Wednesday, 12 February 2014

12 tags of 2014 February.. only its a card...

I have decided to join in the challenge over on Sir Tim Holtz blog for the 12 tags of 2014 February tag.
I have heard a few people say they dont join in because they dont have "all the stuff" but i think its quite clear that Tim's tag is for "inspiration" and not intended as an exact template to be followed. there are many elements on the tags he makes and you can be inspired by just one of them. you can see lots of great examples by others who have joined the challenge and who didnt have "all the stuff".

I am lucky to have just acquired a few valentines themed "Tim Holtz" products so was keen to try them out. But i didnt have the elements he used.
so i looked at the tag and decided my inspiration was 1) small red hearts and 2) the blackboard effect words. There was a slight hitch with the blackboard effect... I dont have any appropriate word stamps and i dont have the embossing powder stuff; but as Tim's example was purely "inspirational inspiration " then i set to, working out an alternative method for this look...
I used the valentines embossing folder on black kraft core card and gently sanded it a little. then i rubbed my chalk over the raised bits, very carefully smudged it a bit and then sprayed a fixative over it. I used a spray matt varnish but i think any artists fixatives for chalks and pastels would do. perhaps even hairspray as i have heard of folks using that.
When i first sprayed it, the chalk seemed to vanish when it was wet but it came right back again as soon as the spray varnish had dried.

Then i cut out little red hearts and also used the heart border embossing folder to bring the little red hearts inspiration on to my version. the background paper is actually from a christmas stack (merriment) but i think it went well with the theme... hop on over to see Tims original inspiration and maybe get some of your own inspiration and have a go ;)

Z x


  1. It has turned out beautifully! Love it.

  2. A wonderful make using Tim's tag as inspiration.

  3. Love this and the fact you made it into a card!! The chalkboard looks wonderful (as does all the rest). Love those hearts!!

  4. What a lovely tag you created and it looks great on the card!

  5. Love that you made a card and all your inspirational substitutions, you achieved a fabulous look.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving me a lovely comment xx

  6. I really like your chalkboard effect and the use of kraft-colored paper combined with the red. That string of hearts on top is such a nice element too. You are so right to join in to Tim's 12 Tags linkup ESPECIALLY when you don't have all Tim's goodies because then you come up with even more brilliant ideas on your own, like in this really great tag.

  7. Wow Z I think this is a great take on Tim's tag! I'm way behind as I've been away so haven't tried this one yet - I too don't have the 'stuff' but will have a look now to see what core card I have. Like you I think Tim's tags are for inspiration - it's good to be shown different effects for the products you may have but great fun to find a different way to achieve the same effect if you don't have it!


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