Monday, 15 December 2008

Altered Matchbox

.. just because..
I wanted to distract myself from getting edgy lol.. so I made this quick simple altered matchbox

Another Canvas...

.. to match the last one sort of.. The square one was a gift for someone.. but I liked the general theme of it so made something very similar for myself.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Spray backgrounds. Saturday Workout

Please click on image to view details
My Tim Holtz Masks arrived along with my new glimmer mists today .. so I got stuck in and made a canvas.. I used my spray glimmer mists with the mask to create the background as suggested by Saturday's Workout..
Its called "Bird Song" and it measures 18inch x 18inch

Altered Card Block

Please click on image for details

I got a few lovely gifts to alter from my forum friend Moira.. Moira has a shop called Happy Daze. Among the goodies she sent were a wooden block and a nice quality card block.. I altered them both today. This is the card block.. I cant get a picture of the stamped side as I sprayed it with glimmer mists and varnish so it glared back too much.. I may add a picture later if I can get one to work.

Dream Block

Please click on Image to view details.
Another of the blocks from Moira's shop Happy Daze. this is a wooden block . its been painted.. stamped on.. embossed and fantasy filmed... I added letters and flourishes my friend Ginger (Carol) cut out for me on her cutty out machine thingy.. spelling out DREAM .

Saturday, 15 November 2008

newspaper carrier bag (Altered)

Please click on image to enlarge to view details

when shopping in a wee arts and crafts shop near derby i was given my purchases in not a plastic bag but a recycled newspaper bag.. its lovely, but decided it would be lovelier if it was altered. I am thinking about giving this to my friends Daughter Katie if it turns out OK when its done.. This is just one side so far. Here are before and after Pictures.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Back of the newspaper bag

I did the other side today ,.. i decided rather than make it match, I would have it so that Katy can have it turned to the colour that fits her mood or what she is wearing or whatever.. so this side is sepia and rust. I am going to leave the sides blank so that people can see it is actually made from newspaper.

I love the bags and found out where to order more from. my only problem is some of the stories were very dire.. just as well it gets covered up! lol

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Altered shoes/mixed media monday

well they are slip ons but were really past it and needed the bin, but I decided to alter them (inspired by my friend Linda :-) )and wear them when I do my craft demo...
texture paste, alcohol inks, moonshadow mists and embossing powders used.. (hope it doesn't rain lol)
I am showing them in mixed media monday as anyone who knows me will tell you .. i love texture paste alcohol ink and embossing powder all in one project.. canvases, 4x4s ATCs anything altered... and now Shoes! ...
They are very "me" .

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Treasure chest

Please click on image to enlarge for detail.

Originally made for something I had hoped to take part in but with my time being suddenly very very busy I am just blogging it.. it will be the last thing blogged for a wee while unless I discover anything else I have made and not yet blogged lol.
This was a blank standard yellow/white pine chest.. I added paints..crackle paints.. fusible film... glitter.. and embellishments.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Dream Canvas (this thursday)

Please click on image to enlarge.

I liked the colours of the bag so much I decided to do a canvas for ME in a similar vein as I will have to part with the bag in August! the canvas 18 inches tall.
I am entering it for the "this Thursday its all about..." Challenge as we have to enter something that we believe to be useful or truly beautiful.
Recently I have started to like what I make and this is my favorite to date.. the colours are so pretty.. I keep going back and looking at it and saying "I made this." in a surprised voice lol.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

One Powerful Hour /Christmas Ornaments (altered dominoes)

One Powerful Hour this week is Christmas Ornaments. It obviously took more than an hour for them all .. but individually it took an hour for the 2 tags. under an hour for the 7 swans and slightly over for the large domino.. the triple domino admittedly took quite a bit more than an hour!

I wont be making much for a while as My mum Died last night after a difficult time with cancer.
She was a gentle unassuming caring soul and her Family and friends are really going to miss her.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Halloween Hanging

Please click on image to enlarge
Made for the Swap Mel is doing on my forum.. I had made a glass ornament thing and it went a little wrong. I kinda thought ... "its OK... it will do!" then I saw Gillian's entry so back to the drawing board...!!! lol
Thank you for the proverbial kick up the bum Gillian ... It made me actually apply myself :-)
Autumn is my favorite time of year.. I love the colours but also its a starting point for all the celebrations.. birthdays Halloween... Guy Fawkes ...Christmas..
Halloween is my favorite Autumn celebration as we always have fancy dress.. pumpkin soup and "dooking" for nuts. because I always think of halloween when autumn turns up I am going to enter this for the "craft away a sunday" challenge blog

MADJAK stamps

Please click on image to enlarge for full detail.
My Stamps arrived from Madjak recently and I got stuck in today at last. I have started with the Familiar set. I actually went to my craft room to make something sparkly and glittery but ended up with vintage (again) lol.. this has a glimmer mist and perfect pearls background as well as crackle paints and acrylics. so although its not got glitter .. it does glow in the right light..
I am pushing this up my blog as I would like to enter it into Mixed Media Mondays weekly Challenge. The theme there this wek is the colours Blue and Purple.. I think there is enough subtle hints of purple for this to count! ( I hope)

Friday, 10 October 2008

One powerful Hour

I had the honour of being guest designer to my lovely Friend Caro's (Cmoh) challenge blog, One powerful hour. this is also for the swap on my forum!

I am very fond of the alcohol ink on acetate technique showing images underneath. I made this collage and although it was OK on its own, adding the layer of acetate over the top made it richer and more antique looking and really added a bit of depth!

I hope you all have a bit of a go at getting your alcohol inks out this week. I don't have a lot of time for crafting right now so making something that took under an hour was a great chance for me to fit something in. this actually only took about 45mins including cutting out collage image time!.Go on , have a go and join in!
PS... errrmmm sorry if you came in to look and you hate the old paris theme and that tower lol.. (you know who you are ) i should have issued a warning

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Please click on image to enlarge.
again for Crazy Amigos and for Creative Wednesday.. I decided rather than have something with butterflies ON it .. I would make an actual Butterfly. It is 5 inches tall! embossing.. fusible film and beads (what a surprise Eh!)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Altered hair clasp

Please cklick on image to enlarge for texture and detail!
its one of those fake tortoise shell hair clasps you can get at the supermarket or Chemist's (drug store). I used a lot of embossing powder, fantasy fusible film and beads!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

LED scribe

I have done my LED scribe (I am using it as a night light ..a gift for my mum). I got the green one. Its turned out rather well.. I used alcohol inks and fusible film and fibres at the back to diffuse the light and also it looks pretty lol.. and i stamped the front and added an embellishment swirl given to me by My friend Ginger!
It was easy and fun to do and the end result is something you can easily justify as giving as a gift .. people will think it cost a fair bit. and they are actually very cheap.. and it took me about an hour to do.
If you want a kit to try one for yourself this is the link . I also have a permanent link in the LEDScribe logo on my blog
For other examples of the assembled LEDScribe kit have a look at these links

As its a free theme on crazy amigos challenge blog I am entering it on there.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Mixed Media Monday RUST

mixed media Monday's guest hostess is Gillian and she has chosen my favorite theme at the moment.. "Rust" .. i was so pleased it was rust that I spent all of Sunday evening making this picture .. its 18 inches by 12 inches approximately. I don't have a ruler here and I am too lazy to check lol.. if you want to ask anything about how it was made just email :-) x

mini friendship Canvas (This thursday)

I made this for Clau in a friendship swap. Its only little and the blank canvas was given to me by Lazykay another forum craft buddie. its about 6 or 7 inches tall I think.. (the canvas! not Lazykay lol)
It is also made from nice happy sunshine colours of sky blue and yellows.. so I am entering it it for this thursday's challenge "colour is my obsession".

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Another canvas (this thursday)

close up of one of the bits of mica tile
close up of the rusted metal embellishments
Another canvas .. with ribbons on so that it can be entered for This Thursday its all about...
I added some of the metal embellishments I rusted up when preparing for the mixed media Monday Rust challenge.. I didn't use them on that piece but liked how they turned out. also on this canvas are bits of Mica, Fantasy film fusible fibers.
Its similar in layout to the last one I did for this Thursday but that's because they are now a pair hanging at either side of my window, so I wanted it to tie in somehow!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Monthly Diva gifts etc

I made my Diva gifts for my forum buddies this month and a very very late birthday gift.. here they are ..
I made them all in a matching theme with fantasy film and glimmer mists..

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

MADJAK design team work

well I have been unexpectedly busy and not at home so not blogged but Luckily I had made some things last week. So in one of my rare days at home I am grabbing the chance to blog everything I have made as I wont be home again for at least a week.. No computer or craft time... (I am going cold turkey already lol ).
here are a couple of things I made with My Madjak stamps and embossing powders.
The doors on the shrine were stamped and embossed with the divine gold madjak embossing powder. The little flakes in the gold give it a nice "ancient" and rich look.
I have used the flutter stamp sheet on the card and one of the stamps from the familiar set on the shrine.

Monday, 21 July 2008

This Thursday its All About........

Please click on image to enlarge it as its the only way you will see it dont know why its so small on there :-)

Change.. . All change! .. its the theme on This Thursday, So change includes altering I think .. so here is a hanging I made a while ago with 3 little mini Dominoes.. they are alcohol inked.. then collage images printed out very small were glued on.. and all varnished .. threaded up with a tassel and some beads. Each domino is about 1inch tall...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The end of nigel (and some additions)

Well I have finished the exploits and fortunes of Nigel.. mostly ill fortune it seems poor chap. also I have gone back and added interest to some pages as I was thinking it was a bit boring for the reader.. not enough to look at and play with.

and here are the few wee bits I have added on .....

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...