Monday, 28 October 2013

Death becomes her: Macabre altered tin...

I recently organised an "Altered art Tin" swap from my facebook page. with it being so close to halloween, I decided to make mine on the gothic, dark, macabre side.  It is called "Death becomes her"...
 I started by sanding the tin all over so that paint would adhere to it a bit better. I painted the outside of the tin Raw umber then dry brushed on some black, let it dry then dry brushed on some blue green (to mimic patina). my next step was something i learned by accident on a previous tin, but liked it so did it again... I applied a coat on one step crackle (without first applying a coat of sealer. for the crackle to work properly you do need a sealer on it first... but i wanted it to "go wrong" on purpose. the crackle glaze reacted with my paints and went milky and weird and gives a super aged patina funky look (no idea how to describe it.). I left that to dry. some patches did crackle and my weird "paint and glaze reaction" was looking good.

I painted some floristry bits (listed below) with black paint and glued them in to place along with an image. i did put a sealer over the image and when it was dry i added the crackle glaze to let it do its proper purposeful job of crackling. when the crackle glaze was dry i rubbed some blue green paint in to the cracks and wiped it of with a damp cloth so it was only in the cracks and not on the rest of the image.

Its all just black paint lace, paper, floristry, crackle glaze, sealers and glue from there on in. I have listed the items used from Calico crafts at the bottom of the post.... the rest of the supplies are from my personal stash of broken jewellery and other craft supplies.


  1. A little gem - stunning Zuzu
    Love all your intricate detail and love you share your step by step details too.
    Thanks xoxo

  2. This is an amazing tin - so many details to look at.
    xxx Hazel.


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