Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ramadan tealight shrine.

I freely admit to not knowing enough about other religions, but i have a couple of really good friends in Indonesia and Malaysia who will be celebrating the religious festival of Ramadan this month. I do know, it is a time of great charity, when those who are able, give what they can to the poor and less fortunate. It is also a time of great abstinence including fasting throughout the day. and it is a time for thought and reflection.
when searching through the wonder that is "google" i discovered a lot of lights and lanterns seemed to be advertised for Ramadan so with this in mind I have made this wee shrine (not so wee actually. its 8 inches tall.)

The Moon and Star are significant symbols and can be found at the top of all mosques, so I added those...  the paper in the background is just something i have had in my stash for ages BUT I have no clue as to what language that is. it reminded me of aribic so I used it but it could be one of any number of languages.. my ignorance is diverse LOL.  its also glued on sideways so it wont help anyone to read it at all. I have shown it without the little acetate shade around it in the first photo as it helped show the item up better, but in real life, it looks nicer with the wee shade on (as shown in the photo above.).

Here it is in the daylight with no candle... look the SUN is shining. who can believe it!.... anyway moving on...

a close-up of the main body of the shrine....
I used the bit of the arch that popped out of the side panels, to make a candle holder shelf. I added a dresden scrap frame and I put a layer of heat resistant acetate on it Looks like a toilet seat now)... I have no idea how safe this item is LOL.. I just liked making it. I am willing to risk it as I intend to light a candle in it each day throughout ramadan in honour of my friends. so if you hear of some crazy crafting woman loosing her house as it went up in flames from a freak candle incident, its probably me LOL.

So here is one of the side panels. it was painted with a brown paint ( I think burnt umber but i didnt really pay attention lol) i then added the crackle medium and when it was ready, i painted on the yellow ochre colour.... it crackled but i also rubbed off a few patches to make it look a bit like peeled paint too.

Supplies used from Calico Crafts:

7 gypsies triptych arc board kit.
rusty star
art deco paint : True ochre
Weathered wood crackle medium
dresden trim
Heat resistant acetate.


  1. amazing Louise love the wonderful colouring and texture

  2. Incredible how you get this timeworn touch on all your creations whatever colour mix you're choosing.