Friday, 31 August 2007

Monthly Challenge (resist Technique)

We have a monthly work out on one of the forums I live in and this month we had to make something using the resist technique and it had to have flowers in the resist.. I made this Tag and it went to Joanne.. so I hope she liked it ok .. its a bit bright !!!!!!!

Another Altered Box

Well as the title sugests.. I have altered another box. :-)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Altered Box

A hard card box that I knew I had to keep for something .lol.. well I ahve altered it for a circle of friends gift for a forum friend .. and an actual in the person friend too as its not just on the internet we have met..
Its coverd with Basic grey Papers ..
And agian I have used the Purple Onion stamps.. Its going to become a standing joke I know .. lol
I need to get a set of these for my friend Mandy.. She will love them ..
I think I have all my crafting christmas presents sorted . Just another 5 sets of these stamps and everyones Happy :-)

Friends swap

I wasnt going to blog this But Mandy likes it so thats good enough for me lol..

its the other card for the card swap ..
the Image is from Kim Andersons Page
and the ermmm stamps lol.. well yes .. from Purple Onion Ha ha ha .. I cant help it.. I Needed these stamps for years and just didnt know it till I got them :-)

Card Swap Theme Love and Wednesday Stamper

Well I am joining a card Swap at the last minute . Its due in in 2 days lol. we have to make 2 cards. One on the theme Love and one on the theme friends..
this is my Love one .
I have also decided to make it my wednesday stamper for this week .. as its a nice aqua Blue colour .. and stamped to over indulgance lol

Vintage image

Quote stamp from Vickie Enkoffs Creative Chaos

And the flourish stamps .. Yes I know you have guessed .. yet again Purple Onion Designs :-)

Tag folder

I have been Making ATC folders a lot recently and wanted to make something different for a friends Birthday.. I was clueless as far as ideas go but my Friend Mandy asked why did I not adapt the ATC folder for Tags instead.. so Thanks Mandy,.. That's exactly what I have done :-)
Again I have Used mostly the flourish stamps from the set from Purple Onion. Yes I know I am harping on about this set .. But really if you are looking for a set of lovely flourishes and decorative embellishment , I think you would be more than happy with this set. At least 2 of my crafting buddies have agreed and gone off and ordered them having seen them in use her.
LOVE them!!!!!!

Domino For Karin Again

Well after posting 1st class 2 weeks ago the Domino I made for Karin has never turned up.. So I have made a second one. Its different as I did not have another sheet with the image on that I used before .or any of those beads.

I do hope you like it as much Karin

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Altered Matchbox

I am taking part in an altered matchbox swap on My forum , but I knew I would find an ordinary matchbox too fiddly so I decided on a jumbo household box instead .. much easier :-)
Flourish Stamp By Purple Onion

August Monthly Tag Swap

Please Click on image to see detail.

My Friend Gillian runs Monthly Tag swaps ( on 2 forums :-) ) and this is mine for August.I may have gotten carried away as its a bit big for a tag. its 22cmx11cm lol.
The Flourish Stamps Used here are from The set I bought recently at Purple onion and I think I have hardly made a thing since getting them that did not use them. I love this set.

Monday, 20 August 2007

TMTA Music

I made this Triptych ATc on the theme Mozart's Magic flute for my friend Galina. I hope she wont mind me showing it on here :-).

I tried to make it look like the opera theatre curtains on the outside with the lavish tiebacks .. and on the inside I have Papagano the bird catcher and his love Papagana. hence all the feathers floating around.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

The finished set

Well I have used my Chalk challenge backgrounds to make these 3 Vintage Paris themed ATCs.

Chalk Challenge

Well I am taking part in a challenge to make something using only chalk..

I cheated a bit cos I used versa Mark too lol.. but apart from the versa mark and the stamps its only chalk applied with little daubers.
I have made a few of them so I am going to use them as the backgrounds for a vintage paris ATC swap I am taking part in.

Art Doll ATC swap

Well!! first attempt lol..

sounded like a good Idea ..

I dont know what they should look like but I am happy enough with this ..

Swap Reminders

Just a little reminder that although My forum is at full capacity, we welcome anyone interested in some of the swaps.
I have a list here of the swaps available at the moment...
If you are interested in any of them please e-mail or leave a comment in my blog :-)


Lime green and brown.ATC ....End of september... Zuzu
Birds ATC 3 ...........................End of september....... Mandy
Tag Swap ............................. End September ............Zuzu


Blue ATC up to 3 .... End of October..........Zuzu
Childhood ATC 2 for 2........ End October.......... Zuzu

Thursday, 16 August 2007

For Karin

Well I got an altered Domino from Linda a couple of weeks ago (its amazing and you should go to her blog and have a look) well anyway, it inspired me to try something with an altered domino that I was doing for a friend..

Bookmark Swap

Please click on image for clearer view...

Again on My forum

Lazykay (Kath) is running a bookmark swap.. here is my effort.After complaining for over a week that I hated the resist embossing technique cus I could not do it, I have now gone OTT with it and am using it on loads of things lol.
I don't expect I will need to put my name on the back as I could take bets that whoever gets it will be able to spot its mine a mile away. I am a bit predictable.!!
The flourish stamps are from Purple Onion and the butterfly and Quote from Vickie Enkoff's Creative Chaose

The Turquoise Swap

My forums colour swap this month is Turquoise .. speaks for its self really :-)
Flourishes from Purple Onion

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Another bathing Beatuies Swap

The backgrounds are done with perfect pearls so they are twinkly but it doesnt show here :-)

Also I have AGAIN used the fantastic flourish set from Purple Onion

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


The theme is numbers on this weeks
Think Monday Think ATC Think Numbers..

here are a couple of matching ATC's for the theme

Mums Card Order ..

Well what can I say..
Its a card !!
Swirly stamps and snowdrops from Purple Onion Designs
Girl Stamp from Vickie Enkoff's Creative Chaos

ATC holder

On My birthday in November I got an ATC holder full of scrummy ATCs from my friend Donna.. I love it .. its taken me this long to have a go at my own .
Thanks for the inspiration Donna.

The swirly stamps I have used are from Purple Onion Designs

The quote and the butterfly are both from Vickie Enkoff's Creative Chaos

Loved doing it So much I have just done another :-)

Monday, 13 August 2007

Pressys for ME :-)

Please click on the images to see details.

I had some craft buddies round on Sunday for a visit and they ALL brought gorgeous pressys for me .. So I thought I would let you see some...
The Note book was made by Seona, the ATC box (and ATC's) by Gillian and the matchbox and watch by Kaz. As well as what you can see in the picture there was a yum selection of ATCs and other useful craft equipment, a HUGE bunch of flowers, and lots of chocolatey goodness :-) ..
Kaz said she had had difficulty getting a good picture taken of the watch so I have taken a couple here for her ...

Big Tag !

Please click on picture for more detail:
This was an attempt made on a tag for a challenge to use some form of resist technique. I was not doing too well with the more traditional clear embossing and an iron so I used (peeloffs) Cough cough.. as reverse stencils. I like the tag but I am not using it in the challenge as I actually had a more successful attempt at the clear embossing and the iron. I cant show that as we do a reveal of all the items in the challenge at the end of the month.

So Joanne.. this is the thing you are NOT getting now :-) .

OMG Another slidemailer..

Well if you visit here regularly you may have noticed that the majority of my work is done in warm autumnal tones and occasionally I take a turn for turquoise..

I decided to do something Green..

what a struggle. It just shows how you find a comfort zone and stick to it ..

I got there in the end after several attempts The slide mailer is thicker than it was as there are so many layers on it now .. each covering the disaster below :-)

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Its the July Colour swap and although I did my cards at Mandys, I didnt like them. I am not managing to craft really at the moment. Lost all inspiration... Anyway decided to give the colour another go.. its a hard colour to work with.. It was chosen by Nicole ! Thanks Nicole lol :-)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Tree Inchies

For Joanne's monthly swap..

They are actually coloured with twinkling H2o's in the back ground with a light dusting of glitter .. but this doesnt show on the picture...

Friday, 3 August 2007

For Carrie

My Forum Friend Carrie Made a beautifu framed seamstress' Manaquin and without me having to beg (too much) she let me have it.. It is gorgeous !

So in return I have made this double slide mailer for her as well as sending her a CD I owe her :-)
You will be shocked to hear I have gone for a distressed look which is new for me.. well No OK .. I ALWAYS do distressed lol.. but I Like it :-)

I hope you like it OK Carrie .....

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