Wednesday, 9 January 2013

On going book box project: Part One...

So about three years ago I went to the NECC Birmingham craft event and bought this box cabinet thing full of miniature hard books.....
Well I have never even LOOKED at it since, but decided last week that I wanted to get it prepared so I could alter some of the little books inside for Design teams, to show case some stamps etc. I have other plans for it too not just little books.
I decided at 10pm tonight (just all of a sudden got an urge lol) to start the outside. I thought I would share it with you although its only the front and one side done so far. I intend to do my first books for "The Artistic Stamper" when its my month. I have the ideas in my head and cant wait to get on with them but I have a lot of work to do on it before I start on the wee books.
I tried to make the cover reflect a few aspects of what books and reading mean to me.
Please click on the photos for full detail:
I am entering it in to the Three Muses challenge this week as their theme is "the written word". I feel this fits as, not only does it have vintage book pages decorating its sides, it is a "book box" full of little an all round bookish theme.

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