Sunday, 29 April 2007

Large Framed Picture

I made this back in December and thought for a mad moment I would put it up for wednesday stamper until I remembered the only bit of stamping is the Quote on it.. so that wont do. But I like it a lot so want to add it to my blog anyway.In the end Mike's mum asked for it for her Yuletide Gift.
It stands 2 feet tall (or should I say Hangs :-) )

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Sarahs Skinny Fat page front

Doing a page for a Skinny Fat Book for a forum buddy Sarah. I have only so far done the front but as the back will have less on it to leave room for details etc then I just went ahead and put it on here. The theme was Faces.

Hope you like it OK Sarah

Tag Book for Kaz

This is a bit of a Thankyou To Kaz for her kind gift of scrapbook papers. I have a few more bits to stick on here and there but I am getting tired so will do it before I post it :-)

Nicoles Book Page.

I am doing an Altered book page for My friend Nicole. She is collecting the pages and binding them herself so there is a margine of 2cm down one side that has been left free of embelishments etc.

I hope you like it OK Nicole.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Why not just start with a brown Tag?

Thats what my mum asked me after I had spent 20 mins turning a normal creamy luggage tag into a distressed vintage brown tag. I did not know how to answer! lol. As lets face it, on some level she was right :-) .
But anyway, I did not start with a brown tag.
I had a packet of these Luggage tags and decided to make a few up for handy gift tags (in case of emergency gift wrapping).

Nothing special, but after my mums comments I had to put them in my blog :-) .

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Jo's card

This is the Birthday card I made for my friend Jo. Its centre is alcohol ink on glossy card and then the stamped image on acetate layered over it.
I forgot to take pictures of it but as I know Jo always does a better job of photo taking, perhaps I subconciously did it deliberately.These are the pictures Jo took for me.

Jo's Tin

It was the birthday of a friend who's work I find very inspirational today.. (well that sounds wrong lol) her work is inspirational every day, it was her Birthday that was only today :-).

I made a wee altered tin for her and now that she has seen it I can add it to my blog. the Butterfly is there as its the symbol of the forum Jo invited me to and introduced herself to me on. Butterflies appear on a lot of the things we send to each other on that forum, and the "my Hero" well it speaks for itself lol.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Slide Mailers

A couple of slide mailers made last night in the wee hours.

One is for a friend Donna whom I owe one too from months ago (sorry Donna) . I had made one last week but I like this better Donna lol :-). The other is for a RAK gift for a forum friend. It's a rurprise so no names as yet :-)

Sepia in print

Doing a Sepia swap on me and my buddies forum.. its a monthly colour swap .. and this month is sepia ..We only have to do one but i like to do extra incase of emergency lol. I made these by putting the image on first and then burning a hole in the text paper top layer to show image underneath.

Friday, 13 April 2007

More new Stamps(ATC)

Well I got more new stamps (I have become an addict). This time I got 3 from Lost Coast designs (Spread your Wings) And I made this ATC for a crown swap with the beautiful photo fairy stamp called "spread your wings". Its a lovely stamp and stamps out well.

Tomorrow I intend to try out the other 2 stamps as well :-) .

Saturday, 7 April 2007

wednesday stamper Envelope

Here is My first ever attempt at a decorated envelope.
I was inspired to try it after another very kind wednesday stamper particapant offered to send me her beautiful envelope along with some ATCs.

I could hardly accept then send my ATCs to her in a dull old white envelope now could I lol, so I gave it a bash :-)

After using my new stamp from Vickie Enkoff to do an ATC, I decided to do something similar for the envelope.

New Stamps! Yay!!

My new stamps arrived today. I hardly knew where to start really. But I started with this stamp of a wonderfully tropical looking scene from Vickie Enkoff

Its layerd liquid chalk inks for the background and after stamping in stazon i have coloured with ordinary chalks. I opicked out the flower from the background and stamped it out again a couple of times to collage and layer to add extra colour.

I have to say I am happy with the first of my new stamps I have tried today :-)

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Pierrot Swap

Well its not "exactly" to theme lol
but its close :-)

I am calling the 1st "Choosing the right hat"..
the second one does not need a title lol but the girl organising the pierrot swap might not think I am taking it seriously lol

cant stop the stamping Z!

I am having a real flow of ATC making this last few days..
After showing the blue face one I was asked by 4 other people if I could do more . I am sure it is because the colours are so vibrant.
anyway I have done 3 more .. so its a set of 4 and thats enough!
I used a beautiful Large Face stamp from Vickie Enkoff one of my most visited sites.

wednesday Stamper Again :-)

Yes I know.. I just cant get enough of the colour theme..
I am still really really enjoying getting to know these Liquid chalk inks ..
I did 4 Dragonfly ATC for a swap yesterday and I am amazed at how vibrant these inks can be.
I had originally liked them for their muted dusty look .. but hey !! Look at them now.How versitile are they!! LOVE THEM.
Now I will have to go buy more as I have used nearly all of them up lol.

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