Saturday, 26 March 2011

Craft fair fun today.

My friend Gillian and I had a stall at a craft fair in aid of Friends of The Earth today. A lot of you emailed wishing us luck and asking for a report so here it is :

It was a good day and what a lot of nice crafters. We Thankfully did very well but i heard a lot of people there saying it was an awful slow day and they hadn't sold anything so they wanted table money refunded. It was for a charity so I am not sure that was very good form :( , but as Gillian and I were way past the £200 mark with a third of the day to go still, I felt I shouldn't really judge.
I don't know what you think but when you give a charity money for a stall then you just have to take your chances, and too bad if you sell nothing. You cant take your money back, its like backing a horse that loses and saying you changed your mind after the race and asking the bookie for your money back, only worse as its a CHARITY!!

Anyway back to the positives lol (can you tell that made me mad!)
Both of us were Also approached by a shop owner, "Louise Pringle of Eclectic Shock" nominated for Scottish fashion accessory designer of the year, who took a lot of our stuff to sell in her shop and she wants more (mostly jewellery) so thank goodness i made those extra 20 domino necklaces the week before LOL. She has listed my things under "hand made finds" category.

I will share some of the great "crafters" we found there in a future post as there was some really cool folksy sellers and non folksy sellers. thanks again for the nice emails this week and today.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Something Simple.

So I have this craft stall on Saturday that will be a regular thing so I've been trying to make a variety of things for it. some are large and complex so pricey but I wanted little cheap pocket-money sized items too. I made these really quick simple domino fridge magnets Using Katzelcraft stamps and crafty individual stamps.

Friday, 18 March 2011

old watchmakers cabinet. Designed For Katzelkraft.

My first set of stamps arrived form Katzelkraft, so i got stuck in and made a little key-cabinet. the cabinet is from the craft barn who also stock Katzelcraft stamps. I have used two of the stamps from the sheet, Tampons décoratifs Sablier.(the craft barn link for this set for folks in the UK is HERE) I used the little clocks around the frame and the vintage advertisement for the main centre piece and the sides.

to make this i simply coloured with mica sprays (cosmic shimmers , glimmer mists etc) then i stamped the images on to tissue paper. glued them on and gave them a distressed look. aged the whole thing using sandpaper and walnut glimmer mist.

I added some cogs and watch parts and gave the cabinet a handle to make it resemble a carriage clock. it has gold gilt polish rubbed in to the edges and some raised parts as well as some Dresden / German scrap decorating the outer edges. the scarp was gold but i added highlights using alcohol inks and blending solution.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Domino Giveaway

The domino Designed for Crafty individuals that i offered in the give-away is going to number ONE. well there you go, the early bird does catch the worm. The corosponding comment came from Tracy Evans (craft addicts). if you would like to email your postal address to me tracy I can get it sent off. email me at

Thank you all for taking part. :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

A day of Working with crafty individuals.

Last week I had a whole day of crafting to myself. I made a lot of design team pieces for my various commitments and here are the items I made for Crafty Individuals.

The First one is a little textured box which was also part of my Tutorials on Altered boxes... This used the stamp CI-o56

Second is a Microscope slide ornament using one of crafty individuals printed images of trees for slide mailers.
Lastly, a little bird themed domino made using a section of the Crafty Individuals stamp CI-301

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Working With ARTChix: Vintage Mini Canvas.

A nice little bundle of stuff arrived from ARTChix on Thursday... I have to say I LOVE that German/Dresden Scrap Border. I have been glueing it to everything. it colours up so easily with alcohol inks or gilt wax polish, Inka golds etc. And with The Images ARTChix have, you dont really have to do much work to get a lovely result.
This little Canvas took 30 mins or less. Simply glue the image on to canvas. take an old book page and tear back an opening to show the image through. roll the edges back. glue it in place. Ink or polish the German scrap to desired colour and glue round the borders of the canvas. Add desired embellishments, distress or age with sprays or inks etc... and hey presto.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Not So 'Gothic' Arch (Designed for Happy Daze and Peggy)

Well I am doing a swap with a friend from over the sea in the USA... and She asked if we could exchange a 'Gothic arch'. Those of you who know me well will know i am not so great with paper and card type items. I don't do 4x4s birthday cards, postcards and so forth. They just 'go wrong' somehow, even though that's how I started out.
Anyway I dutifully cut out arch after arch of stiff card and decorated it... hmmmm!! It really didnt go well at all. I began to dispair at my flat card blind spot so emailed Peggy and explained my trouble and made an agreement to send some kind of item that was in some way linked to an arch of some kind (vague lol). thankfully she was agreeable so with a sigh of relief i decorated a wooden arch from Happy Daze... (thank you Moira).
Stock used from Happy daze:

the wood arch
Paperbag studio stamp "on the porch"
F is a weathered wood Alpha
bronze blush cosmic shimmer mist
alcohol ink Stream
Inka gold hematite
Inka gold old gold
The F is for friendship and the wings are to signify long distance friendship and its ability to span across the globe.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

40,000 Visitors (little give-away thank you)

Well my counter just clicked over to the 40,000 mark.
I want to thank you all for turning up and an especially BIG thank you to those of you who have become regular supporters and email me etc.

To say thank you I am going to give away the altered domino shown above to someone. just leave a comment, I will number the comments in the order they were made (only counting each person once) and I will get the random number generator to pick a winner. No buttons to push or bells to ring so no need to follow the blog or add the news to yours.
Don't worry if your comment doesn't show right away. i have the moderator on so they wont show till i have given them the OK. (it was to combat some internet troll type comments being left anonymously).
Closing date Tuesday 15th March midnight. (UK Time)

Monday, 7 March 2011

steampunk fairy Domino...

I made this while preparing for some of my tutorials. we are doing steampunk jewellery this week and although this isnt one of the pieces i made I just loved it. I put it in my shop to sell but i am sort of hovering over the "delist" button. I think I might want to keep it LOL.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Happy Daze Bi-weekly challenge

Happy Daze is now holding a challenge every two weeks and there is a £15 voucher up for grabs.
Simply post your art on their facebook wall to be entered. You can enter a maximum of three pieces per person. you have to use at least one item (or more) that happy Daze shop supplies on your pieces, whether its inks or stamps or embellishments.
The current challenge is "shades of Blue". A nice easy theme as you can make anything you like as long as its blue. you have up until the 19th of march to enter. Good Luck :)

Items used from Happy Daze:

little wooden box

Paper bag Studio stamp
Tim Holtz Corners
Crown charm
inka gold; Hematite
Aqua laggon Cosmic shimmer
crafters pick ultimate glue.

Arch shrine : Working with crafty individuals.

Using the new Post Card Stamp CI- 302 and the text stamp CI-141 in from crafty individuals.

There is a fab offer on at the Crafty Individuals store right now (WHILE STOCKS LAST) with every order made you will get two exclusive crafty individual designed badges from a selection of 4. they are very lovely and wearable as is or could be added to some wonderful altered art.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Alter it monthly: Time (working with crafty individuals.)

This is my time themed piece for Alter it monthly this month, using the stamp late CI-305 from crafty individuals. ( i am a little addicted to this stamp plate lol).. the little vine border stamp is also from crafty individuals.

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...