Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Double sided canvas: DecoArt Paintable texture/crackle and lots of painty fun.

I decided to get my paints out again. I have been ever so inspired by a blog I visited recently. you should ALL go and see it as it so fantastic. Although the first couple of pages has a lot of doll art (that is not my cuppa tea), but keep going to discover altered books, work with fabric, assemblages... all sorts of yummy stuff.... its the blog belonging to Joanna Pierotti and you can find it by clicking HERE.
I started by painting my canvas black and allowing it to dry, just so there would be some contrasting colour showing through if there were any cracks in my layers.  Mainly because my next step was to coat the whole canvas back and front with DecoArt Texture Crackle. I used the Glacier blue as it reminded me a bit of duck egg blue.  I have painted a lot of layers on over it so its hard to see the crackle so here is a bit of a fuzzy close up...

I then built up layers of random colour using a pretty dry and not too heavily loaded brush (not quite dry brushing but close). (colours used listed at the end of the post.). I also dabbed some paint through some sequin waste and dragged some white gesso across (hardly touching the canvas, so it only hit on raised edges and sparingly) using my pallet knife.

when the paint had all dried I took some of the DecoArt Lustres along the edges in two colours. a slightly darker "Iced espresso" that I allowed to go in to the canvas a bit and then a lighter touch of  "Gold rush". I used my fingers to do this but the tub says use a brush or cloth.
I will now describe one section at a time as its going to get muddled otherwise.
the ornate lid thing is something i found on the ground in a junk yard. cost me 2p. no idea what it is or was. It is made of wood and was painted gloss black (which had begun to flake with damp and age.). I sanded it down and painted it all over with "Indian turquoise" DecoArt acrylic paint. I let that dry then i began building up colours to represent a rust effect. I stippled it on with a stipple brush. The colours I used for my faux rust were: "Bittersweet chocolate" as a base, then stippled on "burnt orange", let it dry, stippled on "Burnt umber", let it dry then a light stippling of the "Bittersweet chocolate". when it was all dry again I sanded it back to show some of the "Indian turquoise" and the original black paint.

For the first side of the canvas, I glued a bit of an old book page to the back of the recess . this was the back of the canvas originally but it is now the front. then I attached a rusty ornamental plate and a little fake bird egg. I stuffed some faux moss inside too then glued on my other rusty items. I added some driftwood sticks and some torn calico (some of which I had stained an olive green), and a bit of some kind of buckle (I found on the ground at the scrap yard).

For the other side I did a wee bit of image transfer, some text stamping and some rubons.
And the centre piece is a pocketwatch thats been taken out of its case. ...

My colour palette for the canvas was: the glacier blue texture crackle as well as the following acrylics....
Indian Turquoise
Lilac and Black plum mixed to make a darker lilac.True Ochre
Teal Green (dabbed through sequin waste)


  1. This is a totally inspiring and absolutely stunning work of art! Thank you for sharing the step by step too. Anne x

  2. This is fantastic.Thanks for sharing the tutorial but I know I will never be able to achieve this level of fabulousness

  3. Absolutely glorious! Love the rust and teal colours together... and all those wonderful layers of texture and paint. It just looks so stunningly aged, full of journeys and stories... brilliant! I love the shadow recess with the egg and nest too.
    Alison x


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