Thursday, 16 July 2015

Work in progress reaches completion (maybe): with DecoArt

So a few days ago I showed you a pretty large canvas i had started while sitting in my friends back yard chatting and getting my back burned to a cinder in the sun....
neither of us had a clue what we were going to make, we just picked up some brushes and paints and sort of just "started"... I was using DecoArt media fluid acrylics. They have a wonderful high percentage of pure pigment so far less likely to get that muddy look mixed paints can get. i started by painting a line of cobalt blue to the top and adding water so it would run down the canvas. then i turned my canvas upside down and did the same withe green. i then built up colours in the same way, with a lot of water.
I think the sun put me in a rather dreamy frame of mind and I went uncharacteristically floral and pastel.  but at one point, I went a step tp far and it went from quite attractive to a bit of a mess. I dont have photos of the mess as i persevered for a little bit and rescued it. though it is far from its original soft dusky colour palette.
I had my Stampendous mixed media stamps and stencils with me so i used some DecoArt texture sand paste through the "sequin waste" stencil and formed my tall flowers (they represent a cross between lupins and delphiniums lol) but then time caught up and it was time to pack up.

anywho, I brought it home (here it is with my cat scrutinising it)...

...and tried to keep going with it as i am bad for just "giving up" and tossing projects to one side if they dont go well in the first hour lol.
here it is with a little additional detail.
It was at this point I blogged it and facebooked it and asked what folks thought i could put as the main focus.
Various opinions were put forward. some thinking it should be left as is as it didnt need a focal point.
My friend, Astrid, came over to my place on Monday and instantly put her hand in the area that i felt needed the focal point and she too said that there needed to be one and it needed to be in that area. so, as that had been my gut feeling too, i set about adding some focus with a "foreground presence", to stand out fro the soft hazy background.
I added a large dragonfly. then decided to add two more (as it somehow felt like the right thing to do).

I used Decoart "interference" acrylics on the dragonfly wings. its so hard to show you this in a photo, but tilting it to the light can show the wonderful lustre of the interference, and tilting it back shows just the original painting. the interference had a beautiful blue colour and a green colour that both seemed to be very "insect" appropriate. I have tried to get a photo but its not doing the lustre effect any justice at all. it is more like a Lalique piece of glass in real life. very effective for a dragonfly.

So I think its finished now. maybe. no doubt i will pick it up a few more times and dabble.
Z x


  1. Hello Louise,
    The dragonflies look wonderful, and the canvas looks amazing, you finished it off well.

  2. Oh yes, brilliant idea to add the dragon flies...perfect colors for that...loved the kitty studying it cute!!

  3. The dragonflies finish your (already beautiful) canvas off perfectly. I too, love the way your cat is studying the painting... Anne :)

  4. The dragon flies are a brilliant addition, Louise!
    The add a lot of motion to your beautiful background and the way you positioned them they really "fly" and create a lot of depth as well! Very beautiful!

    Claudia xx

  5. Super!!! and I love dragonflies, really make it come alive!! The blue is beautiful, I can imagine the interferance colour as I got some the other week. Love the way you cat is having a good look at it - my cat does this - then bites the work!!! Axxx

  6. Great idea to add not just one but 3 dragon flies. I liked the piece as it was, but it is even better now!!!

  7. I love it Louise! Wonderful creation! I'm getting the media acrylics soon and I can't wait to try them out.

  8. Fabulous work, dear Louise! It looks really wonderful! :)

  9. How do I subscribe to your site?

  10. Your artwork is amazing! I feel I have a special connection with your blog because Zuzu is my childhood nickname - my family still call me that! And I know all about Zuzu's petals! (James Stewart, It's a Wonderful Life, 1946, my favourite film!) I've bookmarked your blog!

  11. Ho beautiful! The colours are mesmerising and I am now plotting how I will set myself up in my parents' garden this summer for some outdoor painting in the sunshine.

  12. So pretty, Louise. Love it!


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