Thursday, 20 June 2013

Look at the crackle on that.

I used to search high and low for a decent way to get a crackle either with paints or just a basic varnish. it goes along with my love of the nostalgic vintage look. (should i call it the beat up and kicked around look?)

anyhoo... I am giving a shout out for the "DecoArt" crackle mediums. in particular, for today, the "one step" crackle medium. its a nice glaze/varnish that will seal your project but provided you put on a nice healthy coat and dont scrimp then you WALK AWAY (lol the hard bit) and let it dry properly, it NEVER fails. i freaking love it. and you can accent the crackle by painting on some dark acrylic paint (in my case i tend to use raw umber), then wipe it back off with a baby wipe and you get real prominent  results.
This box was a calico crafts design team piece. and a sneak peek at a piece i have in the pipe line for the artistic stamper (but also with some awesome crackle)..
Thats it for now folks. I am off to the craft room to prepare for a crafting novice coming for a few lessons next week. should be fun (and messy)... Z x


  1. It looks so "genuine"! The NZ agent for DecoArt doesn't include the crackle on their web site. I've been playing with Jo Sonya brand which goes clear, and Golden which is a paste rather than a glaze.
    The "sneak" pic is testing my patience!!!

  2. That's a great finish. I've the 2 step but think I need to look at this. Great project too but I must ask, what do you use to glue those metal corners with, I always struggle and you've got them on a curve too!

  3. Fantastic make Louise:-) I love it x the crackle looks fabulous and really adds to the vintage style. Like Neil it would be great if you shared your adhesive tip.

    Have fun with the classes.

    Annie x

    1. i glue my corners on with proper DIY wood glue (evostick make it i think; comes in a green bottle red cap) a thin coat applied to the box and a thin coat on the metal corners.... i do try and curve the corners to match in a bit with the bbox but its not always very neat lol.
      the thing is, I then give my boxes a coat of varnish of some kind (mod podge or decoart stuff.. in this case it was the crackle.... and that seals the corners to. they dont budge even when i try.

      I have found putting a thicker layer of glue (any kind) leaves me with a rubbery substance behind the metal corners and i can tell its going to come off eventually. a very thin coat seems to work best... i glue almost everything with the extra strength DIY shop wood glue. my first husband was a violin, mandolin (etc) maker and if it can hold a violin in place then its good enough for me ...

  4. stunning box and stunning crackle.

  5. Fabulous box and that crackle is certainly way better than anything I've seen around! Thanks also for the tip on the glue. Have fun with your pupil! I take it the craft room is all sorted then?

  6. It looks gorgeous... I'm waiting patiently for it to come back into stock at CC!! Hope the classes go fabulously...
    Alison x

  7. Thanks for sharing glue info Louise, will certainly look in to that.

    Best wishes Annie

  8. Hi there, it's a truly beautiful transformation. Also, there's this brilliant Italian company called Maimeri and their two step cracle medium produces more prominent, porcelain like, cracks. Later filled with another great and versatile products - bitumen (a tar like liquid paste - No.1 for antiquing). Highly recommended should you be able to source their products out from European market :)
    Best Wishes
    a fan of your works


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