Saturday, 8 December 2012

zero supplies crafting.

Well.. as I cant really get into crafting with all my stash until my housing situation has been resolved, but i dont like the lack of "making", I have been making up for it with making home made mincemeat (again cus I used up and gave away all the last lot) and home made mincepies with home made rough puff pastry (or is it ruff puff?) , making a christmas ham etc etc and the other day i sat quietly with a tray on my lap and made a few paperback book trees... all i needed was a glue stick and some old paperbacks. I saw these made last christmas on a cooking show the "Hairy Bikers" were doing. but there are tutorials online too if you didnt see that show. I think the tutorials recommend having a craft knife but i just ripped the books apart a bit randomly and hoped for the best.

I also added some glamour dust glitter to the trees to make them look frosty but it didint show up with the camera... so to make up for that failing, i went a little over the top with adobe photoshop effects lol. kept me out of trouble for a wee while.


  1. Creation with Calories - might have to go shopping for larger clothes as you store all that stash internally. May the house-hunt bear fruit speedily.

  2. Oh, never seen these before, very clever!!
    Hope you'll get your house situation sorted soon!!


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