Friday, 16 July 2021

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe


The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel paste. It’s a variation on Finnabair’s “moonshine” bottle class. Bottles and tins are my favourite things to alter. 

That’s the “black part taken care of but what is my take on luxury? 

I am unwaged long term disabled and funds are super tight ALL the time. For me, getting new art supplies is a luxury. Extra luxury when it’s Finnabair metallique or sparks. So the whole thing represents luxury. But as an addition, every time I use the “gold chest” sparks on anything, the deep dark rich tone of it  just screams opulence to me. Of course metallique paints, glitter and iridescence don’t  really show well in photos but in real life, the colours are so pretty when you move the bottle in the light. 

This is the mood board from Art Daily Cafe…

Memorial memory box.


After our baby granddaughters funeral, mikes son gave us a rose from her wreath and asked me if I could dry it and “do something” with it. No pressure 😬

I think they have more traditional taste than I do but because the rose faded to vintage tones when it dried, I was able to justifiably add a bit of vintage along with the traditional girlie  pink tones. I lined the inside with story book papers. Stories I probably would have read to her when she was older. 

I’m not sure if this is the sort of “something” they had hoped for but they seemed to like it.

Friday, 25 June 2021

Finnabair’s June Art recipe.

Well, as the title suggests, this piece is for the Art recipe mood board over on Finnabair’s website/blog. An altered artist’s palette. It’s pretty big. Bigger than I remembered when I stored it away 10 years ago to alter “one day”. Ha!

The products I used from the list in the recipe were jewel pastes (I used the onyx and the crushed amber), and I used metallique paint (stormy ocean, deep water, midnight sky,) and metallique waxes ( white Pearl, old gold).

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Finnabair class.

Another journey into the world of Finnabair with one of her live stream classes done via Patreon (it has so been worth my money joining her Patreon. I Highly recommend it). This was not smooth sailing for me but I learned along the way. Hopefully if I try the techniques on a project again, I will have learned something and manage it a little easier. The photo this was based on is of my grandmother. Needless to say I’ve taken some liberties.

I got all my Finnabair supplies from The Mad Scrapper

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Rust on the brain… Art Daily Cafe mood board.


Hi there 

I’ve got a bit of a weird project to share today. My inspirations were H.R. Giger, the 1927 film Metropolis, and the Art Daily Cafe mood board (rust and Dust). 

My friend Gabbi gave me this shadow box frame as she no longer needed it. Although I’m not sure she imagined this is what would happen to it 😬

The mood board also required that you use “something forgotten” . I’ve used more than one old forgotten thing. The doll head, an old dusty circular saw blade, old rusty horse shoe nails, an old rusty drawer handle and some rusty wire. And I made the doll’s brain out of clay.

Everything else is a selection of Finnabair supplies. Gesso(black and white) , casts from moulds, rust paste, heavy body gel, metallique wax… 

It didn’t turn out how I had wanted/imagined/hoped but not sure much of what I make does.  Sometimes things disappoint me and sometimes they turn out better than I hoped. 

This one? I’m on the fence. I feel disappointed at my vision didn’t translate into real life but once I get over that… maybe it will grow on me. Maybe.

And if not I can always take my rusty goddess effigy out and give the box a makeover. 

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Moonshine bottles.

Inspired by Finnabair’s Patreon live video project on a bottle and with moon light as the theme…. I’ve become very bottle obsessed.

Although I watched another Patreon class last night so I predict a change of direction now. I can stop harassing my friends and relatives for empty bottles 😆

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Plaque for a secret mermaid.

When my friend asked if I could make her a mermaid plaque to give her friend, I said I could try but felt slightly lacking in confidence about the outcome. But with the help of some moulds I managed to compromise between colourful and my usual “vintage, distressed, manky with rust” look 😂

And as a bonus, the secret mermaid that was the final recipient is delighted with it...

And because I managed to include my rust, cogs and rivets,I hope that it qualifies for SanDee & Amelie’s steampunk challenge site as I would like to enter it. 

Black luxury. An altered bottle for Art Daily Cafe

  The theme over on Art Daily Cafe this month is “Black luxury” so I have altered this big bottle using mostly black gesso and jet jewel pa...