Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Commissioned canvas. Featuring a lot of DecoArt loveliness.

I was asked to do a canvas for someone. I said yes, but have to admit when i saw the size and shape of the canvas i did get a bit nervous. I put it off for ages so in the end, i just had to go for it....
So here it is. mostly in sections as its ever so long. I do hope she likes it. its hard when its for money.

Lots of DecoArt  supplies used here. modelling paste, gesso, acrylics (with lots of buttermilk, transparent yellow iron oxide, quinacridone gold, raw umber, burnt umber, as well as metallic lusters (added in to paint for a shimmery finish.). also a very healthy dose of "treasure gold gilt wax polish" in several shades of gold.


  1. Love it!! And I'm sure the customer will to :) Just filled with amazing details....

  2. Wow!! love it!
    one of a kind
    great work

  3. This is absolutely stunning! You should be very proud of this piece. Gorgeous.

  4. don't be afraid, your canvas is absolutely gorgeous !!!

  5. I know - it is never easy when it is for money ;)
    Suddenly you are not sure anymore if your best is really sufficient, aren't you?

    But I have to say: your canvas is absolutely worth whatever you get paid for (maybe more as I don't know the price *lol).

    Love the textures and the "urban" skyline feel to it - though keeping it still abstract. Genius spots of contrast and the tricky format is definitely mastered!!!


    Claudia x

    1. Thank you Claudia. The canvas was supplied by the client and as she is one of my closest friends, i am simply charging her for supplies actually used. it came to about £30.

  6. Louise this is stunning and your friend will treasure it I am sure. Love all the various textures and wonderful colours.

    This could be a good workshop !

    Crafty hugs
    Annie x

    1. thank you Annie... very lovely of you to say such nice things....
      Sadly, this couldnt be a workshop as it took me a total of 18 hours to make. a bit too long and over involved for a workshop. maybe a simplified scaled down version with less mediums and layers involved.....

  7. Wowzers - totally & utterly incredible!! I would so love to be able to do something SO full of richness & texture & depth! Gorgeous colours ways...
    Have joined under Google to your site just now. Don't think I get alerts unless there is an email sign up option. However, having spent time seeing your FB page, other blog works this morning, think it'll be ingrained in my mind now - hopefully.
    You are seriously talented & not sure I realised the extent of that before now (I know, where have I been huh?).. C :))


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