Tuesday, 9 October 2012

blog slacker....

yes thats me. a total slacker when it comes to blogging. i have remembered to keep updating my facebook page and i have blogged for my design teams (which i have cut down to a very manageable minimum due to realising i had stopped crafting for ME and was only crafting cus I HAD to use certain stamps every week no matter if i wanted to or not.) But it seems the less I HAVE to do, the less I do.  however, thats not to say I have not been crafting. I really have but its all been very repetitive. lots of boxes for a steampunk event in Birmingham at the end of the month. you have all seen my boxes before so not been blogging them so I dont bore the pants off you. lol.  but as my blog is neglected and I am supposed to blog weekly (as part of my design team commitment to keeping an "active blog") I am now going to share some of my steampunk event "makes" for my we craft table. I havent been able to use my craft room for a few weeks so i cant make anything really fun and messy. its all very safe papers and stamping I am afraid. should be back in the craft room after its major reshuffle very soon though.)

OK so here is a small selection of some of the boxes and tags made so far....  (the majority of the supplies came from Calico Crafts HERE )


  1. I love your boxes and I don't think they could ever bore me. Keep them coming as they are fascinating!

  2. Love the boxes!!!
    Glad I found this place...I found a lot of inspiration :) Thank you!!


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