Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Upcycled packaging. For DecoArt

For the tutorial, click on the link to the DecoArt Media Blog HERE...

Today I have a tutorial, on the DecoArt Media Blog, showing how I altered some packaging. Nearly all my "Calico Craft Parts" come in this type of cardboard envelope and I have been keeping them because I was sure I could do something with them.
so here is what I have made.

The tutorial for the outside is over on the DecoArt Media blog so I will show you the inside here.

I used a lot of Tim Holtz papers and extras; like the clip board clip and the ring binder attachment. and I have added images from his ideaology range as I dont like to show too many images of friends and family on the internet without their permission. but the big main image is my mum and dads wedding :) 
and the small boy on the left is my dad.
The corner embellishments, the keyhole escutcheon and the lovely wooden words are all by Calico Craft Parts.
I turned one of the flaps into a pocket. I may just use it as an organiser or something for keeping tags and cards I have received from crafting friends. 
I feel quite pleased that I have actually recycled something I would usually throw away.
Z x

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Birds and Bees mixed media "journal page thing".

I was out and about today sharing some techniques and ideas using the DecoArt media line. Just a small class (due to space) but lots of fun.

We actually paid attention to an altered item project first, with crackle and texture and antiquing cream etc. But then, as none of us have really done journalling, we set ourselves a challenge of doing a journal page using DecoArt media products, some stamps and pens. This is my page...

Supplies used.

Decoart media fluid acrylics
Decoart texture paste
Decoart misters
Tim Holtz stamps
Sharpie markers
Bee stamp (maker unknown)
tissue paper (to stamp quote and bird onto)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

American Gothic does Halloween. using Calico Craft Parts and DecoArt

It's been quite a spooky week on the Calico Craft Parts blog. And who am I to break the flow... (besides, Halloween/autumn and Christmas are my favourite crafting themes of all)...
I altered this little shrine (they come with a choice of having a shelf too).
I used the lost coast rubber stamp based on the painting "American Gothic" as the background. coloured with watercolour pens and pencils and sealed before adding a coat of DecoArt crackle glaze. the cracks have been highlighted with Decoart media fluid paint. a nice bright Pyrrole Orange.
I covered the sides, top and bottom with some left over scraps of Halloween paper from last year. and gave them a crackle glaze finish.

I painted the front panel with black acrylic, let it dry and added more DecoArt Crackle glaze. I highlighted the crackle on this more than once to get a it of variation in colour. firstly i used the orange. when that had all dried I used DecoArt white antiquing cream. it really shows the fantastic crackle up well.
A bit more painting and gluing the embellishments and then I assembled it all. (the little orange apples (dots) are left ov er parts from the shrine feet. I didn't use them all)
Calico Craft Parts used:

Shrine Kit
Gravestone with pumpkin

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

DecoArt Mixed Media Haunts Challenge...

Join the DecoArt Mixed Media Design Team in a spooky Halloween challenge from October 1st through the 28th! Have a peek at our talented designer's projects below and be on the look out for their full tutorials on the DecoArt Media Facebook throughout the Mixed Media Haunts Challenge!

Feeling inspired? Create your very own spooktacular piece and submit it below through the Inlinkz link at the bottom of our Design Team project photos. Entries will be accepted until October 28th at 11:55pm.

On October 29th, Andy Skinner will choose his two favorite pieces. The runner-up will receive $50 worth of DecoArt Media product and the grand prize winner will receive $100 worth of DecoArt Media goodies!

Here is my project...
My friends daughter gave me a commission. she asked if I could make her a "thing" (she drew a rectangle in the air so i guessed she meant a sign or plaque) to hang on her bedroom door for Halloween. She asked me to make it scary...
"Could you make it all scary and creepy?"
Strangely, her mum was less than enthusiastic about that as she is only 6 and a half. Her instructions were, on no accounts, make it scary.
hmmm.... So i had to please a little girl who wants a scary creepy plaque for her door and a mum who doesnt want her little girl having nightmares.
So here it is. its a bit of a boggy old graveyard with creepy crawly insects and bats but no ghosts, zombies or monsters (although zombies did come up as one of her preferences).
Hopefully its scary enough but fun enough at the same time.
And for my DecoArt friends, here is a basic tutorial on how the plaque was made.
I painted the plaque black and when it was dry i painted a few patches with crackle medium (weathered wood). I didnt do it all over as i wanted the cracking to be random.
When the crackle medium was tacky enough to be painted over, I painted over the top with media fluid acrylics in shades of green. you can see the selection in the image. i let it start to crack and then i sped up the drying process with the heat gun. I let it bubble up the paint in places as it adds texture (handy for one of my final steps)
I set it aside to dry properly while i prepared some fabric leaves and chipboard grave stone crosses by coating them in crackle paint. i had tinted some for another project and had some left ove so it looks a bit pink here but it doesnt have to be tinted. i just didnt want to waste the excess i had.
set these aside to dry.
When they were dry i used my media misters on them using shades of green teal and purple.

I printed off and cut out a couple of pumpkins. using decoupage medium I stuck them to card and let them dry.
I cut the pumpkins out and give them a coat of crackle glaze. allow to dry. and then use some burnt umber paint (or any shade you prefer) to stain the cracks. simply paint over the glaze, wait a few seconds then gently clean off with a damp cloth. the paint will stay in the cracks but come off of the surface.
Make some spirals from wire, prepare your embellishments (I used pain on some calico Craft Parts bats, webs spiders and insects) and now assemble your parts...
Tear out a rough oval of scrap paper and place over the centre of the image. then use a spray mister around the edges.
Allow to dry and paint on a moon. Because of the bubbles created when heat drying the paint, my moon has texture and craters.
Next i painted some large chipboard letters and treated them in the same way as the pumpkin images with crackle glaze and brown paint.

glue everything into place. there you have it.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Last of the summer leaves. Book box (Inside): for Calico Craft Parts

Better late than never they say...
I am indeed late with this. but here it is at last; the inside of the "last of the summer leaves" book box.
(I saw my first autumn leaves yesterday so its really happening).
Here is a wee reminder of the outside of the book box...

I sprayed the inside of the box with some DecoArt misters and painted some flora and fauna parts. I particularly love the thistles (but i suppose thats because I am Scottish). I added the birds as I have also seen a few bullfinches eating the seeds from the thistles in the field behind my house recently.

The components inside have been put in in layers so that it is 3D but its very hard to show depth from a 2D image. I have tried by taking this photo at an odd angle (not very flattering lol)
 As usual, I did break some of the craft parts up so I could reconfigure them in a way that i wanted. they don't need to be exactly as they arrive. i snapped off pieces and rearranged them. i also broke off the branch the hummingbirds were feeding from so I could make it look like they were feeding from the thistles.

Calico Craft Parts used:

Thistle flower branch style 2 (medium and large)
Humming bird duo.
Wild grass wood shape
Fancy flower flourish
Flowering vine (border wood shape)

and of course the... Book box kit (medium)

Steampunk inspired "Raven Canvas"; For Katzelkraft

Hello again everyone.
I am sharing a small mixed media canvas with you today.  I stamped out various images using black archival ink on to white tissue paper. I didn’t cut them out. I tore them. Torn edges blend in better than straight cut lines. 
I decoupaged them on to my little canvas using  Decoart decoupage medium. This also acted a sealer and a base to add my Decoart crackle glaze. 
Once my crackle glaze had dried and cracked, I added some Decoart Media fluid paints to make the cracks stand out. Simply add each colour one at a time, wait a few seconds then wipe it back off with a damp cloth. the paint will come off the image but remain in the cracks.
After that I simply glued embellishments on, wrapped rusty wire around it and hammered some rusty nails in to act as feet/legs for the canvas. 

Katzelkraft Stamps Used:

SOLO-58-Corbeau-roulette       Solo13--engrenage
KTZ121-Balloon       KTZ113-Steampunk-elements