Friday, 10 May 2013

Quicky altered box

I had an hour free from packing and other less fun stuff, so i quickly altered a pine box. as time was short, I took the photos before the mod-podge dried LOL so lots of milky white bits lurking.

the box starts life like this....
 its from calico Crafts HERE

and now its like this....
the image is from ARTChix and the flower is by Prima. all other supplies are from calico crafts.


  1. Your altered boxes will always be the best Zuzu, how you do something like this quickly is beyond me.... I need lessons!!

  2. wow cant believe you've done this in between packing and within in a an hour....think you might be quicker than me lol
    Anyhow, it's a stunning piece!

    1. it comes from not waiting on ANYTHING to dry lol. if i cant work with t wet then i blow dry it super fast... i think i could do a paper covered box in my sleep.

  3. Your style is just awesome!!It doesn't matter which paper you use, every box turns out breathtakingly (:o)

  4. So pretty in pink... it's a delicious transformation!
    Alison x


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