Monday, 5 March 2012

Hand bound scrap book: for Calico Crafts.

I found a youtube link, showing an easy way to stitch bind a book, last year but can I find that same one again? no...

But i did remember the basics So I gave it a go ( i am going to do a few extra pages and try and show the steps, if I cant find the link for you again, so watch out for that in a few days.).

There are many ways of binding books and I think this stitch was the most basic, but what i liked about it once I had done it, was that, you have a "Proper" notebook at the end of it. one where the pages stay in, there were no book rings and holes needed, and it would make a very professional looking and feeling gift.

This is going to be an ongoing project as i know that even after i fill the pages I will want things dangling off of it, like fabric and charms, fibres and ribbons... I will want pockets in it to peep inside and find interesting little hidden items etc. So I am showing you the first stages today and more will follow from time to time..

For the basic book and cover, I used ready made book covers from 7 gypsies and some cream printer paper. I used the conservatory book covers; they are pretty enough to use as they are but my style is a bit over the top with layers of embellishments and decorations so i needed more added to it. I started with 7 Gypsies rub-ons I used a bird cage and some butterflies. I then added a strip of lace along the edge of the spine and overlapped that with a bit of corrugated card. I took a section from a sheet of K&Co scrapbook paper and used it as a front label. I distressed and tore the edges first and gave it an aged look by rubbing aVersamagic chalk ink along the edges.

I beat up the edges of the book covers using a wee hammer and also coloured them with chalk inks to add age... the lace and corrugated card received the same ink to add age. finally for the front cover, i added two 7 gypsies, metal book corners. Thats all on the cover for now, but I predict more as it develops.

So inside, I have my cream coloured printer paper all folded, cut to size and stitched. the hard cover is glued in to place and I am ready to start making my arty scrapbook. Firstly i age ALL the edges of the pages using my chalk inks ( i think i do this on almost every project I make these days. even the boxes).

I am going to be using a mixture of styles in the book. rubber stamping, collage, art journaling with paints and texture etc. I also want it to be on quite a natual botanic theme ( I think) so i started with supplies from 7 gypsies and K&co as they had some lovely papers etc on the theme.

Page one has been stamped using 7 gypsies Lille stamps and a few bits cut from various scrapbook papers. all the edges of the cut out images were torn and distressed before being glued in over the stamping.

Following on in the same style I built up the next two pages using more scrapbook papers and some items from the K&Co Ephemera packs as well as adding some fake moss for a nice natural feel... To add dimension to the piece of paper with the stick images, I glued on some drift wood sticks. (I took the photo while the glue was still wet lol! I am so impatient)

Already my book is beginning to look and feel ancient and distressed and very eclectic but for me its still not right; I need it to be more interactive.

I will be back in two weeks with more ideas and items added. Until then, please remember, these projects are for your inspiration only. We do not expect anyone to rush off and buy every item on the supply list. We simply hope that one or two elements of each project will give you ideas to incorporate in to your own projects. I hope you have enjoyed my little scrap book so far...

See you soon.

Zuzu x

Supplies Used from Calico Crafts (so far):

7 gypsies Conservatory book covers HERE

7 gypsies conservatory scrapbook papers HERE

7 gypsies "Lille" stamp set HERE

7 Gypsies metal book corners HERE

7 gypsies rubbings HERE

K&Co Flora and fauna papers HERE

K&Co Flora and Fauna Ephemera pack HERE


Versamagic chalk inks in "gingerbread" "jumbo java" HERE


Drift wood HERE


  1. I love this I might try something like it for Mothers Day
    Jacquie x

  2. Greetings!

    I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I just finished a post on my blog about making a nature diary where I included a picture and link to your blog. If you want me to remove the picture and link just let me know and I'll take them down immediately.

    I have been following your blog for some time now and am planning on making and binding my own book like your tutorial above - hope it turns out as beautiful as yours did!

    Hope all is well in your world, and thanks for the inspiration! Mici.

    1. thats no problem and I am really pleased you were polite enough to inform me. (makes all the difference).
      also, thank you for the very kind words. good luck with your journal.
      Z x


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