Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Happy haunting papers:G45

I LOVE Halloween. with a passion.
I think its my Celtic blood.the traditional meaning for Celtic people was a bit more like Mexico's "day of the dead". a time when we remembered our dead loved ones and even leave a place at the table set for them so their memory can dine with you. it was a time when the veil between the two worlds was supposed to be at its thinnest but it wasnt seen as spooky or evil. just a fact of nature that after life, there is death and its good to take some time to remember our ancestors.
As well as that, Halloween has long been a very loved festival in scotland. But  there would be no "trick or treating"; the thought that a child could knock on your door to blackmail you and threaten mischief if you didnt hand over your cash or sugar snacks, probably wouldnt be tolerated here and be met with a "Away wae yi, yi cheeky wee scamp...". Instead our kids go "guising". They dress up (as is traditional) , but if they want sweets or coins, they have to EARN it; sing a song, tell a spooky joke..
It saddens me that a lot of our traditions are either being forgotten or getting Americanised through the media's impact. But I do love the amount of enthusiasm that the Americans put in to this holiday (well apart from teaching children the art of blackmail from a young age and calling it "fun")... However, this love of Halloween means we get lovely Halloween scrapbook papers to play with... YAY.

I made this Jumbo tag, using sheets from the Happy haunting 8x8 book.
now, the lovely Astrid, linked me in to a page the other day that had a load of collage style stuff using G45 papers.. and I THOUGHT I had book marked it. but it seems  I didnt.... So I cant actually say who's collaged tags inspired this tag. its good that i didnt get back to that blog so I didnt look at the images there, and had to rely on my own idea of collage, but its sad because I should be able to say who triggered my thought process. I think Astrid said this lady was on the G45 design team... if anyone knows, please feel free to tell me so she gets due credit.

the papers are all from Graphic 45's happy haunting... I simply sanded everything along the edges and lightly over the surfaces too then built up my collage. I cut out some random leaf shapes to add tot he corners at the back...
nothing complicated and no other supplies used as such. paper and glue.. 5 brads that I had in my stash. just to finish it off i altered a cloths peg with the papers and added it to the top.


  1. Ohh, cool tag, and yep, it was probably much better you didn't look cos your tag is just as lovely and original this way. Just so you know though, her name is Claire Charvil and this is her blog

    1. Thank you SO much Astrid. I dont like to miss out acknowledging my inspiration...


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