Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bravery canvas.

Bravery comes in many forms and as i am pretty much afraid of my own shadow, it helps me appreciate bravery in others. i dont mean the "off to war" or " dive in to a burning building to save the damsel" sort of brave. i mean the every day life sort of brave. dealing with illness or pain regularly or caring for sick relative. making changes to your life that are not easy but you know its for the best. its so much easier to go with the status-quo. Actually just being yourself in a world that expects you to be something else is brave.
I have a friend who has just done that very thing. she knew she wasnt able to be who she wanted to be, living her life on the path it was currently on, so she called halt and said some brave stuff to folks who probably didnt want to hear it, and she has instigated a change. I cant imagine making hard choices and changes like that. i am such a "safe" sort of person. I am so inspired by my friend and this canvas came from that inspiration. Its what came out of me when thinking of her first steps on her new path.

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