Thursday, 30 September 2010

Altered Element design team

I just got word last night that i made it on to the altered Element Design team, along with my two long time friends and fellow DT members on Alter It Monthly.. Carol Fox ( Ginger) and Gillian Simson. I was THRILLED to get chosen but I have to admit, not having to give condolences to my two buddies really was not just the icing on the cake, but positively the cherry on the top.

I am now Looking forward to creating for Alter it Monthly, Happy Daze and The Altered Element each month.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Spoon For Minxy...

My Forum / Crafting buddy has been unwell so I wanted to send her a little something to let her know the forum was thinking about her...
I altered a spoon... I'm not feeling too happy with the photo as I'm sure it looks quite attractive in real life... less so in the photo...

Monday, 13 September 2010

MeltPot lesson from Ginger part 2 & MMM

I really had been wanting to see what can be done with a melt pot and UTEE for a long time and My lessons with ginger continued. Still in awe of the melt pot and now becoming aware of HOW much I need one.
After teaching me the Faux leading, Ginger showed me the technique of pouring the UTEE out in to a frame on top of a rubber stamp to get a great embossed surface (or is it de-bossed?).

Again Ginger supplied most of everything except the dragonfly (including the all too precious cogs) the UTEE has touches of Inkagold paint burnished over it.. I got to take it home with me. it was like going to a real life class demo lol... And Because this is something I have been gagging to try for ages and at last got to, I am entering it for Mixed Media Monday this week.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Folksy Friday.(a bit late)

Its Friday again and time to share a few of my favourite things from Folksy. I decided that as the theme on alter it monthly is RUST I would choose rusty things from folksy to share with you. I hope it encourages you to look at Folksy and all the talent selling great items in there.
Click on the photos to link to each artist.
This is Rufus, the trusty rusty Dog By WonkyWorks

Driftwood and rust clock by Reclaimed time
This Beautiful Photographic print of a sea rusted Can is by Joanna Boys Photography.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Melt pot lessons from ginger

Please click on image for detail.
I haven't got a melt pot so, on my annual visit to my friend ginger's she showed me how to use hers. My first piece here is Faux leading on glass. I used two glass slides ( ginger's) and some images (ginger's) sandwiched them together and then under instruction from Ginger I sealed them together with UTEE straight from the melt pot. I decided then and there I HAD to get one for my Christmas LOL. anyway I then added some filigree corner embellishments and bent them around the glass (those were actually mine LOL ) and ginger gave me some chain. I also added a butterfly (also mine) and some pearls (gingers). I was then very generous and gave it to Ginger as a gift. LOL not so generous was it, as it was nearly ALL her stuff ....

Monday, 6 September 2010

Faux Rust trinket box... Mixed Media Monday

Please Click on the image to see better detail.

The theme over at Alter it Monthly is Rust... Now I cant take part as I am the creator of Alter it monthly, and a member of the design team, but I still LOVE the theme.

I dont like using chemicals much (plus I cant get hold of many) and I really wanted to know how to get a nice rust look without using them. Plus I have lots of cardboard and wooden boxes id like to make look like rusted metal things. SO I decided to experiment with paint effects to try and get a bit of a rusty look.
This is a round wooden trinket box...Take off hinges and catches before you start...
Firstly I used a metallic paint on the box and allowed it to dry so that any future patches in the rust effect would show metal underneath...
next I painted on some terracotta acrylic paint mixed with sand.. and dried it using a heat gun full blast. this made the paint bubble up and go all bumpy and lumpy... also in a few places the bubbles burst leaving a hole that the metal paint showed through in.
Next stage was adding alcohol ink... I used Rust (oddly enough lol) and butterscotch. i Just sprinkled it on and spread it around with my fingers. I am sure there are other ways.. While it was still wet i sprinkled on patches of black distress embossing powder, as when i studied a real rusty item it seemed to be speckled with articles of black... then heated it again with a heat gun. I dusted on a little green perfect pearls in places. and that was that...

It looks ok. Ive added rusted paper to the top and around the side and some cogs and embellishments. I used gold, copper and indigo gilt waxes in places too just randomly.

Mixed media Monday has warm it up (warm colours) as the theme... i think rust is a very warm colour so i am adding it.

The Other Metal Bracelet.

The Steampunk Jewellery swap with Ginger and Gillian was arranged so that we all got one from everyone else, so we all made two items each. this is my second item. I don't know which is for ginger and which is for Gillian but I hope they wont mind either way. Pictures are of the front.. the back.. and then the two bracelets together.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Metal bracelet

I'm doing a steampunk Jewellery swap with my two friends Gillian and Ginger... This is my first piece.....

Folksy Friday:

Folksy what? I hear you cry!
Folksy is the UK based online resource full of shops selling hand crafted items and craft supplies. Its like an ebay for artisans. Anyway some bloggers, who also have shops in folksy, take part in whats called folksy Friday where you show some of your favourite things for sale in there by OTHERS.. not yourself.
You know I love steampunk so I decided for my first Folksy Friday post, I would feature some other steam punk items by other sellers.

Made By Steampunk Storm

Made By Comedaygoday

Made By Ginger's Altered Bits

Made By Johnny Dog Designs

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September: Alter it Monthly and Vintage Supply Co.

Alter it Monthly have Teamed up with the Vintage Supply Company to bring you this months theme Rust. By Taking part this month you can be entered in to the random draw to win $15 to spend in the Vintage Supply Co's Etsy Shop, where you will find all sorts of reclaimed vintage curios and items that would enhance any altered art or mixed media project. From Watch parts to architectural salvage.
The Vintage Supply Company have ever changing stock so its worth revisiting and catching some wonderfully unusual items.
This Month I have used a vintage rusty Door plate to make a hanging, and an old vintage pocketwatch .

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...