Monday, 21 October 2013

The stuff that we made at my "ink, paint and texture part 1" workshop today...

I was teaching another workshop today. Specifically geared to the clients requests of learning a bit about texture and techniques using texture etc. So today we covered:-
1) simple crackle paint mediums and blistering paint before sanding.
2) Heavy texture using modelling / texture paste, with inks, gilt wax polish and fusible film.
3) Faux "Aged, painted cast iron with rust" using coloured texture/modelling paste and paints.

That is all we had time for because of the dreaded "drying time" (even with heat guns).
And here are today's results.

1) crackle

2) texture

3) rusty, chipped paint, cast iron.


  1. Stunning pieces all of them!! Looks like it was a fab course!!!

  2. Love the colours and textures gorgeous x

  3. Fabulous, must try some of your ideas.

    Moira xx