Friday, 10 August 2012

Rusted box: for a swap

Are "Altered Art" artists, the only people crazy enough to want to take a nice shiny new fresh wood box, and try to make it look like it had been kicked around a muddy field for 100 years?

I started with one of the boxes from the set of four from Calico crafts HERE.
I painted the box with a wash of raw umber acrylic paint and let it dry, then I rusted up some music collage paper from HERE, using the rusty tin and vinegar technique. I glued the paper to the box and let it dry. using sandpaper, i distressed the paper and sanded it back along the edges (useful, as I cant cut straight to save my life)...
You can allow the paper to really tear in sections, it adds to the old beat up look and as the paper was rusted, it isnt fresh and white when torn. if you did use new paper, you can always add ink or coffee stain to age the tears.
I highlighted the edges with treasure gold. added a vintage rusty tile to the lid (along with a stamped image torn out and some embellishments) , changed the clasp on the front and added some wooden feet (little door knobs).
I also stamped some alphabet letters over the rusted paper. finally i gave it a coat of sealer and protector.
This one is for a swap I am doing with my craft friend and fellow Calico crafts designer, Lesley.


  1. Well, all I can say is lucky, lucky Lesley! This is one of your best yet, Z and all your previous boxes have been "best yets" as far as I am concerned! Ab fab! xx

  2. You wouldnt think it was the same box would you ?
    I love the way you have aged it and used the corner bits it is really classy !

  3. Great! Love this vintage, rusty Zuzu style.(:o)

  4. Gorgeous is the only word that describes this! Love the clasps you have used for closing it! Looks great.

  5. Your altered box just screams my name. Really it is so it. Personally I would rather take something new from the store than destroy something vintage. I cringe every time I see a antique piece of lace, a book or tablecloth cut to shreds...just make me sick.

    I must attempt to make a box like yours though I am sure it will not compare but I'll give it my best shot.