Saturday, 30 October 2010

Things to Do when the internet goes down.

Well there was quite a large broadband outage in the UK (mostly Scotland) for over 12 hours.. and it was from late afternoon through to mid morning next day.. I am an internet junkie so I was freaking out lol.. so what did I do at 2am when i couldn't sleep? The same thing any normal sane person would do... I got out my melt pot and some steampunk stuff. :)

Friday, 22 October 2010

Enchanted Microscope slide. Designed For the Altered Element.

A quicky from me as i was a bit bored and decided to make something. This is a very very simple Altered Microscope slide. Take your slide and colour it with alcohol inks on the reverse of the glass. I used Stream , Rust and Metallic Pearl Mixative. I then flipped over the slide glass and stamped the word magic on it randomly using black Stazon.
The next stage was to get out the Ranger melt art melt pot ( my new best friend) and melt up some UTEE and I added a touch of cosmic shimmers thick embossing crystals in copper. I carefully edged the glass microscope slide with the melted UTEE to give it a leading /stained glass effect.After that i simply had to attach my embellishments... I added a corner embellishment at the top and bottom and hung some reclaimed chain I got from a broken necklace from them. Then I added the Vintaj brass Fairy and two of the little man in the moon charms.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Rose and dragonfly Trinket box. Designed for Happy Daze.

This is a simple small wooden cheese box painted in two layers.. distressed and then some sparkly ribbon attached.. what makes it special are the roses on top, with their deep layered frosting. These are By Prima "Belles artes scribe" and I got mine from Happy Daze. The light dusky green paint was allowed to dry and then a silver Dabber was dragged over it.. and rubbed off in patches to give a distressed shabby chic look.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Quick Make. For Happy Daze...

Moira at Happy Daze, sent me some little Snowflake charms. They were for use on a project that will be in Decembers Craft Stamper ( available early November), but I had a few left over.

So here is a VERY quick and VERY Easy make... But I hope you will agree... very effective.
Wine Glass Charms look wonderful on a festive table setting, and adds a wonderful touch.

Simply thread the charms and some Beads (these were some random ones I had in the bottom of a tub off of a broken necklace) on to a sturdy piece of jewellery wire, cut to size... form into a circle ( I used a paint dauber bottle to get an accurate curve but you can use something that suits the style and size of glass you want to use). I just made to little hooks on each end by curving the wire so I can hook them around the glass.

Folksy For Christmas

Been making Tags to sell in My folksy shop . Not complex but very relaxing. There is now glitter everywhere ( I knocked over the tub so my carpet is very festive even after vacuuming.) . the tags only take a few minutes each. The Stamps are from:
Happy Daze, : Praying Angel By Lost Coast Designs.
Crafty Individuals: CI - 136

Friday, 15 October 2010

Enchanted garden: Designed for "the Altered Element"

My second "Enchanted" Piece is much less supernatural and dark and a bit more magical fairy land. I got one of the Wooden Icons from the Altered Element and turned it in to a magic garden type shrine or desk top alter.
It couldn't have been simpler (trust me it was all slap blosh with glue and zapping with a heat gun.)Firstly, I covered the whole shrine in treasure gold, let it dry for a bit then buffed it up with a dry cloth ( known as whatever i was wearing at the time). Although drying is not necessary it buffs up nicer if you wait. Next, attached the image. I then applied Golden gel medium randomly around the outside of the image and tore strips of fusible film to attach to it by sticking to the Gel Medium and blasting with a heat-gun, (Linda Baldock's famous "Heat the crap out of it"technique. lol).Use the heat gun on it for as long as you like. I like it to bubble burst and holes to appear... I used more than one colour of film and applied in layers till I was happy with the look. I rubbed some treasure gold over some of the raised bits, (just a touch here and there) and all i did then was glue on trinkets and charms i have collected over the years. a lot of it reclaimed from broken jewellery. ( I tend to use glossy accents to glue on things like that.).The other side had a light coat of white paint put over the gold then rubbed off in Patches. Stamped on my phrase ( I am not really a stamper and i think it shows lol) and then added embossing powders and more little beads and things around the edge. Another rub over with Treasure gold in patches and added my filigree finding (courtesy of Gillian) .
I didn't bother to take a photo of the back as its plain gold and the same quote stamped on the front. that's all.
The Image is by Crafty Individuals ( from their Christmas pad)
Any questions at all, and i will happily do me best to give a useful answer. Just email me.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Halloween Place card: Designed for Happy Daze.

Moira at Happy Daze sent me two of these little cubes. I made one in to a Christmas ornament last week... This week I have made the other in to a name place card for Halloween. If your having a dinner party, these make great little decorations to show the guests where to sit... I have TRICK OR TREAT on one side and the guests name on the other. ( now I need a whole set as i need to make some for Christmas... lol )

Items Used from Happy Daze:

Small alterable block
Distress ink ; Spiced Marmalade
Distress embossing powder; Black Soot
Rubber stamp: By Lost Coast; American Gothic Party.
Rubber Stamp : By Lost Coast; Flag stone.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Steampunk pendant:Lucky 8

Had a go with my new Melt pot, and the technique Ginger showed me in the summer. this is a slightly more masculine version.. might make a good key fob or something as I cant see many men wearing a thing that chunky around their necks :)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Curse Box : Designed for "the Altered Element"

Here it is! My FIRST Design Team piece for The Altered Element. Its a Curse Box. (Inspired by my favourite TV show Supernatural). A curse box is a strong magical protection box that can safely contain curses and evil magic out of harms way.
I have used two treasure chests; One large and one small. The Small one is adorable and I may need more of these to fill with small Christmas treats.The large chest was painted with a dark slate grey paint and then using golden gel medium as an adhesive, I attached randomly torn strips of Fusible film. to set the film in place, i brushed on a coating of gel medium in the areas i wanted to cover, then used a heat gun to heat the film straight on to the box. I heat and heat till the film melts and bubbles and holes appear. It gives a nice texture and distressed melted on look.
I used some treasure gold to highlight some areas. I used the classic gold and the copper. I hung a chain with rusted charms around it and attached some decorations. (The Butterfly is a Vintaj Brass one. ) I then stood it on the Ranger Idea-ology Foundations.I covered the inside with book pages from an old Copy of Sir Walter Scott's "The Talisman" (with a spooky Bloody Mary tearing out from behind it). Then i added lots of little interesting magical looking bits 'n' bobs.I put a large Scrying Crystal in to the small treasure chest wrapped in velvet (its really from an old chandelier and was given to me by carol). The chest was painted with dark blue and glitter gold paints. I also added some potion bottles in various shapes and sizes (the altered element have a selection of little bottles and Vials.)...And there you have it.
Any Questions, then do not hesitate to email me.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Happy Daze Design Team piece

Moira from Happy Daze Sent me a couple of cute little hard card blocks to alter from her shop Happy Daze.

Items supplied by Happy Daze.
Alterable Block.
Versa magic Dewdrop chalk ink ( turquoise Gem )

Stamp - Praying angel by lost coast.

Stamp - Sheet music by Scroll Works
Stazon black ink.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Mixed Media Monday. Shrines, Nichos, Alters and Icons...

I am guest designer on MIXED MEDIA MONDAY this week and i have chosen the theme "Shrines!"

Wither its a folding Icon type shrine made of card, a Shrine laid out on a rock or a bedroom dresser or something more solid with a niche hollowed out, I love them.
I like opening, unfolding or peering in at whatever is to be found.
As a teen I was never one for following rock bands but boy did my older sister have one impressive shrine laid out on her dresser for David Cassidy.
Ive seen some amazing religious shrines from grand stone carvings, to items left by locals in the nook of a tree in Mexico.
Or maybe your more into something like a Tri-fold cards and ATC icon shrines., or metal Mexican folk art nichos... desk top shrines... Or maybe on your travels you've taken some cool photography of a historical shrine or religious shrine... The possibilities are endless.

I would love to see what your idea of a mixed media shrine or nicho is.

Here, I have used a papier Mache Torso and cut a door in to it so i could make a torso shaped nicho dedicated to my love of all things steampunk.

Good luck and Happy creating..

Torso,peacock feathers, game spinners, watch parts and some of the cogs, available at The Altered Element

Friday, 1 October 2010

Alter It Monthly.

This month at alter it monthly there is an Ethereal incorporeal type of theme, I Love Autumn and all that it brings. Halloween, fireworks, my sons birthday and my birthday, its a good time for us. So i made an Autumn spirit / nymph.
She used to be a blob of greyish concrete I found in a derelict garden, but i used the "modern Masters Iron paint and rusting solution" to make her fit in with the autumn colours of rusts and coppers and golds. As well as adding rusted and crackle copper leaves to her base I have given her wings of bark from a tree branch that had fallen in the woods behind my house. To finish her off shes got a crown made from a gold twig (fake) and some VINTAJ Brass dragonflies and butterflies. As well as the autumn nymph I HAD to make a litle halloween piece as I LOVE Halloween. It's a wooden cheese box altered with Spiced marmalade and soot distress inks then sprayed with harvest orange glimmer mists. I painted some paper flowers and leaves black and sprayed them with the harvest orange glimmer mists too. Stamped the word "boo" around the side a few times and stuck on black lace, black feathers and clear gems. The skull is grungeboard and was sent to me By linda Balldock 2 years ago. ( thank you Linda)
PS there is a prize to be had if you take part in the challenge on Alter It Monthly.

BB's Cigar Box

Finally finished altering a cigar box for a Swap we are doing on My forum.. this one is for BB ....

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...