Saturday, 28 March 2015

Entertaining in the craft room... Little dream notebook.

A wee quicky today.
I had a friend from Glasgow (Via Lincoln)  visit me for the first time today. she wanted to see my craft room and have her first go at "rubber stamping"...

As it was her first time at this sort of crafting we kept it simple by making a little notebook each.

I have one of those huge big block pads that sit on your desk so we took a small section off and divided it between us.
We cut out a piece of stiff card for the back and a piece of normal card to ink up and stamp on to make the cover.
As a wee tip, I would say spread some PVA glue or decoupage medium along the spine of your paper. it secures it and stops all the pages separating before you want them to.

Then we simply assembled the pieces. I forgot to get a photo of Simone's but sharing my completed note book....


  1. Hello Louise,
    This is just delightful.

  2. This is lovely! I can just imagine the delight your friend felt creating for the first time with stamps and inks. Is she hooked, lol?

    Lesley Xx


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