sure it is completely dry. Once the chalk ink was dry or heat set,  I sealed it using a deco art brush on sealer ( I used a matt one), then I glued on some german/ dreden scrap trim. I also coloured that slightly with the gingerbread chalk ink and heat dried it so it became more permanent.

I put the box back together but used my own hinges and lock from my stash instead of the new silver looking ones the box was made with.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Around the world in 80 days... Crafty Individuals.

Altered box... a little pie shaped box, altered on the theme of "Around the world in 80 days", using the "Crafty Individuals" stamps CI-336, and CI-305.... I made this after making one similar in a match box for a matchbox swap.

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...