Saturday, 1 December 2012

12 tags of "Funkie Junkie" Christmas.. (1 to 6)

Well i am very behind on starting this"Funkie Junkie" 12 tags of christmas challenge. I saw Astrid doing it and decided to go take a look for myself. tags are often a good way to do relaxing crafting; especially if someone else has already produced the item you have to be inspired by.  I mostly went along the route of doing a similar tag with variations, and occasionally i just used a part of the idea to get me going.  all the tags can be found on the Funkie Junkies blog and of course supplies can be obtained from her lovely Funkie Junkie shop (if you are on the correct continent)....

here are my 6 tags all together.....

and here they are individually...

week 1: The inspiration on thi one is obvious... I used the inspiration of light on dark and a similar layout. I just had different supplies. and instead of adding on snowflakes, my dark card tag is embossed with them.

week 2: inspiration of stars, the little reindeer and loose weave fabric (mines is a bit too loose lol)
week 3: Wise men, stars and gold.... the inspiration is pretty obvious on this one again.

week 4: slightly less obvious; i have used gingham and poinsettias and I  have it mostly as a vertical layout. 

week 5: well I dont think i need to point out what part of it i am inspired to use lol. its sort of a copy. same but different.

week 6: I have used the inspiration of having the umber 25 feature predominately. and i have included a large gold bow and similar snowflakes. I didnt have a die for a tree but i had an embossing folder so i embossed my tree into my tag....
That's me caught up. now i must start watching for the new tags.....


  1. Lovely! Gorgeous set, may have to pop over for a look (though I'd be even further behind than you!!)

  2. Welcome to the 12 tags of Christmas Funkie Junkie Style! Look at all these wonderful tags you have made. They are all wonderful and I especially like #5. You really did a great job of jumping in and getting caught up. So glad to have you playing along with me this year!


  3. I love the bright color of #6, it's my favorite. Glad to see you're catching up! I'm a bit behind yet.

  4. Oh wow, don't no how I managed to miss seeing you playing along with the challenge.... brilliant and well done you for catching up! Love your tags, I think my favourite is no 5 though 2 comes a close second.


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