Thursday, 31 May 2012

First ATC swap in 4 years or more....

I stopped swapping ATCs when I passed the 2,000 mark. you cant go on forever can you lol.  And for 4 years or more, the only ones I have made since, were for the egypt folder i showed two weeks ago...  I have not made any for swapping. HOWEVER (lol), I was on Trish Latimer's blog and noticed she had made an awesome painty background (the way trish does) for some ATCs and she was offering up a swap. Cant possibly let that one go by, so I asked if I could swap with her.

I made three... I am also swapping with one of my other craft friends, Shelagh, and I have one spare. they are made mostly of calico and lace, with a card backing to keep them stiff. the image transfers were also done on bits of calico.

Calico, lace, inks and rusty heart from "Calico crafts"
Images from "Crafty individuals".
Word stamps from "The Artistic Stamper."

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Inspiration from The Purple Thread Shed:

As some of you know,I have been doing some classes with Ali at "The purple thread shed" in Roslin.  The classes are called "nostalgic pictures in fabric". (I think I keep getting the title of that class wrong, but you get the idea lol. )

Well although some of the techniques are the same as I use in paper crafting and altered art, I have also learned a few things and gained a fair bit of inspiration from Ali and her classes (and we are only half way through.). I made a wee fabric hanging using some of the ideas and inspiration I have been getting there. If anyone lives remotely near Roslin, I would say these little intimate classes are very worth while.. This is a based around a photo of my Dad.... printed on to fabric for me by Ali from The Purple Thread Shed. 
My dad, was the artist in the family.. he was a very keen amateur painter and he also taught me how to play the guitar. It is, I am sure, because of him, that I am in to crafting, art and music, and down to my mum that I wanted to be a therapist (she was a kind hearted caring soul) and a cook.... so my dads fabric collage features music paper and a quote about art.

Most of my fabric, lace and rusty hearts were supplied by Calico Crafts HERE...

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Playing with my rusting tray and some Andy Skinner stamps.

So I decided to rust up some random paper and material with my rusting tray this week. and one piece of paper tore and looked a bit "tag shaped". it inspired me to get out my new "Andy Skinner" stamps (Available from Calico Crafts); and make a rust and metal eclectic tag.

I have it hanging from a wee metal hanger I have had in my craft stash for about three years... If anyone knows where you can get these in the UK I would love to know.. i love these wee hangers but this is my last one.
Other items used from Calico Crafts:

rusty wire
7 gypsies industrial gears
7 gypsies gem gears
versamagic chalk ink (gingerbread)
treasure gold (gold and pewter)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday is Katelkraft day: ATC wallet: Egypte

 I made this ATC wallet and ATCs to put in it, a little while back but at the time couldnt show it... (hate that lol). but at last I can...
You can find the stamps at Katzelkraft HERE  or in the UK from The craft Barn.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blog Challenge: Calico Crafts

Calico Crafts have a blog challenge and you could win a voucher for the generous sum of £30, to spend in the shop.
The challenge is for Altered art and you have to use some items that calico crafts supply. the theme is "Masculine" as its getting close to fathers day.
Calico Crafts, recently took stock of all sorts of very cool driftwood... planks, disks, large sticks etc etc. Mine arrived this afternoon and within 30 minutes I had opened it and had a play.. made this...

I will probably re-do it with a new word as My dad died a few years ago. so it seems slightly redundant lol, but it helped promote the theme.

the driftwood planks were tied witht he string that they came wrapped in when supplied. free string.. I like...

So on you go.. get making some altered art and be in with a chance of winning a £30 online shopping spree at Calico Crafts.

Supplies used from calico crafts

driftwood planks and discs

rusty hearts
Andy Skinner stamps (crackle effect)
versamagic chalk inks.
stars from 7gypsies Lille stamp set.

My happy news...

I have had to sit with this good news for a while and not tell anyone ... but today its official so, I am allowed to say how happy I am to be a part of "The Artistic Stamper's" creative team....
I got so excited, I have already made my first two projects and have them scheduled on the blog waiting to post lol. (I like to be organised when it comes to design team work... usually make everything at least two weeks in advance so I dont have to worry if I take ill for a week or something.).
I was lucky enough to be a guest designer last year so as I have nothing in the way of crafting done for the artistic stamper,  I can actually show you, then I will pop a couple of reminders of last years work up... (just to fill out the post)


Friday, 18 May 2012

book of curiosities...

I started work on one of the fab book boxes, using graphic45 scrapbook papers. I have found this "Olde curiosity shoppe" range, very inspiring for altered art. And you can make something very impressive with very little effort. cut, distress, glue....So far I have done the front cover and the spine so I thought I would share it and just post more as I make progress.

I cut the lady in two and articulated her with a brad. made her a bit 3D with dimensional tape on her skirt, before sticking her on the front..

well I am back: got the rest of this done in time so here it is. I decided to keep the inside pretty simple, so it can actually be used to put things inside....

I used some of the "large collage sheet" for the surround. I know it doesnt really look like bookpages as you wouldnt see any text, but it still gives a hint to the theme I think.

I also used some bits of 7gypsies collage tissue for what would be the inside cover (the edges that stick out from the box sides.

Supplies from calico Crafts:
Papers HERE
book box HERE
7Gypsies collage tissue HERE
large collage sheet HERE
Versamagic inks HERE (jumbo java to colour the spine and gingerbread to distress the edges of all the collage work)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Seeing is believing: Giving the printers tray an alternate look.

I took all the bits out of the printers tray from last week and gave it a new look. This time it was inspired by the Graphics45 papers and stamps... it has a bit of an "Optical theme" now and is ( I think) still suitable as a masculine themed object. (sticking with Calico Crafts Altered art challenge over on the blog)
Speaking of the challenge on the DT blog... Why not have a go? its for altered art (in keeping with the shop) and you must feature something that calico crafts supplies. The theme is a "masculine"one, in celebration of the fast approaching 'Fathers Day'.... the prize is a voucher to spend, worth £30 !!!! wow.
you can find the challenge by clicking  HERE
And as I cracked open my new stamps to make it, and "Simon says stamp" has a theme of "Anything goes" then I am adding it to their challenge. 

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:

7 gypsies printers tray
Graphics 45 papers
Graphics 45 stamps
little glass vial
7 gypsies industrial gears.

Its a bloke thing: For Calico Crafts

Here is my second "Masculine" themed project for Calico Crafts this month. Focusing on, not just fathers day, but all the men in our lives. Lots of people find male themed things tricky but, with Altered art, I think its much easier than with card making and scrapbooking. I actually prefer it to feminine themes.
this little printers tray was covered  with some lusciously rich looking "vintage decor" papers, then I sanded the papers back a lot to help the piece look aged worn and distressed.  I actually felt reluctant to fill it as it looked so cool with just the distressed paper.

But filling these thing (printers trays, shadow boxes and configuration type items) is the fun part... I used stamped images, primitive labels, apothecary bottles, metal cogs and gears and a few other random bits... the bottles have 7gypsies 'rubbings' as their labels.

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:
7 gypsies shadow tray HERE
Vintage decor paper HERE
glass bottles HERE
7 gypsies hardware gears and cogs HERE
7 gypsies rubbings HERE
7 gypsies paper (for ticket) HERE
primitive labels HERE
the little stamps were cut out from a large sheet of collage paper HERE

Other supplies used:

Stamps By Crafty Individuals
Other hardware from 7 gypsies
metal embellishments from my personal craft stash.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Distressed vintage "ticket" box: masculine item made for Calico Crafts.

There are not many crafting weeks left before the UK Fathers day in June... so this month I hope to be showing some altered art projects that are still vintage and distressed (my usual) but highly suitable for the men in your life. This box could contain a gift to make it more suitable to the hobbies and loves of the recipient. eg: shaving set and aftershave for the well groomed man... shoe polishing kits for the man who likes to be turned out well... spices and preserves for the cook...  etc etc

The large wooden box (from the set of boxes) was altered by, first, giving it a coat of paint. Then I glued on some 7 gypsies papers. When the glue dried, I sanded back all the paper edges to give them an aged worn look. I used my Versamagic chalk inks to add more distressing (gingerbread and turquoise gem).

I continued decorating the lid using a fabulous "vintage label". the label is self adhesive. I glued one of the beautiful metal crowns in the middle and then decorated some wooden numbers, using collage papers and versamagic inks. the rusty star is the finishing touch for the lid....
I added some randomly placed tickets and 'rusty hearts and stars' around the edges then wrapped rusty wire around the whole box.....

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:
Wooden box HERE
7 gypsies papers Camden papers HERE
Vintage label HERE
rusty wire HERE
rusty hearts and stars HERE
crown HERE
wooden numbers HERE
collage paper (For covering the numbers) HERE
versamagic chalk ink HERE

Monday, 7 May 2012

Tuesday is Katzelkraft day....

Tuesday is my Katzelkraft day, so I made this wee trunk for storing interesting cogs and such (so I dont keep finding them on the floor and standing on them).
I used the Da Vinci plates (Here and Here); And of course, UK customers can get theirs directly from "The Craft Barn"....

Friday, 4 May 2012

Rust fairy: Altered Muslin Bunny

I turned one of the little white muslin bunnies in to a rustic, rusty fairy princess. It all started with a rusty tin and a bottle of white vinegar....

The tin has to be rusty to start with or you must pop a few rusty nails etc in to encourage the growth of rust in the vinegar. the longer you leave everything in there, the richer the colour you will get.  I wasn't very patient (I never am) so managed to leave it in there for 6 or 7 hours at the most. I am ashamed of myself. no self restraint. had I managed to leave it for a couple of days  i expect the results would have been richer...
well I didnt so here is how I made her despite under rusting.
I rusted some white linen from a very old table cloth, some strips of lace, the bunny and a lovely crown. once they were out of the vinegar, I rinsed thoroughly and let them dry and pressed them with the iron.

I decorated the linen by stamping stars on it, then turned it in to a little dress  adding the lace and sewing on the little heart buttons (they are sewn on very loosely so the wiggle about when you move the bunny...).
I also made her an underskirt from hessian (burlap) with a linen band along the bottom, stamped with hearts. this helps keep her dress puffed up nicely. I glued on little rusty stars on the hemline too.

I glued the crown to her head, sewed some little rusty bells to her feet and attached a rusty star to her hand...the finishing touch was to attach two large rusty stars to her back to make her rust fairy wings.

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:
Muslin Bunny HERE
lace  HERE
rusty jingle bells    HERE
rusty hearts and stars    HERE
crown  HERE
star stamps from the 7 gypsies Lille set HERE
primitive heart buttons   HERE
elastic  HERE
hessian (burlap)   HERE

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Altered Matchbox: Around the world in 80 days.

I decided to use some of my favourite crafty individuals stamps and make another altered matchbox. I am involved in a swap and have already made two. but i couldnt decide which one to send.. then a customer bought one; and the moment it left the house is the exact same moment I decided I didnt actually like the one I had left, so couldn't POSSIBLY send it to my swap partner. (sods law or something) ..
So I made a new one to send.

Slate tiles: from Calico Crafts.

I got a slate heart from Calico crafts ages ago.. I sort of love natural products so just wanted it. and once I had it, I didnt want to spoil it by doing things to it. however.... since I now have half a dozen slate  roof tiles (courtesy of some high winds and storms) .. i felt i could let go the heart and just get on and play around...  I've tried two styles so far (I only had one tile so i did one style on the front and the other on the back just to see how it worked out.

the first is simply stamped on with moonlight white "brilliance dew drop" ink. the second was coloured using masking tape, the same white dewdrop ink and an ocean blue coloured chalk ink. I used a few stamps from the Lille set... (got distressed cus I seem to have lost the three little stars. i bet they were stuck to my sleeve and I went shopping with it or something) .. anyhoo...  stamped on the slate and added some red and white gingham.
its not exactly "stars and stripes"  but it has a bit of an Americana feel to it.

Slate hearts, lace, ribbon, stamps and inks all available from Calico Crafts.

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

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