Thursday, 1 March 2012

Q: Could it be much simpler? A: Not really .....

I Just received some 7gypsies papers from Calico Crafts.... I love them and i cant possibly scrapbook over them lol. far too pretty to be covered up. So..... as I had some beer mats lying around (new and unused from calico crafts I must add).... I decided to make some coasters.
I made them double sided so if my mood changed i could swap them over. apart from the paper. mats and glue.. I used two colours of Versamagic Chalk inks...

How simple are they.. well
1) glue paper to beermat....
2) glue on a few more bits cut out from the papers for extra interest
3) blend some Versamagic "gingerbread" chalk ink around the edge allowing it to go in by about a centimeter.
4) blend some versamagic "jumbo java" chalk ink around the edges (not allowing it to go in very far at all but simply highlight the edge)
5) varnish.

Do that on both sides making sure one side is dried completely before flipping over to do the other. and that is it.. but so sweet.... its almost a shame to put the coffee cups on them now.


  1. like them...think I might 'borrow' this idea!

  2. do Paula... as lets face it.. i did little.. the papers did the work hehe... BEERMAT SWAP coming up

  3. Love these, especially the 3 on the right, i have those papers and i just stroke them lol

  4. What fantastic papers - luv them!
    hAPPy mARch,

  5. I love these and I have to say I made some a couple of weeks a go they are a fave to make I love your papers too I understand completely ha ha love Dawn xx

  6. Really cool beer mats! And you're right....those wonderful papers don't need anything done to them! <3 Candy

  7. They look beautiful. You could always laminate them to protect against further staining.

  8. thanks Karin.. i may have to as i varnished them.. let it dry for 48 hours then piled the coasters up.. when i tried to show them to a friend later. they had all stuck together and pulling them apart damage, them. this is proper varnish... with 48 hours drying time.. a thin coat.. so thats not good. i may get the laminator out and see.. or maybe some clear stickyback plastic...


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