Sunday, 5 April 2015

Calico Craft Parts! YAY!

For those who didnt know, Calico Crafts sadly had a fire last year and lost everything!
they have returned now with a new twist. they are concentrating their business completely on the "Calico Craft Parts". I have to say I was very enamoured with the selection of lovely things. I made an order instantly. (I was their very first official paying customer lol). I found it hard not to over fill the virtual shopping cart.
This plaque thing is completely made from Calico Craft parts. the only other thing i used was paints/mediums/glue. the image is a Calico Craft Parts ATC wood blank. I have attached it to the rest of the plaque with Velcro so I can change the image any time I want. I was going to put an ATC in it but I love the "Land of Nod Studio" images so much I went with that.
I never know what sort of background will look best for taking a photo of an item so i tend to try it on a few. and when I moved this plague off of the white paper background and on to my wooden trunk, I realised the plaque might actually look nice framed.

the frame I used was a really ugly, scruffy one I got in a charity shop. it was trying to pretend it was one of those lovely plaster and gold gilt ones. and the picture it had inside was some scary "foil image". so I gave it a makeover and then stuck my plaque on to it. I am very pleased with it.

You can find the plaques, ATC blanks, flourishes, butterflies all at Calico Craft Parts by clicking HERE.

thanks for visiting my blog.
Z x


  1. Hello Louise,
    This Plaque looks wonderful, I love all the rich colours you have used.

  2. Totally brilliant and amazingly clever!! Love it!!

  3. Gorgeous Louise, love the colours and design. Tracy x


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