Monday, 28 February 2011

swaps and stuff...(Working with ARTChix)

finishing up some pieces for swaps, commissioned pieces and the likes. I had a large list so took some time yesterday and today to get some of it done. Still finishing off some... but here is sunday and mondays work... the two collaged pocket watch cases have been made using ARTChix collage elements such as , collage images, German scrap, Paris charms, metal roses etc.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Katzelkraft Design team

I was happily accepted on to the Katzelkraft Design team. ( I admit there was panic at first but all the details have been ironed out and its all going well). Katzelkraft are a French based company specialising in art stamps. they have other supplies available also.
Its going to be fun working with the rest of the design team as my French is poor but we are muddling along with my basic french and their somewhat more able English. We also have a lovely Dutch lady (Jolande) who has to speak in a second language by default as nobody else speaks Dutch. lol
looking forward to choosing my stamps and getting stuck in.

Friday, 18 February 2011


More of the same from me. same ideas different colours or designs etc... working towards a craft fair next month.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Correspondence Workshops / Tutorials

Adding up the emails I received and the comments left so far I have 20 interested parties to date. Not everyone will be ready to start at the same time so starting date will be completely open ended and ongoing. You start when you are ready and go at your own pace.

And from the subjects being asked for I have come up with a plan for two online emailed workshops with private forum support. Today I do the dull part...I have to go see the employment office to talk about extra earnings and tax.. Blah! Lol... but I have taken the time to draw out plans for you and to show to them.

So if you are interested, simply email me telling me your chosen workshop, and I will give you my Paypal details.

Looking forward to working with you.

Z x

What’s Involved?

The online workshops will be sent as emails with step by step image attachments, or word documents with step by step images in place between the text, sent by email. (I will need to know which version of word you have if this is the format you want.)

As mentioned above, there is also a private (closed to the public) support forum. If you choose to register, you will be able to ask me as many questions as you like if you’re stuck or need alternatives to items mentioned in the tutorial... you can get support from other participants and swap ideas, and there will be a gallery section for each subject for you to share your progress if you wish.

I will also discuss supplies and sourcing and how to think of and use alternatives if you don’t have the exact item or materials needed.

The workshops will be titled as follows:

Altered Jewellery: £15 (payment by paypal only)

Altered boxes: £15 (payment by paypal only)

Altered Jewellery will include tutorials for three pieces. (4 to 6 emails) available from 1st March

1)An altered domino (that you can turn in to a pendant or brooch)

2)An altered pocket watch case

3)And one steampunk piece

Altered Boxes will include; (4 to 6 emails) available from 1st March

1)A simple alteration using colour, ribbon and text ( like my simple cheese boxes)

2)Simple stamping and inking to decorate a box ( with embellishments if you wish)

3)A less simple but yummy, deeply textured and layered treasure chest.

Below are some examples of the type of items we will be looking at:(these are not the exact items but a sample of the styles)

Altered boxes
Simple colouring, ribbon and text;
Simple Colouring stamping and embellishing;
Ornate deep textured Treasure chest;
Altered Jewellery:
Altered Domino

Altered Pocket-watch case
Steampunk themed item;

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Correspondence Workshops /tutorials anyone?

A dear friend of mine, who sadly lives in a different country, asked me if I would consider doing a set of tutorial / lessons for her via email giving instructions and step by step images, for a small fee. She has looked at a few on-line craft and art courses and kindly said shed really like to hear some of my hints. I offered to do it free but she refused to accept them for nothing.

We have agreed to pick a project then do it a step at a time on a weekly basis (shes working so doesn't want to do too much at once). she is going to pay for the full project.

I am now curious to know if anyone else would like to join in? I have to do the project, write the instructions and take the photos anyway so may as well offer it to any other interested parties.

The general idea will be a weekly email with detailed images and instructions.probably about 6 weeks long maybe more depending on the project . Payment made in either one lump sum or two halves via paypal.the cost will be about £15 ( i think thats around $20 US), details yet to be worked out. There will be a private internet forum opened for paying participants to go and leave questions. share images of progress and get some extra support.

we haven't actually picked a project to work on so any input would be happily accepted. I am also open to doing smaller one of projects that may only consist of between one and three steps for a smaller fee.

So if your interested either leave a comment here or email me at and let me know
a) that your interested
b) what project you are interested in doing with me.

Friday, 11 February 2011

New Stamps From Crafty Individuals.

Well I was pleasantly surprised when the postman arrived with an envelope full of stamps from Crafty individuals. Naturally i was drawn to the very steampunk themed clock set, but i cant wait to try out the postcard floral stamp and a lovely birdcage collage. (amongst others). so i opened the clock / steampunk one right away and made one of my little ipod nano boxes (or cuff-links box) to replace the one i sold on folksy at the begining of the week.
this box has only used small sections of the images on the stamp. if i had had a larger box i would have loved to have the whole images to show you.
I am not sure when this stamp will be available to buy as I dont see it in the store this second, but i am sure it will be there soon...Don't forget... there is a wonderful FREE stamp offer for all orders over £28 before postage In the Crafty Individuals Store right now. Don't miss out. its a beautiful steampunk butterfly collage stamp.

couple of altered pocket watches:

One is a commission for someone whos going to a steampunk fancy dress party. The other was something i made on a whim from vintage monopoly pieces and nautical charms and have put in to my folksy shop to sell.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Key to My Heart. Designed for ARTChix:

This box uses images from ARTChix collage sheets inside two microscope slides and some Dresden scrap embellishments (also from ARTChix). Other than that its all just paint technique to get the distressed look and 4 little copper filigree flowers. Very simple.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Butterfly frame.(and FREE stamp offer)

Well this started as a project for Craft stamper (on behalf of crafty individuals) but it just didnt go well at all (in my view) from the perspective of showing the stamp of at its best. the frame is way too big for the stamp i wanted to use(CI-296). So its gone through a metamorphosis. it started very dark in the middle...
This Stamp is being sent out FREE with every order over £28 (before postage) for a short time. Don't miss out.
I didnt like it lol so i took it to bits and made it light in the middle.. but realised much as the frame it's self was nice enough, it didnt fit the size of the stamp... i had just made a bad choice
SO... I took the middle out altogether and decided to use just the butterfly part. ( I have made a separate item for craft stamper which i can not show you until its in the magazine. )

Artchix pendants and slides

Well i decided to make a few items with some of my ARTChix collage images Helga kindly sent along with my last order... the images are so lovely that really I didnt have to do anything to them other than put them in their frames.... Here are two pendants, a Domino and three microscope slides. those little metal roses can also be found at ARTChix

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Shrine and Alter it monthly.

Well despite being the owner and organiser of Alter it monthly, I was very lax and dint get an example made on time for the return of the challenge. its shrines, altars, dreamboxes and nichos this month. Anyway, I made one tonight. better late than never so they say LOL .....

its more of a shadow frame.
the frames can be bought at the Artistic stamper.

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...