Thursday, 21 September 2017

Steampunks and Comic Con.

Well it's been a while since I blogged.

My steampunk society are all going 'en masse' to the Glasgow Comic Con on saturday so I have mostly been making props and accessories for my outfit (and my husbands).

Vampire slaying kit (for me)


Exorcists Apothecary (for hubby.)

 Pendant (for me)

Some jewellery and medals for other steampunk friends.


I wont go on as all the rest is very similar.
Also went on a Finnabair course but no point sharing that. Everyone's work looks pretty much the same. ;)

Also this month - handed in my projects for the Craft Stamper. But that's for the December issue (out in November).

Now back to fixing up my outfit for Comic Con.
So excited.


  1. Louise!!!
    Your artwork here is absolutely Fantastical!!!! Please do share photos of you and your husband in costume, if they are anything like the pieces you have shown here, they will be masterpieces!!
    Well done!
    Jackie xo

    ps welcome back!

  2. WOW beautifull things you are making. I think its Art!


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