Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shadow canvas...... (Simon says stamp)

When you are on a design team or two, you often find you craft with items of stock in mind rather than just crafting for fun and seeing where it goes. you have to think "does this company stock these?"  "Can i use that stamp?"  "How do i incorporate this stamp in to a project?" etc etc.... So every now and then, its really nice to just craft for ME!!
 this is one of those "just for me" projects.
its an altered "reverse canvas" ...
it does have a very shiny gloss sealer on it as i wanted it to look like it was lacquered, so it was hard to get photos at night. the flash kept reflecting on the glaze and distorted the image.
The lovely image i have used is courtesy of Land of Nod Studios.

Now, as Simon says stamp has a theme of "anything goes" on their monday challenge, I am entering it in to that. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Step by step, "Faux" River Song book of spoilers: (book box makeover):

 This project is a book box, but i have done the same thing to three or four bought blank journals and it works just fine.
here is a completed journal using the same basic technique...
If you are doing a journal, depending on the surface, make sure you sand it a little and wipe back any sanding dust. wrap the inner journal pages up in clingfilm (clear food wrap)and tape it into place with masking tape. this avoids getting the pages all covered in paint and modelling paste etc.

So lets start on this River song book box....

you are going to need:

book box (or blank journal)
sheet of grunge board (or other reasonably thick card or chipboard)
Modelling paste
Blue acrylic paints (I chose DecoArt multi-surface paints in "night sky" and blue lagoon.)
Metallic lustres. (optional if you want your box to look new, but i like an aged "used" look to mine)

 So first of all you need to cut out your shapes. there is no use in me giving you exact sizes as you will all have different books and boxes to cover. so look at the shapes and how they build up. you can then cut them out to sizes suited to your project....

I begin assembling my pieces and glueing them in to place, working from the outside in .... (my book box only looks navy because it was once altered as a textured jewelled book box and has had all that scraped off. so its a realtering of a previous alteration. i painted it to make it look neutral and show up the steps easier.)

Now i dont like all those ugly gaps at the joints and the grunge board doesn't seem to belong to the rest of the book box yet. so, to fill in the joints and to blend everything in so it looks like one solid moulded shape, i used my DecoArt modelling paste.
I started applying with a pallet knife but always resort to my fingers. make sure its all flat and use the pallet knife to dig the excess modelling paste out of the recesses that define the shape. now let it all dry......
Come back to it the next day and if needed, sand the whole thing just to make it all smooth. now paint it. I painted it first with blue lagoon, let it dry and then gave a thinner lighter coat of the night sky, allowing the blue lagoon to sort of show through in places.
Once the paint has dried, i used my finger to apply some metallic lustre on edges and some random areas, just to add a slightly used build up of grime look.
Lastly i put on a coat of multi-purpose sealer.
Once the full box had dried, i did decide to add some science looking type papers to the inside. but again that is optional.I also like to add a layer of "dust" by soft brushing some talcum powder in to it.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Death becomes her: Macabre altered tin...

I recently organised an "Altered art Tin" swap from my facebook page. with it being so close to halloween, I decided to make mine on the gothic, dark, macabre side.  It is called "Death becomes her"...
 I started by sanding the tin all over so that paint would adhere to it a bit better. I painted the outside of the tin Raw umber then dry brushed on some black, let it dry then dry brushed on some blue green (to mimic patina). my next step was something i learned by accident on a previous tin, but liked it so did it again... I applied a coat on one step crackle (without first applying a coat of sealer. for the crackle to work properly you do need a sealer on it first... but i wanted it to "go wrong" on purpose. the crackle glaze reacted with my paints and went milky and weird and gives a super aged patina funky look (no idea how to describe it.). I left that to dry. some patches did crackle and my weird "paint and glaze reaction" was looking good.

I painted some floristry bits (listed below) with black paint and glued them in to place along with an image. i did put a sealer over the image and when it was dry i added the crackle glaze to let it do its proper purposeful job of crackling. when the crackle glaze was dry i rubbed some blue green paint in to the cracks and wiped it of with a damp cloth so it was only in the cracks and not on the rest of the image.

Its all just black paint lace, paper, floristry, crackle glaze, sealers and glue from there on in. I have listed the items used from Calico crafts at the bottom of the post.... the rest of the supplies are from my personal stash of broken jewellery and other craft supplies.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Altered book box (DecoArt makeover)....

I have taken step by step photos of the process for this box as people are always asking me for a tutorial. the thing is, i never know what i am going to be doing till i have done it so sometimes i jump back and do a step i could have done earlier but didnt know i was going to want to do it. so my gudes are not always in the absolute best order, but they are in the order i did it. this tutorial is not too bad as i think the steps went on in pretty much the right order.. so lots of photos ahead. best make a cuppa or something before starting ;)

So firstly i selected my colour palette as seen n the photo here. the two "traditions" acrylics are in "Aquamarine"  and "Blue Green light". the Americana is "Indian turquoise". I painted the box in patches of these colours insie and out in a random sort of manner.

when it was dry (you can hurry it by gently heating with your heatgun), i put a few splodges of petrolium jelly (Vasaline) in places and along some of the edes, then i gave the bo a coat of "weathered wood" crackle medium. I left the back of the box undone at this stage as you need a surface free to lay on the table.
 I let the weatherd wood medium dry for a while on its own then gave it a bit of a blow with the gentle setting of the heat gun as i am inpatient. then i gave the whole thing a coat of Americana "buttermilk".  I let that dry thoroughly then took a soft damp cloth over it. the patches where the Vasaline had been, just came off to show the nice turquoise shades underneath.

I gave it a coat of "Americana Gel stain" in "oak" just to age it a bit. the buttermilk was too clean and bright. i apled it with a baby wipe then used the clean part of the wipe to wipe it back a bit.

My next step was to use a stencil to add some "Crackle texture". this is a fabulous texture paste that crackles when it dries. its super for distressing as you can also flake bits off when its dry too. So i added that and let t dry (eventually going at it with a heat gun. But thats ok cus it works. some things just will not work if you rush them but this is not one of them :) .
 Here is a close up of the dried crackle texture.
I gave it another coat of the gel stain...

OK now the metallic lustres. i used these on the crackle texture without painting the texture or anything. it was neutral enough. I used iced espresso, gold rush and champagne ice.... i put them on with a damp cloth, dried them then gave them a buff up. i also added some highlights using treasure gold "aquamarine".

Next i started to think about embellishments. I made sure they toned in with my book by using the metallic lustres on some of them. I also had a couple of shiny bright gold coloured corner embellishments that were too new looking for my book so i gave them a makeover.

 I gave them a blue patina look. here is how i did it.

i used raw umber, Blue Green light and indian turquoise. First coat the piece completely in raw umber and dried it...
 Next i added some patches of the "blue green light" and used my finger to blend it in.

 When it had dried i did the same with the Indian turquoise....

Then i went over the raised bits again with the raw umber. dried it and lightly sanded over it (very lightly) just so a couple of wee patches showed through. you can seal it at this stage if you like.

glue all your bits on....

now all i have to do is think about what to do with the inside.......

Monday, 21 October 2013

The stuff that we made at my "ink, paint and texture part 1" workshop today...

I was teaching another workshop today. Specifically geared to the clients requests of learning a bit about texture and techniques using texture etc. So today we covered:-
1) simple crackle paint mediums and blistering paint before sanding.
2) Heavy texture using modelling / texture paste, with inks, gilt wax polish and fusible film.
3) Faux "Aged, painted cast iron with rust" using coloured texture/modelling paste and paints.

That is all we had time for because of the dreaded "drying time" (even with heat guns).
And here are today's results.

1) crackle

2) texture

3) rusty, chipped paint, cast iron.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Calico Crafts Day:

It is my turn over at the Calico Crafts blog today. a bit of a spooky graveyard crypt assemblage. This is a partial sneak peek.
Please do pop over to the blog for a full look and maybe leave a comment. thanks.
Z x

Craft day with friends.

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