Tuesday, 22 July 2008

MADJAK design team work

well I have been unexpectedly busy and not at home so not blogged but Luckily I had made some things last week. So in one of my rare days at home I am grabbing the chance to blog everything I have made as I wont be home again for at least a week.. No computer or craft time... (I am going cold turkey already lol ).
here are a couple of things I made with My Madjak stamps and embossing powders.
The doors on the shrine were stamped and embossed with the divine gold madjak embossing powder. The little flakes in the gold give it a nice "ancient" and rich look.
I have used the flutter stamp sheet on the card and one of the stamps from the familiar set on the shrine.

Monday, 21 July 2008

This Thursday its All About........

Please click on image to enlarge it as its the only way you will see it ..lol.. dont know why its so small on there :-)

Change.. . All change! .. its the theme on This Thursday, So change includes altering I think .. so here is a hanging I made a while ago with 3 little mini Dominoes.. they are alcohol inked.. then collage images printed out very small were glued on.. and all varnished .. threaded up with a tassel and some beads. Each domino is about 1inch tall...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The end of nigel (and some additions)

Well I have finished the exploits and fortunes of Nigel.. mostly ill fortune it seems poor chap. also I have gone back and added interest to some pages as I was thinking it was a bit boring for the reader.. not enough to look at and play with.

and here are the few wee bits I have added on .....

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Another instalment of Nigel

Another step done in the Fortunes of Nigel. After getting news of an wise old Pharaoh seeking a servant and confidant to employ with very good working conditions Nigel has set out for Egypt.

I have to point out that the Pharaoh is getting old and I am not sure Nigel realises how far the responsibilities of a servant go when it comes to dead Pharaohs and pyramid burials!!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Part 3 "Nigel goes East"

Further adventures for Nigel. I have taken him to the far east to recover from the trauma of scary clowns and fearsome lions.

stage 2 altered book

If you click on the images in this and the last post, you can read Nigels little story as he goes along!
I have continued the adventures of little Nigel today by sending him off to the circus. It didn't go well for him as I think he had been viewing the circus through rose tinted glasses. The reality was not as nice so he has decided to move on. We will discover where in the next step of the book. lol

Altered book!

I have started a project for my brother in laws birthday. I found an old copy of Sir Walter Scott's "Fortunes of Nigel" and the title made me imagine a little boy called Nigel going off out into the world to explore and have adventures.
This is what I am basing my altered book on.. here is what I have come up with so far!

Thursday, 10 July 2008


Well I have just returned home from a nice car trip holiday visiting some of my UK crafting buddies. Loved it. While I was at Kraftykittens (Debbie) I made some necklaces. here they are (You will notice I am STILL using the same stamp from Third coast lol)
The middle one is stamp board , embossing and mica flakes.
The other two are shrink plastic, embossing and mica flakes.

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

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