Thursday, 30 June 2011

ARTChix quickie:

This isnt a very clever or complex item but I thought I would share it anyway.
A group I am in has an art lottery regularly. We have to always include an ARTChix product in each piece and the next theme is based on "sewing"...
I pretty much hate sewing therefore I dont much like it as a theme to work with. but I found a way around it (I think)...I had a little pack of miniature wooden cotton-reel bobbins. So I stained them, cut sections of ARTChix images to glue around them then I glossed them. SO they sort of look like shiny beads now.
I also used some of ARTChix little metal roses and one of ARTChix little wooden hummingbirds to hang on to bits of chain and make a handbag charm.
I hope it fits the bill OK...

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Design team Combo and another domino book.

Realistically, who among us makes our art using only one brand? Nobody really unless you are on a design team and have to.
When left to my own devices I like to mix and match like everyone else so this domino book isnt made as a design team piece BUT it features items from two of my design team companies. Katzelkraft and ARTChix.

Its made for craft lottery on a yahoo group I am in that celebrates all things ARTChix. the theme was "Good fortune" which for some reason conjures up oriental for me. I used my Katzelkraft bird stamp to decorate the front again as I have in the past. same stamp same colours same look. Only this time the inside is decorated with ARTCix collage images. its from a digital sheet which meant i could print it out the size I wanted.other than that its some random text and to add the good fortune to it, I added some Chinese luck coins. I added the lucky number 7 as i have run out of the oriental lucky 8 lol.

Sick of Egypt yet? An adventurers domino book. Designed for Katzelkraft

Again, its something I have made for the craft fair so there isnt a lot to say about it. Its another domino book, which I make a lot of (But they sell well lol). I am so in love with the Katzelkraft Egypt stamps, that I can see me making quite a lot of Egypt themed things for the craft fair at the end of the month.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Travel box (altered wooden box)

Not a lot to say really as its all pretty straightforward and not very original. I have a craft fair soon so I am just making things like mad and this happened to get churned out tonight. It looks a bit milky because the varnish hasn't dried yet lol (impatient person that I am)

Monday, 27 June 2011

Ancient Egypt Journal: SSSAS

Well I am back in my comfort zone. ditched the card making and decided to make something a bit random, distressed (obviously lol ) and aged looking.
I am still using the Ancient Egypt themed stamps that arrived at the end of last week from Katzelkraft. I have made a little journal type thing from grungeboard and reclaimed bits and bobs, many of them given to me by my friend Jo who really "gets" what this altered art is all about even though she doesn't do it herself ...yet ;)As this little book has several stamped words on it I would like to enter it in to "Simon Says Stamp and Show", as their theme is "show a word" this week.

Wooden heart... Or is it rust? (Designed for Calico crafts)

This Large wooden heart,has been altered with the rust paint effect. its intention is to invoke a sense of something mechanical left out in the garden for an age to rust over, then along comes the ivy growing across it and then that's followed by birds nesting etc. its a little bit whimsical.

Items available from Calico Crafts:

Large wooden heart.
Small rusty hearts
Steampunk clock and gears pendant charm
Mixed clock parts.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Box Full Of Egypt: For Katzelkraft.

Yes More Egypt. I'm like a dog with a bone when i get a new stamp set... Anyway as its mostly boxes and dominoes I sell it stands to reason I would HAVE to make a box, using the tissue paper technique. I am also back to the aged and distressed look. (More my thing)...
This Stamp set is available HERE from Katzelkraft.

Back to Basics.Designed for Katzelkraft

Those who know me will know I have a tenancy for going over the top with ageing, distressing and embellishing. On top of that I am not really a stamper as I am more in to making altered art. I do use a lot of stamping in my altered art but its not the same as "Being a stamper". Cards and scrapbooks are out of my zone yet I started out as a card maker. So I decided to make myself go back to basics with this and do the simplest mat and layer ever and hopefully producing a super speedy yet clean cut graphic card. (no aging distressing or embellishments! I have to go get a can of Cola now to calm my nerves.)
Its using the "Egypt" Set from Katzelkraft again (as featured below) and if you are wondering why there is an E at the end of Egypt on the card, this is why; they are a French company.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Papyrus themed cards:Designed for Katzelkraft.

Nearly squealed when the post arrived today as my new design team stamps from Katzelkraft arrived and among them was the brand new Egyptian plate. Egyptology is a huge love of mine so I was really keen to have a little try out with them. So I made a card (Good lord "I" made another card)....
The Set is simply called Egypt and you can find it HERE from Katzelkraft. Customers in the UK can get Katzelkraft stamps exclusively from the Craft Barn.
the first card has a lovely Vintage metal style pendant charm on it but you don't need to have one of those as the stamp set has a beautiful mask to stamp out as seen below. (It stamps out very crisp and clear).
This card is really easy to play around with by shifting the elements around a little.
Its safe to say I love this new stamp set. I have more plans for it but I am waiting on an order of some cool bits arriving from the states before i can get on with it.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

rust (really? surely not?) yes yes MORE rust lol

So yes its another rusted project. (But I love rust lol)
We had a "Tag Swap" on the Katzelkraft design team. However we were to do our own style and no need to stamp or use the team stamps. So of course I went for chunky and rusty. Aided by the fact I drew Neil's name, so i was allowed to make it a bit more masculine too :)
Happy as a pig in the proverbial...This has been made using one of Tim Holtz manilla tags, a piece of card with a book page cut in to a tag shape to match (only longer) and a piece of corrugated card cut in to the tag shape and the longest part. So they all match at the top but are graduated at the bottom. the manilla tag has ARTChix eco card gears glued on then the rusting paint technique painted over. after that its just a selection of eclectic bits n bobs really. The main feature being a drawer pull (taken to bits) and added top and bottom (thank you for that Gillian.. must find more of these).
I am entering it in to Zoe and Sam's challenge JUST FOR FUN as their theme is steampunk (thanks for the heads up Zoe x). I could probably enter every second object I make for a steampunk theme these days :)
thank you for looking

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More of the same: Another rusty box...

Since getting out my Iron based paint and rust activator I have been painting and rusting everything in sight. Its very addictive as I love rust as a colour and theme and the wonderful colours you find on rusted metal. so here is yet another box i seem to have decided could be found lurking in the possession of Captain Nemo. (only because its got a hint of steampunk and a hint of an ocean theme. The cogs / gears are made of card and are from ARTChix. The box itself is from the Craft barn.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Mini book of nature: Designed for Katzelkraft. (Simon Says stamp and show Metal)

This little Hard card book is 3inches square. It came in a large cupboard type box that i have begun to alter and it had a total of 12 little books in it. This is the start of book one. "The little book of nature". It will feature flowers, birds, butterflies, leaves, dragonflies etc. So far i have done the cover and 4 out of the 8 pages.Stamps used are all from Katzelkraft. Customers in the UK can purchase them from the Craft Barn.

So far I have used:
Oiseaux KTZ41

Butterflies 04

Vinci Vitruve

This piece has metal corners, metal butterfly antenna, gold metal polish, metallic gold paper , metal dragonfly and metal luck coin so I feel its metally (not a word), enough to enter in to Simon Says Stamp and Show "Show some metal" :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Designed for ARTChix: Rusty Steampunk style box.

I got these cool "eco embellishment gears" from Helga at ARTChix and used them to decorate a plain light wood box. Firstly I glued the eco shapes on to the box, then i painted over the whole thing with Iron based paint followed by a rust activator. once it was dry I attached the larger metal objects, gave it another coat of the paint and rust activator and all done. I will put a protective Varnish coat on it tomorrow when it has dried.

And for Jill who left a comment asking for a "before" picture... here is the blank box. I got this from the Craft Barn...

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Crafty Individuals June Challenge.

Its time for the Crafty Individuals Blog Challenge again. Doesn't the month go quickly? This months theme is "Vintage" with the added component that there must be at least one heart included in the piece. As usual your entries must have at least one crafty individuals product in it.

The piece I have altered here, is a frame with a hook, supplied by Calico Crafts and the Crafty Individuals stamp is the bird cage stamp CI-301...

The piece I made and sent to Jean at Crafty Individuals in advance for this theme was the wooden carrier bag box I blogged a few days ago. This used the classic stamp CI-056... and the rusty hearts (large on the sides small on the front) are from Calico Crafts.

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...