Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Shabby Chic, "Chalky Finish Paint" wardrobe make over: DecoArt

My friend just bought her first flat. the seller left an old wardrobe and set of drawers behind. it looked like they had considered giving it a makeover at some point but not got further than one badly painted coat of patchy white paint. they had also only painted bits that could be seen so only the front, outside. they didnt even paint the back feet lol.
As well as the badly painted coat of white, it had coffee stains and other random unidentified spillages etc. but it still seemed worth saving. so we are giving it a bit of a DecoArt Chalky finish paint makeover.

 So here is a look at how it started. (one knob missing on the drawer but we will replace it. )

we gave it a wash then a coat of "Relic" chalky paint. its a nice charcoal grey colour. not as harsh as black.
I put on some Vasaline (petroleum jelly) on random patches around the edges and handles etc to act as a resist to the next few coats.  then I added a couple of coats of the "Everlasting" chalky finish paint. "Everlasting" is a white shade but a gentle soft white. once it was COMPLETELY dry, i used a slightly damp cloth to wipe over it all. the patches that had the Vasaline on, came off showing the darker underneath colour. it gives a chipped or peeled paint effect.
lastly I added a piece of a DecoArt stencil to give it a bit of a French provincial look....

I still want to add a few more coats of white in places and finally I will give it a nice top coat (or two) of creme wax.

I now have an urge to tie a bunch of dried lavender to the door handle.....


  1. Hi Louise I have missed your art in Blogland so nice to see you back. What a transformation and as always great details to achieve this wonderful Shabby Chic wardrobe. Lavender would be stunning and some old leather cases on top.

    Tfs and best wishes
    Annie 😀

    Ps when you mention a "wash" did you add water to the chalk paints?

    1. i meant "soap and water to clean of the clart" LOL

  2. Hi Zuzu, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. It looks like I am going to have fun exploring yours. The wardrobe turned out great and I am all in favour of dried lavender!

    About the lagenlook layers and looking unflattering, I know just what you mean. I do not replicate all of the looks I see which I like because they do not all work on my body type. I am better with a fitted top, unstructured clothing and a lower neckline. I use those same guidelines not matter what the clothing style and am learning to create my own version of lagenlook while applying them. I tend to favour layered skirts more than top layers. Good luck and have fun experimenting.


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