Tuesday, 7 January 2014

little distressed and crackled "lost coast" box.

My all time favourite stamp. I love it. it is by lost coast and can be found HERE.(scroll right to the bottom of the page).

I made this little box in my usual way... by making it distressed and aged and beat up looking. it was painted with a dark undercoat, then a coat of the "weathered wood crackle varnish" and lastly a coat of white paint. I let the crackle do its thing and once the box was completely dry (over night) I sanded it all over. this made it look even more handled and beat up.
Here is a close up of the effect....

 I also took my versamagic "gingerbread" chalk ink around all the edges to add more age then I stamped on my images. I sealed it with a mod-podge gloss varnish and lastly i added touches of treasure gold around the edges.


  1. Only one word for this little box, STUNNING!!! And for a self professed non stamper, the stamping on this is absolutely incredible!! But.... I am puzzled about where the blue colour came from? You say, dark coat, weather wood crackle, and then white - is that the blue bit the weathered wood crackle??? Love the effect!

    1. hi astrid... the dark coat was a turquoise blue.... the crackle glaze is clear and then i added white. because it crackles SO much and because I also sanded it back, the darker blue has been "toned down" with the white wash over coat but it is still mostly the blue that shows... not sure i am making sense.
      and to be honest, in real life, that is more apparent as the white parts show as white... but under the flash for the photo the two colours have blended to just give an oer all "blue" appearance.. maybe a close up of a section would show the actual effect better so I will go add one in case anyone else is wondering the same thing. x

  2. wonderful box as always....love your way of decorating them.
    Lost Coast are fab, I've just recently pulled this stamp out and some others from my drawer and started playing with them again...they are wonderful to use.

  3. I love this lots and lots and lots - it's fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.


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