Thursday, 30 December 2010

Working with Crafty Individuals. (part 2)

Well I mentioned in the last post when i used the Crafty Individuals ship stamp, that i was also fond of the duck stamp.... the stamp is CI-297.
So, I have altered this little wooden box. I painted it light blue then sprayed it with a teal mist. added the stamped image, repeated parts of the image around the sides then buffed some treasure gold gilt wax around the edges.. very simple and un-fussy.

Working with Crafty Individuals.

Crafty Individuals sent out their new stamps for me to try out and show you. I have to agree with others when they say that as with everything, some things appeal to you instantly and some things don't. This ship stamp, a Duck stamp and a butterfly stamp all stood out to me instantly.
The ship stamp is Item CI-295 and the smaller stamp used on the frame of a compass is from a selection on Item CI-294. The little sturdy frame is also from Crafty individuals "small collage frame" . The frame was not supplied free, I bought it as I feel that for the sum of 75p it is amazing value for money as its not flimsy at all, and very smooth to work on.
the drift wood, net, starfish and shell are all from my own personal supplies.

Friday, 17 December 2010

To all who celebrate Christmas :

My craft supplies have been packed away now for christmas so there will be no posts from me for a couple of weeks. I want to thank all my followers and friends who comment regularly and support me with their kind words...
I wish all who celebrate it a Peaceful and happy time.. and a wonderful new year to all...

Zuzu X

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

There are cards then there are BB CARDS (My December Folksy feature)

Over at the Folksy community we like to try and feature some work or a shop we have come across that inspires us or we think has great items for sale. Its supposed to be every week but I just dont have time to put up a folksy feature every week. This feature though was easy for me to do.... My dear friend Paula has started a shop... ( it was Paula that got me started on the type of crafting that I do) so I am starting my December folksy features with her.......

There are thousands upon thousands of folks making hand crafted cards.. some slap a topper on and call it done.. others make more effort. there are so many styles and something for everyone. and yes the market for cards is probably saturated. so if your going to get a hand crafted card.. you may as well skip the searching and just go for one of the best.
A lady who has been featured Many times in some of the top crafting and stamping mags from here and the USA has now opened a folksy shop. Prize winning quality and originality can now be yours. selling at better prices than many shop cards and mostly free postage, why leave the house?Paula Whitaker(BB) has long been admired by myself and i buy all my cards from her. ( she doesn't charge enough for some of the creations i have had from her). She intends to expand outside of just cards and start selling some of her other gorgeous work. I hope its soon as shes just made some amazing frames and pictures.
So please go take a look. if your not a card maker and want good quality artistically designed cards then shes the very woman for you... Visit Her Folksy shop HERE

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Charm Bracelet: Designed for the Altered Element.

I adore the Vintaj brass charms and jewellery findings so when I heard that Decembers theme would be Celestial I instantly thought of the sun, moon , and star charms they make. I jumped at the chance to feature some of the items in My Design Team Piece.
There isn't a lot to say about how this was made... As simply attach everything on to a chain. What i will say is, Pin your chain on to a board so its lying correctly, so when you attach your charms, they all fall and face the same way. once i had attached all my charms and beads, I wound two pieces of ribbon around the chain for extra effect.

Stock Used from Altered Element:

Dress up bead selection; Earthen rose.

Vintaj Brass:
Small man in the Moon
rustic rectangle WISH
Rustic rectangle BELIEVE
Star Burst
Moon face charm
sun face charm

Any Questions please leave a comment or email me.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Forest and snow Bird house

I had a little plywood bird box sitting in a box since august when i went to visit Ginger... I have been snowed in for a week but i live in some beautiful countryside. looking out my window at the robins and wrens on the snowy branches ( I just put food out for them) I suddenly felt inspired to turn my bird box in to a recreation of whats out there. My house is surrounded by trees and wildlife. The snow has at last begun to fall off the trees in patches so I can seee the bark and moss as well as fresh white snow...
I made this bird box facing that view and I have to say i enjoyed making it. I am not happy with how harsh it looks in the photos, as in real life its very soft and almost has a bridal look... It also has oodles and oodles of crystal glitter and glass glitter on it.. and its twinkling away like mad here. its like frost and fresh snow catching the sun.... sadly the photos dont catch that but you can get the general idea.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Altered Box:Designed for the Altered Element.

I got this fab little Box From The Altered Element for just £1. It has an indented bit on the lid and I Decided to use it for this months Celestial theme. I painted the box all over with Lumiere gold paint. While it was drying i prepared a piece of card with some cosmic shimmer misters sprays in aqua and gold, then stamped on my angel. I cut her out and attached to the middle of the box lid with glue. then i decorated the "frame area" of the lid. I used copper metal leaf, Fusible film, Fusible fibres, turquoise beads, and some metal star shaped findings. In opposite corners I added the Vintaj brass Starburst Stars ( i carefully removed the loops with pliers. )... The Box looks different depending on light due to the fusible film and sparkle added, so I have taken two photos....

Saturday, 27 November 2010

another textured box. (and Tutorial link)

I think I have no more boxes to alter now!!! Oh my! what will I do .. lol

The last one sold in less than 24 hours of listing it so its going away and I haven't finished getting to know it. So i decided to make something else to take its place for a while. And as Ginger gave me a few ( bunch lol) of peacock feathers last weekend I decided to use that as a theme. this is another of my textured boxes for which i have written a tutorial to be posted in the near future on the happy daze site.

Edited to Add:
The tutorial is now up to view over on the Happy Daze website, on how to achieve the look i have been getting on the textured boxes in the last three posts. I used Texture paste by Daler Rowney, but I have heard the substitutes from the hardware store work pretty well too. Never tried them personally , but the lovely Linda Baldock has often told me to try it with no-nails etc.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Crafters Pick "The Ultimate" glue (and a water nymph box)

This post is a joint post for sharing a box I have made and for talking about a new glue I tried out. Now I have to add that I am on the design team at Happy daze online craft shop, and it was Happy Daze that supplied me with my glue, however, I was also told not to feel obliged to blog or say i liked it if it wasnt the case.
Plus i dont feel happy endorsing something I am not satisfied with so I put this glue to the test.
I sell my crafts on Folksy so I need to be 100% certain items I glue on to my altered art are going to stay on and not be rattling around loose in the packaging on arrival at the home of the buyer.

I have had trouble with glues and metal objects. Glossy accents and Bostik are the two adhesives i was using. glossy accents are a little temperamental about what it will adhere to and if its going to hold. and Bostik does that "stringy" thing where it leaves a trail from the glued object all the way back to the tube and over anything you passed the tube over. so i often spend time picking the stringy web of glue back off...
So, how would Crafters Pick 'Ultimate Glue' fair?

Here are the types of test I did on this box with the glue.

1) I attached the Tim Holtz Ornamental Plate on top. a reasonably large surface being attached to another large surface. so maybe an easy test but still an important one. a heavy ornate item on my textured surface. It passed with flying coulours. thats not coming off even if I want it to.

2) attaching the filigree teardrops. these items have next to no surface touching the box. they are hollow so its literally just the rims that i could add the glue to. they too are stuck fast ( and i have picked and poked and prodded.

3) my main test i think. I wanted to dangle a chain from the box but i didnt want to get a drill out and start trying to figure out what to attach it to, so, i simply added a small blob of glue at each end and attached it by one link... just ONE link of chain pressed in to the glue at either end and left to dry. its now there for life ... i put two crystals over the links and those are also bonded fast. I also attached the foundations feet with the glue.

4) it dried in 100% clear and it was thick enough straight from the bottle to hold things in place quickly. so you dont have to sit holding it till it got tacky.

So is there a down side?

Well there are a couple of small niggles that are not to do with bonding power.

1) the nozzle has a very large opening so you are not in control of the amount of glue from it. I overcame this by squeezing some glue in to a bottle lid and used a glue brush (old paint brush) to paint the glue on to the smaller items or thin items.

2) the glue is very thick o again its better to apply it with something other than the nozzle supplied.

I guess the ultimate test for me is... Would I sell items I had used this glue on and feel confident they will not disappoint the buyer? YES I would and will. maybe not on absolutely everything but i have confidence in this glues holding power and versatility.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

You're One in a Million... Another quicky christmas make for Katzelkraft.

A very quick (and yet again easy), card and gift tag made for Katzelkraft owner,Bea's, challenge to me.
The message inside reads "You're One in a Million.... " or "You stand out from the crowd..."
I just printed the messages off on to paper from the computer, making sure it lined up correctly to make an insert for the cards.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Bea's not so subtle challenge: For Katzelkraft.

As most of you know, I am more of an "altered Art" artist, than a stamper; so when Bea, at Katzelkraft, brought out some new Christmas stamps, I said " I dont think I would use these".
I think Bea saw this as a bit of a challenge waiting to happen so she sent them anyway with a note attached, simply saying...
"Yes you can. lol x"Hehe... ( I love Bea, she makes me giggle) Sooooooo, I have taken the challenge and made some VERY simple dinner table place cards and a Christmas card. I have to say, I often buy christmas cards with this sort of long thin santa and snowmen. I love the style of them. I'm just not very proficient at getting the look right, for myself. lol.

The little place cards also make nice gift tags too. I cut the tops of the images out with a craft knife so that they stuck out the top when I folded the card in half. I have also completely covered the images in glitter, but not sure you can tell from the photos. they are very twinkly (as am I now).Customers in the UK can buy Katzelkraft stamps directly from "The Craft Barn"

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tea-light holder: For Calico Crafts

I used one of Calico Crafts, chipboard Tea light holders.
It was decorated by giving it a coat of gold paint then melting on forest bronze fusible film. I then attached the pieces from the ivy garland and berry garland, then attached the poinsettias.
I gave it a spray with some sparkling mica mists and sprinkled over some Glamour Dust fine crystal glitter. I stuck on some beads (reclaimed from an old bit of beaded trim).

Sadly the photo doesn't show all the gleam of the fusible film and glitter. The photo is a little "lack lustre" ...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A little altering. And Ginger Snaps Creations creative challenge.

I have a lot of plain light wood "alterable" items in a box here. I got a lot of them when i was at gingers in the summer but so far have only altered one or two items. I decided to have a go at a couple of them last night. Firstly a Jewellery chest.... The stamped image used is by Paper Bag Studio ( a gift for winning one of their blog challenges). Its from the "Laugh" sheet and can be found at the UK retailer 'Happy Daze' HERE

I am participating in a GC Creative Connection. I heard about this month’s GCCC - Only One - from Jo Capper Sandon of Jo Blogs. All you have to do is Post a creation using only ONE stamp to your blog mentioning my post and the Creative Connection post on Gingersnap Creations.
I have used the stamp as the main image then repeated sections of the same stamp torn off and attached on the sides of the box and on the drawer of the key cabinet.

Secondly, a little Key Cabinet. I got the plain cabinet at the Altered element... and with the closing down discounts going on over there you might have to be quick if you want to nab one... I used the same Paper BAg Studio stamp.
Last and least lol is a tiny wee cufflink box.. and very simple to make;

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Altered Microscope slide glass (christmas ornaments)

I got the melt pot out and did a bit of Faux Leading. These are for the victorian christmas market stall that ginger has booked us a stall at.... I want to keep them now LOL ...

these gorgeous vintage christmas images are from crafty individuals... out of their little book of papers etc. its stuffed full of yum...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Altered Domino.

A break from the craft fair crafting and on to something a bit more ME.. lol.. i think it will be a pendant.. And as a point of interest.. the theme at Alter It Monthly is Dominoes all November.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How much Cheese do I eat???

People have begun to ask things like, "how much cheese do you eat Zuzu" and " do the boxes still smell of cheese" and other cheese box enquiries, so ..... I thought i would post the link to the cheese boxes I am buying in bulk. I dont eat a lot of cheese from boxes, in fact, I only get sections of cheese from the deli, never a whole one unless I have guests.. :D

I get mine from EBay... HERE . the gentleman that sells them says the large size ( shown in the last post) has almost sold out but they have plenty of the three other sizes. and extra large is only a cm larger i think..

So there you go... the answer is, I dont eat much cheese at all and no they dont smell LOL

Z x

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

MORE altered cheese boxes.. lol

Actually I made more but they are copies of some i have shown as they got sold on my folksy so needed replaced. My order of ribbon arrived from the altered element and i took a chance on getting some of the black and gold this time as well as the turquoise... I am glad i did .. i like the look of this black and gold box.... might be a little funereal but also its a bit theatrical too...

the top one has a flower by prima on it. I got that at Happy Daze and there are two in the pack. very very classy and good quality and i have been putting off using them as i like to look at them LOL.. but i bit the bullet and stuck one on.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Craft fair stuff.

I am still trying to kick myself in to a slightly faster speed at making stuff as its less than 2 weeks to the fair and i only have enough stuff to fit a 2 foot square area lol
I dont know how ginger is doing. better than me i hope. I faff around too long on each item I think. Here are a coule of things i did manage to finish yesterday ( its going to have to be more than 2 a day though at the rate I am going. )

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Recycled CD storage: Designed For the Altered Element.

Here is My second piece for Novembers them "Recycled"....
Its one of those plywood Ikea CD storage boxes. Its been sitting in a cupboard on a shelf abandoned for about two years as we moved on to new storage. So Rather than throw it out I kept it "just in case". I cant tell you how many things I have Just in case.
So what did I use on this. Firstly I gave it a base coat of Birch paint By Eco Green. Then I positioned The Tim Holtz Masks Timeworks, where i wanted them and dabbed over gently them with a Brilliance dew drop ink pad in Pearl coffee Bean. Once i had the whole box covered with the ink and mask effect i sprayed over it with Cosmic shimmer mists in Copper and Bronze.
I decorated the box with Tim Holtz, Ideaology Sprocket Gears, as well as other watch parts, pocketwatch face, a Game spinner, and chain.If you dont have a clock face, Artchix have a handy collage sheet with watch faces. I added two drawer handles from my personal stash of hardware, as well as some microscope slide glass and an optical test lens.
The Box was a bit too 'boxy' for my liking so i softened the top up by adding a pelmet type thing. I made it out of black mount board I had lying around, cut to a random shape. I used Golden gel medium to stick on fusible film ( you may be noticing a fusible film theme in my work. Thank you Linda B lol ). I heated the fusible film on to the Gel medium coated mount board, and let it over heat and bubble and melt holes in places. Added more cogs, some German scrap and other random hardware from my own stash. the feet were made from building blocks.
Any questions please feel free to leave a comment on my blog or email me ( email address also on my personal blog.)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Woodland nymph Altered Box.

Well i felt i really should get a box done that was JUST for Mixed media monday. I sort of tagged them on to my cheese boxes in case i didnt get a chance but here it is.. an actual altered box. All month Mixed media monday has the theme " Box Clever" and its hosted by my buddy Carol Fox ( Ginger).

Easy Christmas card: Designed For Happy Daze

I dont do cards often; mostly because I am not always very good at them but when I bought my Catslife press Rubber stamp from Happy Daze I had to try it out and a card seemed the quickest way to see how the stamp looked. Th me the stamp has a bit of a retro 50's look about it so I went with those sort of colours and made my retro card. Couldnt have been easier.. coloured the card with my Versa Magic Chalk ink ( Aquatic splash) stamped on the cats life press quote in black stazon then stamped and glued on some random snowflakes. The silver charm snowflake is also from happy daze. I made my words and some snowflakes sparkle with glitter. I thing the stickles are great for this kind of thing too.
it was so easy and effective i made a whole FIVE of them ( a record for christmas card making for me in the last 4 years lol) I am now going to make luggage tags to match..

Friday, 5 November 2010

Cheese box frenzy....

Well as I have now been invited by my Friend Ginger ( carol) to join her at a victorian christmas market selling our craft stuff I have gone in to an altered cheese box frenzy ( as has carol down south) I am sure the fuel to get there will cost more than I will ever make as its a 6 hour drive there , but it will feel nice to have some of the trip paid for by selling things.
Anyway here are today's cheesbox alterings lol ( on sale in folksy till I leave for carols).

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...