Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A wooden egg cabinet gets a "DecoArt makeover" treatment.

I found this fab wooden egg cabinet in the local TKMaxx. bit it was very bright new looking wood and lacked character.

I loved the wire mesh door but hated that it was shiny galvanised steel or something. So i gave it a makeover. I hauled out my DecoArt acrylic paints, my DecoArt modelling paste and my DecoArt weathered wood crackle medium and "set to" giving it a shabby chic country kitchen look.

First step was to sand it all over so the paint could get a good purchase on the wood. then i started with americana burnt orange. I also added a few touches of traditions raw umber (especially around the wording). i did this to the wire mesh too.
I dried it with my heat gun and then used a stencil to add some DecoArt modelling paste to get a raised motif in areas. i didnt do a complete pattern anywhere so it was a bit more random like some had fallen off in time or something.
I dried my modelling paste to 'touch dry' with my heatgun. I know folks are always saying they are concerned about fumes, but i can honestly say, hand on heart, i have never yet encountered any untoward fumes when heating texture or modelling paste. then came the coat of weathered wood crackle medium. i had to go away and let that dry. heating with a heatgun to dry it doesn't work for me as i get distracted... hold the heat too long in one spot and cause blisters. this is fine if its deliberate (as sometimes it is for me) but not when you just want a decent crackle. i left it while i prepared a lasagne for the evening meal.

When it was dry enough (tacky or touch dry), i gave the whole thing a coat of "soft heather"  american acrylic. i didnt want to do white as white can be a little harsh. the heather had a slightly warmer pink tone but not overwhelmingly pink. to be honest i had meant to use the buttermilk but forgot to order it till friday. so soft heather it was. And i sat back and watched as it all began to crack YAY!
I dried it with the heat gun then used the "gold rush" metallic lustre (it says you can apply with a brush or a soft cloth but i still used my fingers.) on all the raised modelling paste and around all the edges.

When it had dried i gave it a wee buff with a cloth. lastly i sealed the whole piece with DecoArt multi purpose sealer. just to give it a more splash and bash resistant finish, when it is placed in the kitchen....
I remembered i had bought some metal decorative hens a while back (about 2 years ago) so dug them out and glued 2 of them on to the wire door.


  1. Wow, it looks amazing!! You would never guess there was that bright orange colour underneath that gorgeous heather! Those metal hens finish it off just perfectly, - fab make over!!

  2. Beautiful....just loving the colour.

  3. Hi,I am a new follower of yours and I found you through pinterest a couple of days back and I am a fan of your work now.Thanks for sharing so much information and techniques.I am going to try every single one of them since I might be as much in love with altering boxes as you,not nearly as talented though.:-)

  4. wonderful makeover. I love the textured bits and the gold highlights. the crackle is great too. thanks for the step by step instructions.

  5. Wow, it' s very beautiful. Gorgeous revamp!

  6. Fabulous makeover - wow to that weathered wood!
    Alison x

  7. WOW YOU DID IT! :) looks great Louise!


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